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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 790: Rebellion!? Part 2

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Chapter 790: Rebellion!? Part 2

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Tang Shaoyang's tone might be casual and neutral, but he knew his answer would decide the future of the Malecia Kingdom and her people. After that question, he sensed the menacing aura from the beastmen and the angel, and he was shocked the angel had a stronger aura than his Queen and Malecia Guardians.

His mind thought faster, but he could not get a neutral answer. Would they fight the Tang Empire? A force that had taken down the two other Kingdoms, or would they surrender to the Tang Empire? Lord Tang Shaoyang demanded a yes or a no from him, which would decide the whole kingdom's fate. More than half the former nobles would be labeled a traitor if he chose the latter, and their families would be eradicated.

"I apologize for interrupting you, My Lord." An old voice rang as a shadow descended next to Alex Stones. "This old man is Ryu, one of the Malecia Guardians. I don't think Prime Minister Alex can make such a decision for the Kingdom. I have a proposal; what about if you join the assembly inside the castle?"

The knights let out a relieved sigh simultaneously as an old man named Ryu appeared. However, they were shocked to see the Malecia Guardian kneeling to the intruder. Malecia Guardian was the strongest individual in the Malecia Kingdom, a pillar of the kingdom. It was natural for the knights who revered Ryu to be upset to see their idol knelt to other than the Queen.

"Oh, it seems you misunderstand me, Ryu." Tang Shaoyang smiled. "I come to claim what rightfully is mine. I am here not to listen to why those opposition nobles don't agree with my sovereignty."

"What a bold claim!" Another old voice rang in the air, but it was a female voice this time. An old woman with white hair landed next to Alex Stone with a battle dress and a greatsword on her waist. Ryu came in formal clothes as his intention was clear that he came to talk, not fight. However, the old lady was prepared to fight with his battle dress and weapon.

"I don't think you will stoop this low instead of fighting for your kingdom, Ryu! You are truly an utter disappointment to the kingdom." After making that comment, the old lady turned toward Tang Shaoyang. "How should I know you are the Emperor of the Tang Empire? Moreover, what makes you think Malecia is yours even if you are the Emperor? The Queen and the Prime Ministers may agree to surrender, but the people of Malecia will never agree to surrender to a Tyrant!"

The old lady sheathed her greatsword and pointed toward Tang Shaoyang. However, by the time she pointed the sword forward, the figure had disappeared from her sight. "Pointing your sword to the Emperor is a grave offense" She heard the voice from behind and immediately swung her sword to the back.

However, before the old lady could fully swing her sword to the back, Zara appeared in front of her. She was being sandwiched from behind and back. Zara did not give a chance for the old lady to surrender as she grabbed the old lady's back of head and slammed the old lady's face to the ground.


Blood spurted from the old lady's face, and she now had her head on the floor, being forced to kneel toward Tang Shaoyang's feet. That happened in an instant. Tang Shaoyang used [Blink] to appear on the old lady's back while Zara used her pure speed to attack the old lady. Even Ryu could not react even if he wanted to help the old lady.

However, the old man reacted afterward as he intended to help the old lady. No matter what, the old lady was his old friend, and he could not wait and see while his old friend was being humiliated like that. However, Zara was faster than him as she released the shock wave of black energy, and at the same time, The Angel of Death unfolded his twelve pairs of wings.

Prime Minister Alex Stones was the closest to Zara, and he experienced the most significant impact from the shock wave as his body flew to the side. Even Ryu was pushed seven steps back, and thanks to Ryu, or else Alex Stones would crash to the knights. Ryu widened his eyes as he realized that the enemy was stronger than him.

'I finally understand why Queen Jasmine is hell-bent on surrendering to the Tang Empire.' The old man came to the realization of why the Queen was resolved to surrender despite his support to fight the Tang Empire. He might not see Kalliyan and the Golden Dragon in the face, but this Angel alone was enough to smash the palace without him being able to do anything.

However, the old lady had not given up yet as the wind started to gather around her body. She was not going down without fighting back. At the same time, Zara's eyes turned black as her irises turned red. "Hehe, yeah, it will be boring if you go down without fighting back. Please entertain me, old hag."

At the same time, a black sword formed above the old lady's head, and the tip of the black sword touched the old lady's head. "If you don't break free from my grasp in ten seconds, then this sword will pierce your head. However, you have a second option. You can surrender and cease your transformation right now. Then My Master will decide the punishment for you."

Ryu immediately took out his long sword from his inventory. He had to help his old friend, but the black dragon and the beastmen blocked him. The Black Dragon let out a roar as the Dragonewt had a spear pointing at Ryu. Just like that, the two strongest individuals of the Malecia Kingdom's movement were locked by the intruder.

Riona had her life at the mercy of the intruder, and Ryu could not save her because the dragon and the beastmen blocked him… The supposed fierce and fearful battle of the Legend Rank came to an end so quickly.

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