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«Am I A God? (Web Novel) - Chapter 1080: Striking it Rich

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Chapter 1080: Striking it Rich

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Calamity had exploded and turned into a black hole instantly. In that instant, the black hole also vanished in thin air.

The 20 cat-made cats created under the Source Plan, Grayley, Calamity and the paw of Neutron Star vanished altogether.

Upon the sudden loss of his paw, Neutron Star roared in rage and turned the strong winds into force fields that flattened masses of land.

Zhao Yao whipped his head up and stared in the direction of the black hole. In that instant, he too sensed the extreme danger.

“What just happened?”

At the same time, the atmosphere in the battlefield took a drastic turn as the warriors from the Long Fur Tribe charged towards Neutron Star excitedly.

“Grayley is dead!”

“Kill them all!”

“Neutron Star is badly wounded too!”

“For the Long Furs!”

Zhao Yao stared in astonishment at the hundreds of mecha warriors leading the troop of millions of robot warriors and charging towards Neutron Star like an army of locusts before falling like pouring rain as they were battered down at once by Neutron Star’s force field attack.

“Grayley died just like that?” Zhao Yao remained doubtful about this.

At the same time, Magis, who was in the command center, stood up on his hind legs excitedly as he shouted, “Nice bombing! Attack with full force! Capture all of them.”

As he said that, a metal armor materialized and encased his body as it extended out. He had donned his mechanical armor to personally enter the battlefield.

Calamity died after her suicidal explosion, Grayley’s death remained ambiguous, the 20 cat-made cats had all been swallowed up in an instant. On the other hand, the Long Fur Tribe’s army was closing in in full force while its leader, Magis, personally led the army clad in armor. The odds on the battlefield had turned against the Short Fur Tribe and the Furless Tribe at once.

At that moment, Zhao Yao suddenly heard Snow’s voice in his head. Her voice was very weak, evidently worn out from the great battle previously.

“Zhao Yao, how are things on your side? Have you stolen the information on 1003?”

Zhao Yao thought of the girl in his own Extradimensional Belly. He did not know how to explain the situation at the moment.

However, Snow continued, “Forget it. There’s no time to talk about this now. Someone will contact you next time.

You should leave now… The Long Fur Tribe will most likely win this battle. Hopefully the Short Fur Tribe and the Furless Tribe will be able to counter their attacks asap.”

Right after that, her voice disappeared. A ray of golden light flashed across the sky as Magis appeared, clad in mechanical armor from head to toe and gleaming with golden light. With a slash of his paw, a golden blade cleaved through more than a thousand miles and right through Neutron Star’s back, leaving a wound as deep as a valley.

At the same time, Magis flew out by hundreds of kilometers from the impact of Neutron Star’s counterattack.

As more and more robot soldiers charged forward, hundreds of elite force soldiers patrolling the battlefield. Neutron Star roared in fury as he was forced to retreat backwards. At last, an enormous surge of Awareness suddenly struck, pushing back the elite forces of the Long Fur Tribe for a moment.

Grayley, who was severely wounded, screamed at Neutron Star, “Leave!”

Grayley was severely wounded by Calamity’s self-explosion. Although he managed to revive himself through his clone in the City of Dreams, it was unsure if he would even be able to fully recover in the years ahead.

Neutron Star seized the chance and immediately fled the battle scene with the remnants of his troops, without caring if his cat slaves had caught up with him.

“Chase him!” Magis screamed in delight, “Finish them off!”

In the chaos of the battle, Zhao Yao followed them cautiously, picking up a few cats from the Long Fur Tribe along the way.

Coupled with his gains from the previous battle, Zhao Yao managed to capture a total of 40 alien cats. This earned him 80 000 experience points, which probably made him the biggest winner out of this whole battle.

Next, he returned to the Extradimensional Belly without caring about the outcome of the battle. The little girl and 40 alien cats were more pressing issues for him to settle first.

They were like a giant bomb. If not handled with care, all of Earth might just be obliterated.

Once he was back in the Extradimensional Belly, Zhao Yao opened the Book.

Book: Level 8(85 5817/100 000)

“I’ve struck rich! I’m rich! It’s 85k worth of experience points. How should I put them to good use?”

Zhao Yao shook his head. He contained his excitement and turned back to the Extradimensional Belly. All the supercats, Bai Quan and Zhao Xue stared at him.

At the same time, 40 alien cats lay on the floor. All of them were wearing the game console eyewear and had their Awareness transferred into Closers World.

Due to the sudden influx of alien cats, Elizabeth and Diana were not able to transport them in time. Hence they resorted to putting the game console on them.

Zhao Yao immediately calmed down after seeing the varying levels of Level 60 to Level 69 on top of their heads.

He turned to look at the little girl whom he snatched from the laboratory. She lay motionless as Doll inspected her. She was not an issue of concern for now.

“The biggest problem now is these 40 alien cats.”

“Given the strength of Closers World currently, suppressing a few of these high level alien cats would not be an issue. But there’s 40 of them. Given the current strength of Closers World, it will be impossible to completely suppress all of them through the game.”

“I need to think of a way to subdue them in Closers World.”

However, that was still just a thought. Zhao Yao glanced at the alien cats on the floor. He first stabbed the Long Fur Tribe’s cats with the Dragon Slaying Saber again to buff its effects. He then turned to a cat from the Furless Tribe who seemed like it was about to regain consciousness. He went up to that cat and started bashing his head madly.

Seeing how Zhao Yao was bashing the Furless Tribe cat, the supercats at the side were secretly scared out of their wits as they conversed with each other telepathically.

“What the heck, Zhao Yao’s becoming more and more scary.”

“This is cat abuse, blatant cat abuse.”

On the other hand, Zhao Yao managed to think of way to suppress the 40 alien cats. He turned his gaze on the only supercat he caught from the Short Fur Tribe.

When Grayley and Neutron Star attacked the Chaos Stronghold this time round, only three supercats were involved in the battle. Aside from Grayley, the other two cats were his brothers.

This Short Fur Tribe cat caught by Zhao Yao was Level 67. He was Grayley’s younger brother, Whiteley.

“This guy definitely knows more information about Awareness Countries. If I can get that information from him, I will be able to increase the upper limits of Closers World.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao decided to enter the cat’s dreams directly and question him from there.

At that moment, Whiteley’s superpowers were sealed by the Dragon Slaying Saber. Aside from his intelligence, he was just like any another normal cat and totally harmless.

Zhao Yao played around with the cat for awhile in his dreams before the cat spilled all the information he knew about Awareness Countries.

However, as he was not one of the Sages, he did not have complete information on the Awareness Country either.

“Dreamscape Proliferation, Dimension Conversion and Virtual Reality Mirroring and the information regarding Spiritual Energy I already knew. Now I’m just missing the information about the Thought Regulation technique. Once I have that information, my knowledge of the Awareness Country will be complete.”

“The requirement for activating the first four techniques at the same time is a power of Awareness above Level 55. Luckily I still have the power I borrowed from Grayley. However, it looks like the requirements for the power of Awareness will be even stricter to achieve a perfect Awareness Country. Even so, I should have reached that level by then.”

However, though he was still lacking the last part, the information he currently had was enough for him to upgrade Closers World and use it to suppress the alien cats.

He quickly stabbed the alien cats with the Dragon Slaying Saber again to prolong its effects. Next, he grabbed each of the elite supercats from the Furless Tribe and prolonged their unconsciousness. Finally, Zhao Yao was ready to enter Closers World and upgrade it.

The next moment, billions of players around the world were kicked out of Closers World as time started to speed up and reached supersonic speed in Closers World.

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