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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 784: Easy Group Part 2

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Chapter 784: Easy Group Part 2

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"As the major faction from the Central Government, of course, I have the right to meddle in the other factions' affair, including-" Before Hines Myers finished his words, Tang Shaoyang cut him off. "What is this Central Government? Do I acknowledge this Central Government? Do the other factions acknowledge the Central Government?"

"Of course not. The First Order Guild never acknowledged the Central Government's authority, and we opposed their action by trying to meddle with the other guilds' affair." Herman Bonivido took this chance to side with the Tang Empire. Of course, his purpose was not to suck up with the Tang Empire but to oppose the Central Government formed by six major factions.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang had a different reason to speak up. He just acted to protect his potential customers, so this major faction did not stop them from having a bloody fight. More bloody fights then more customers for him.

Hines Myers' face turned from anger as the two leaders of two major factions openly opposed him. He was about to speak, but Tang Shaoyang spoke first. Izuhara Tachibana arrived at the Tang Empire's booth at the right time. "Is the Tachibana Clan part of the Central Government's alliance?"

"No! We are an independent faction with a diplomatic relationship with the First Order Guild." Izuhara Tachibana gave a firm reply about the Tachibana Clan's status.

"Do you hear it? Can you stop meddling with the other's affair from now on? You can be one of the major factions now, but be careful your faction may disappear tomorrow or the day after tomorrow from antagonizing the other factions." Tang Shaoyang squinted his eyes as he realized something. "Does the Central Government want to control the number of the major factions on Earth by forming a centralized administration?"

That could happen if the Central Government managed to bring all factions to join them. The Major Factions would control the smaller factions, ensuring fewer major factions appeared. That was actually a brilliant idea, less brilliant than his idea, though. He would conquer the world with his absolute force.

"This is slander! The Central Government is formed to restore the world to be a safe place for us to live. That is just a baseless slander." Hines Myers stood up from his chair and pointed his finger at Tang Shaoyang.

"I will make that kind of world, but not just for human races, but all races to live side by side peacefully. We have a similar goal. Why don't you work under my Empire instead? Dissolve the Central Government and come to my empire." Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear. During their argument, the Osiris Guild and the Tachibana Clan had paid a million to heal their fighters.

"Oh, the next match has started. We can continue our discussion later if you want." Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear as Hines Myers held his anger and returned to his seat. If he continued arguing when the match started, he was afraid the System would expel him from the arena.

The arguments between Tang Shaoyang and Hines Myers did not solve the bad blood between the Osiris Guild and the Tachibana Clan. No, the fact that the World Union was no longer meddling in their fight, it just made the fighting get more intense. However, the fifth round ended with the Osiris Guild member knocked down from the arena as the Tachibana Clan sent a mage instead of a swordsman.

Just like that, the Tachibana Clan managed to secure another point. The Tang Empire, the Tachibana Clan, and the Houston Legacy led Group A with two points. The System continued Group's match with no break, and it was between the Legion Guild and the New Nation. Thanks to this, the Legion Guild secured one point. The next match was the Tang Empire against the Tachibana Clan.

"The Tachibana Clan seems to have a lot of coins. Should I leave my opponent on the verge of dying?" As soon as the draw appeared above the arena, that evil idea came to his mind. "I don't think it's a good idea. If you do so, they might not come to us anymore." Zhang Mengyao rolled her eyes at that ridiculous idea.

However, the Tachibana Clan had a different idea as they forfeited the match against the Tang Empire. They would rather reserve their fighters for the next match than fight the Tang Empire. Another easy point for the Tang Empire. The next match was the Osiris Guild and The Houston Legacy.

To everyone's surprise, the Osiris Guild forfeited from the battle, but then Tang Shaoyang learned that the Houston Legacy and the Osiris Guild were in alliance with the Revolution Kingdom. They were allies, and since the Houston Legacy had a bigger chance to get second place, the Osiris Guild chose to give one free point to Houston Legacy.

The next match was the Tang Empire against the Houston Legacy, and the Houston Legacy gave up too. At this point, no factions wanted to fight the Tang Empire. The first two matches were enough to give the other factions the idea of how strong the Tang Empire was. Even if they could win the match, they must pay a huge price for that win, so the Houston Legacy and the Tachibana Clan were fighting for second place instead.

The next match was the Tachibana Clan against the Legion Guild. It was an intense fight but ended with the Tachibana Clan as the winner with a 3-1 score. Park Nam Hoon secured Legion Guild's first round, but the Legion Guild lost in the next three rounds. With that result, the Legion Guild had no chance to enter the playoff stage with three losses.

Losing three times in a row, there was no chance for the Osiris Guild to pass to the playoff stage, so they forfeited from the fight too, giving the Tang Empire the fifth point and became the champion of the group A, the first faction to enter the playoff stage.

The last match of group A was between the Tachibana Clan against the Houston Legacy, fighting for second place for an elimination stage… In the Elimination Stage, they would fight the other second places from the other groups for five tickets to the playoff stage.

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