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«Am I A God? (Web Novel) - Chapter 1079: Sneak Attack

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Chapter 1079: Sneak Attack

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Zhao Xue aked, “Zhao Yao, where did you get the cats?”

Zhao Yao waved his hand and said, “Let’s not idly chat. Get Elizabeth and Diana to come over here. Tell them to imprison them in the entertainment room and make them play Closers World.”

With the current Closers World volume, there were 1 billion online users daily, enough to subdue the captured supercats.

After speaking, Zhao Yao jumped into the Dimension Portal and vanished.

Zhao Xue and Bai Quan looked at each other while Sphynx cat walked to the front of the alien cats, squatted down and touched their bodies. “These supercats look like they are from alien planets. Zhao Yao could be battling with the alien cats.”

Zhao Xue said in shock, “Zhao Yao’s fighting with the alien cats?”

The invisible Zhao Yao and Project X roamed the Chaos Stronghold while Zhao Yao wielded his Dragon Slaying Saber.

He saw a Level 62 and Level 65 figures jumping around from a distance.

“It’s them!” Zhao Yao charged towards the figures.

He saw two Furless Tribe’s supercats fighting with a group of mecha warriors.

The two supercats had long slim bodies that were expanding and contracting intensely. They looked more like hunting leopards rather than kittens. They charged around, leaving trails of lightning-like afterimages. Large numbers of mecha warriors and robot soldiers were hit and destroyed.

“Hahahaha! A pile of trash! See how I’m destroying all of you!”

After a roar, the furless cat extended his palm and projected space distortion which left trails of destruction and disintegration along its path.

Zhao Yao and Project X peeped out sneakily from behind a metal plate.

“Whah? Furless Tribe cats which are on our side?” Zhao Yao stroked his chin and thought, “Forget it, I’ll take them.”

All things were frozen. Zhao Yao activated Time Freeze and slipped behind the two furless cats. He stabbed them with the Dragon Slaying Saber hundreds of time.

After stabbing them, he didn’t put the two cats into the Extradimensional Belly. He retreated and deactivated Time Freeze.

The two furless cats hung in mid-air and were taken aback before they roared loudly. Powerful energy exploded from their body and space distortion emanated in all directions, tearing the air and disintegrating objects.

The effects of the Dragon Slaying Saber did not crush their willpower nor seal their superpowers. Instead, they were enraged.

“It’s fortunate that I was careful and didn’t send them into the Extradimensional Belly,” Zhao Yao thought. These furless cats have shocking willpower. I’m unable to subdue them using the Dragon Slaying Saber. Hmm… I’ll have to think of other ways.”

He shouted to Matcha who was behind the Dimension Portal, “Get to work. I need to use your superpower.”

Matcha rode on top of Lucifer and roared, “I got it!” His paws left trails of afterimages as he smacked Lucifer till he moaned in pain.

This was the method Matcha used to reduce the cooling down period of Time Freeze.

“Who attacked us?!”

“That’s a repulsive superpower. I’m going to kill you!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! The two furless cats went into a rage destroying everything like a Godzilla on a rampage.

Zhao Yao looked at the two destructive cats silently while waiting for the Time Freeze cooling down period to end.

Moments later, Zhao Yao activated Time Freeze. He touched the supercats’ backs and pummeled their head sviciously.

One punch… two punches… three punches…

Zhao Yao’s double fists rained continuously on the backs of the supercats’ heads.

With the power of eight cats and training from Sphynx cat, the Blood of Evolution and severe environments, Zhao Yao exploded with shocking power.

Every muscle, fibre, and bone extended and contracted with the power of an explosive volcano.

Zhao Yao used his full effort when he punched, with the power of a mini earthquake, the head of the furless cat. He punched him more than a hundred times and ran to the other furless cat whose head he had also started punching.

When the Time Freeze ended, the two furless cat moaned and plummeted to the ground while they passed out in mid air.

Zhao Yao sent the two cats into the Dimension Portal in a hurry while the mecha warriors looked at each other and left for other battles.

Zhao Yao picked up all cats with all lengths of fur. When the battle came to an end, Zhao Yao had already caught 32 supercats.

“640 000 experience points, 640 000 experience points!” Zhao Yao was exhilarated as he shouted, “I’m rich! I’m rich! Picking up alien cats is worthwhile. I’ll use the experience points when I return.”

With the disappearance of many supercats, the combatants of both sides discovered that something wasamiss.

Grayley said, “Those disgusting Long Furballs! We have lost contact with many cats. What superpower is that?”

In the command center, Magis looked furiously at the battlefield images. “We lost more than half of our supercats in such a short time. What happened?”

Grayley said, “It must be the Long Furballs playing tricks!”

Magis said, “It must be the Short Furballs playing tricks!”

Both sides fought for half a day but only managed to kill off a few cats. When Zhao Yao appeared, more than half of the cats were captured.

Both sides thought their opponents were responsible and they retaliated viciously.

In the palm of Neutron Star, Calamity was firmly restrained by numerous gravitational field like Monkey God imprisoned under the Wuxing Mountain.

Both the inside and exterior of Calamity’s body were criss-crossed with Grayley’s power of awareness. He wanted to suppress her awareness and control her body so that she could not activate her superpower.

Observing serious casualties on his side, Grayley activated his skills.

Dark figures descended from the thin air. The figures were countless Long Fur, Short Fur, and Furless bodies.

They were cat warriors from the Source Plan. Everyone had extremely powerful superpowers and their awareness were destroyed by Grayley so that they were controlled by him.

Powerful energy erupted from their bodies. Twenty lethal superpowers shot towards Calamity in a bid to subdue her.

Magis’s eyes lit up when he saw the scene. “I was expecting this from you for a long time.”

Calamity’s eyes lit up with white rays and a shocking sucking power came within her body. She transformed into infinite darkness. Like a blackhole, she engulfed Grayley, the twenty cat warriors and the paws of Neutron Star.

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