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«Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1936 - Battle Saint Art

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Chapter 1936: Battle Saint Art

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Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

The Ox Chieftain had anger in his eyes. Luoshen Chuan and the demon sovereigns clearly came here with ill intentions.

The leading experts of the three hegemonic powers in the Desolate Region were gathered here today.

“Only the people from the Battle Saint Tribe will fight?” The Ox Chieftain coldly asked. He knew that this battle was unavoidable. However, Luoshen Chuan stated that only those with a connection with the Battle Saint Tribe and Divine Ox Clan would be fighting. This meant that Luoshen Chuan himself wouldn’t act. If not, his words wouldn’t make sense.

There was no reason for a heavenly deity to use words to trick him.

“You can put it like that.” Luoshen Chuan nodded. The Ox Chieftain turned his gaze over, staring at the ox deities behind him. The ox deities seemed to be conversing. After that, a muscular figure walked out, he was clearly one of the heavenly deities from the Divine Ox Clan.

He had an ox head and a human body, muscular to the extreme. White puffs of smoke emitted from his nostrils as his terrifying eyes gleamed with a demonic light.

His saucer-like eyes stared at Qi Yu as he coldly spoke, “The Battle Saint Tribe is a tribe that was long exterminated. To think that there are some vile spawns who survived. In that case, let’s make sure that it is completely exterminated today.”

A terrifying aura gushed forth as rumbling sounds rang out. Demonic qi gushed forth, forming into dark clouds as the ox deity’s body expanded, becoming a gigantic minotaur that blotted out the sun. His horns seemed to be capable of touching the sky just by him standing there.

“BOOM!” He soared into the air. This place was the Divine Ox Castle, he didn’t wish for the aftershocks of the battle to devastate the castle.

Qi Yu soared into the air with him. The two of them appeared in an area extremely high up. Their incomparably gigantic bodies in the vision of those below, were of the same as ordinary humans. Also, right now in the boundlessly vast Desolate Region, countless people were staring up at the sky, looking at the two combatants.

Luoshen Chuan, the Kun Sovereign and the others all stayed below to watch. It was the same for the experts from the Divine Ox Castle as well.

After re-acquiring the battle saint bone, how strong would an expert who has stepped into the heavenly deity realm from the Battle Saint Tribe be? The truth would be revealed soon.

In the air, the two figures faced each other in opposition. Behind the ox deity, a gigantic kui ox phantom manifested. The ox deity was already large enough, but this phantom was even larger, completely blotting out the sky, causing the area below to descend into darkness.

Behind Qi Yu, his astral soul appeared. This astral soul was in the form of a divine diagram that contained its own heaven and earth. Golden light radiated from it as a fearsome battle intent could be felt.

“ROAR!” All of a sudden, the ox deity let out a bellow. His voice was like thunder, causing the heavens and earth to tremble, capable of destroying the souls of people with the volume of his roar alone. Qi Yu trembled, he could feel the sound waves transforming into an energy that could destroy everything. At this moment, a giant word ‘Battle’ appeared, it brimmed with a resplendent light as it shot forth, clashing against the sound waves from the roar. In the next moment, a terrifying invisible energy erupted forth from the impact, capable of destroying everything.

In the next moment, a stifling pressure descended. The demonic qi of heaven and earth churned wildly as that ox deity threw his head back and howled. His howl reverberated through the world and countless kui ox phantoms actually appeared, all of them mirroring his movements and howling at the sky.

A terrifying feeling appeared in Qi Yu’s heart. It felt like his body was about to disintegrate and his soul about to be destroyed. The countless kui oxen roars seemed to create an army of ox galloping around inside him, trampling on his life.

The astral soul behind Qi Yu shone with a boundless light and after that, numerous pairs of hands appeared, rapidly undergoing a transformation. This power of transformation was like an absolute divine formation, endless and ceaseless. After that, these palms blasted out, containing a towering battle intent, capable of destroying everything as he aimed them at the ox phantoms.

The sky trembled violently like it was on the verge of collapse. At this moment, another giant hand appeared in Qi Yu’s astral soul. This hand could blot out the skies as well and it was formed from an undying intent of battle. It blasted out and penetrated through everything, aiming for that ox deity.

When the ox deity felt the terrifying might of this palm attack, he immediately took out a divine drum and punched it. A moment later, the light from lightning and thunder, imbued with the energy of the sun and moon shot out, slamming into that giant palm. A formless aftershock manifested, transforming into waves that completely devastated their surroundings.

The people below all felt that the sky was trembling. It was only after a long time before the trembling calmed down. Qi Yu’s expression was incomparably calm, he stared at the ox deity before him, “Is your strength is only at this level?”

His voice was like thunder and those people below could hear him. After they heard that, their hearts were incomparably shocked. This heavenly deity from the Battle Saint Tribe was simply arrogant to the extreme. He said to an ox deity from the Divine Ox Clan, ‘Is your strength only at this level?’

In that case, does it mean that this heavenly deity from the Battle Saint Tribe could become even stronger?

The ox deity’s expression turned unsightly after he heard that. He already gave it his all in this battle but if he did so and his opponent didn’t, this meant that a calamity is truly coming to the Divine Ox Clan today.

“Let me show you the ultimate art of the Battle Saint Tribe. The Battle Saint Art.” Qi Yu stated. As the sound of his voice faded, his astral soul enveloped the entire area. He folded hand seals and a moment later, boundless battle intent began to manifest from all directions.

The ox deity stared at the surroundings. He could see many words that represented the character ‘battle’ appearing. A strong sense of unease appeared in his heart as his heart trembled in fear.

Qi Yu’s aura explosively surged up, it was like the boundless battle intent here fused as one with him, becoming part of his strength. The Qi Yu now was like a true god of war.

The Battle Saint Tribe had the word ‘battle’ in their name.

The entire world was trembling. Qi Yu’s palm strike seemed to contain everything in the world, it brimmed with boundless battle intent and countless resplendent battle words manifested, integrating themselves into the palm. The power of this palm could exterminate everything. When the ox deity felt this pressure, his expression instantly paled. A sense of helplessness appeared in his heart. He could sense that this palm strike was over ten times more powerful compared to Qi Yu’s earlier attack. This palm was simply unblockable. It was an invincible palm strike.

“Careful!” Below, the Ox Chieftain roared loudly, he could clearly see that the situation was bad. But everything was too late. When the palm landed, all resistance was futile. This palm could even shatter the heavenly dao and break the samsara cycle. This was the ultimate battle saint intent of the Battle Saint Art. It was able to shatter all structures and remove all obstacles.

At the moment of impact, the ox deity’s gigantic body began to turn illusory. A deafening boom rang out, the ox deity perished as his soul was shattered.

This scene caused countless people below to tremble in fear. Too powerful. The resurface of the Battle Saint Tribe in the Desolate Region was a world-shaking event. To think that they are actually so powerful to this extent. That ox deity didn’t even have the chance to flee. He was killed in a single palm strike.

The Ox Chieftain turned ashen. Currently for the Divine Ox Clan, they only had four heavenly deities and now, they just lost one more. With him added into the count, they only had a total of three deities now.

Also, the strength of Qi Yu from the Battle Saint Tribe caused him even to feel trepidation. Was the Divine Ox Clan, who had become a hegemonic power since countless years ago, about to welcome a calamity today?

“BOOM!” The Ox Chieftain stepped out. He wanted to personally fight. He knew that the other two ox deities weren’t a match for Qi Yu. If they fought, they would surely die. Hence, he wanted to fight Qi Yu personally.

“Chieftain, what are you doing?” Luoshen Chuan spoke when he noticed the Ox Chieftain stepping out. “Didn’t I already say that your opponent is someone else?”

“No matter who it is from the Battle Saint Tribe. I will accept the challenge. Get him to scram out.” The Ox Chieftain coldly spoke.

“Since chieftain is so impatient, we will listen to you then.” A voice drifted over from the void. After that, a young man in white stepped out. He was extraordinarily handsome and had a transcendent aura. He seemed to be the main character of the world by just simply standing there.

“Qin Wentian.” The expression of the Ox Chieftain turned cold. “I’ve long guessed that you are the one behind all of this. Were you are the one who killed Devilox back then? You seized the dao bone away. But what connection do you have with the Battle Saint Tribe?”

“He is the saint lord of the Battle Saint Tribe. All of us will obey his orders.” Qi Yu coldly spoke, causing the eyes of the Ox Chieftain to narrow.

Qin Wentian was actually the saint lord of the Battle Saint Tribe. He killed Devilox and returned the dao bone to them. After that, he nurtured such a terrifying heavenly deity from the Battle Saint Tribe and came here to the Divine Ox Castle for revenge.

But the Ox Chieftain was also an extraordinary character. He hurriedly calm his heart, he then spoke to Qin Wentian, “In that case, you want to fight me alone?”

Qin Wentian’s talent was outstanding and is also very powerful, he could even defeat Heaven’s Son. But the Ox Chieftain himself was the number one expert of the Divine Ox Clan. He wouldn’t shy away.

Qin Wentian and the others didn’t seem to have any intentions of ganging up on him. They wanted to use the Battle Saint Tribe’s name to challenge the Divine Ox Clan.

All of this, was to fight him one on one!

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