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«Almighty Sword Domain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2218 – Who Did That?!

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Chapter 2218 - Who Did That?!

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She’d challenged all of them!

Could An Nanjing really fight 100 undying cavalry?

Of course she couldn’t!

But she dared to!

She dared!

It made her aura unprecedentedly powerful. What was most important in a battle between two armies? It was morale and their aura.

Everyone’s gazes converged on her.

If it wasn’t for Yang Ye, she would be the most dazzling existence in the large universe, and even Yang Ye couldn’t really put her beneath his shade!

The Martial God of the large universe!

While she hadn’t grown fully to maturity as the Martial God, she was entirely deserving of the title!

The undying cavalries had quite unsightly expressions on their faces. They could naturally not stay unaffected by such provocation.


A hundred auras shot up into the air, and they slammed down at An Nanjing.

Once the aura appeared, the cultivators throughout Void Spirit Continent revealed terror in their eyes. It felt like the end of the world was here!

In the sky, Yang Ye was about to attack, but Elder Yuan suddenly stepped forward, “Let’s test our new formation!”

Yang Ye gazed at Elder Yuan, and the latter grinned before pressing his palms down.

In an instant, the sky above the continent started trembling, and then a huge Go board appeared there.

The Heaven End Go Board!

An instant later, the surroundings transformed.

Outer space!

At this moment, the surroundings had been transformed into that of outer space, and endless stars and space surrounded them.

It was the boundless universe!

Everyone gazed at Elder Yuan, and he tapped his finger forward.

The universe shook slightly, and then countless stars lit up far away in the distance. After that, starlight that emanated tremendous pressure surged down at the undying cavalries.

Third Commander’s expression changed drastically from the sight of this!

As for the other undying cavalries, they had solemn expressions in their eyes!


At this moment, all the experts from the undying race sensed danger.

Suddenly, Third Commander’s voice resounded, “Attack!”

As soon as he gave the order, all the undying cavalries hurled their spears at Elder Yuan.

A hundred spears shot forward in unison!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Space was torn apart and obliterated in their wake, and they converged together into one in the end. So, space started to tremble violently and seemed like it would collapse at any moment!

Yang Ye was about to do something about it when Elder Yuan suddenly shook his head, “Let me see how strong the Heaven End Go Board from the Initial Civilization is!”

As soon as he said that, he formed a strange seal, and then the boards appeared in front of him. At the same time, rays of starlight accompanied by a strand of a fierce aura of slaughter swept out.


The Heaven End Go Board forced their spears to a stop. At the same time, the powerful force it emanated blasted all of the undying cavalries back.

Meanwhile, Elder Yuan gazed at Yang Ye, “Lend me your slaughter intent and Snowy!”

Slaughter intent!

The essence of the board was ‘End’.

The end could be described as death!

That was why he’d stayed in the Weapon Dimension and gathered the aura of slaughter there!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to summon Snowy, and she waved her claw lightly once Yang Ye told her what he needed. In an instant, countless strands of spirit energy converged into the board, and then the pressure it emanated grew even more terrifying!

Suddenly, Yang Ye took a step forward, and his blood red sword descended upon the Go board.

The blood red sword contained Yang Ye’s Progenitor Realm slaughter intent!

As soon as it entered the board, the aura of slaughter the board emanated instantly rose explosively.

Meanwhile, Elder Yuan took a step forward and tapped his finger forward, “Kill!”

In an instant, countless rays of blood red starlight rained down like a storm.

Third Commander’s expression finally changed from the sight of this.

At this moment, the formation’s strength had multiplied, and even if she could resist it, she would suffer heavy injuries. As for the others, they may not be able to resist it!

Meanwhile, the starlight had arrived before them!

“Kill!” The undying cavalries shouted in unison. In an instant, they charged at the board.

Destroy the formation!

They had to destroy the formation now.

However, many undying cavalries weren’t even able to get close before the red starlight tore them to pieces!

Truly tore them to pieces!

Yang Ye frowned slightly from the sight of this, and then he hesitated for a moment before waving his hand. A strand of red starlight descended onto his palm.


It instantly pierced his palm!

“It’s really powerful!” Yang Ye looked up into the distance, and countless rays of red starlight were ceaselessly tearing apart those undying cavalries.

The starlight could piece his body with ease, so it represented that if the undying cavalries were struck by it, they would either die or be injured. The undying cavalry wasn’t strong because of the bodies they possessed, and they absolutely couldn’t compare to Yang Ye’s physical body. Since Yang Ye couldn’t resist it, how could they?


Some undying cavalries had started to die.

Tian Xiu had told him that absolute strength was required to kill them, the strength to wipe out their vitality in an instant. Obviously, the Heaven End Go Board could accomplish that!

Suddenly, far away in the endless black holes, a hand emerged from the door of light, and then it swept forward in Void Spirit Continent’s direction.


The red starlight above the continent was instantly obliterated!

Elder Yuan frowned from the sight of this. He looked up in the direction of the door of light, and then he flipped his right palm. A ray of red starlight shot through space and arrived before the door of light. Meanwhile, the hand tapped forward lightly.


The red ray of starlight was instantly obliterated!

At the same time, the hand stretched forward, and then a hand appeared above the continent. It descended upon the continent!

Yang Ye’s face instantly turned solemn!

If it struck the continent, the continent would be obliterated in an instant!

Suddenly, Elder Yuan said, “Together!”


Elder Yuan’s voice was solemn!

As soon as he said that, he formed a strange seal. An instant later, the Go board transformed into a ray of starlight that shot toward the palm.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing hurled Elysium at it.

Sky Maiden and the others attacked as well.

Yang Ye didn’t hold back as well. He filled his palm, and the Primordial Pagoda appeared there. He shot up into the air with the Primordial Pagoda in his grasp and slammed it against the palm.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the sky above the continent, explosions resounded incessantly. However, the huge palm was still there.

Countless people started to feel terrified in the city below!


Some people of the human race and sky race started to flee from the city.

Many were fleeing!

Not long ago, they had treated Void Spirit City as their final hope. Yet now, they had chosen to leave this place of hope!

However, many stayed!

While the hand above the continent hadn’t shattered, it had slowed down.

However, both Yang Ye and the others knew very well that this couldn’t be allowed to continue!

Suddenly, Yang Ye placed his right hand on his forehead, and a ray of red light flashed. An instant later, Scarlet appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Get inside!”

She blinked while joy appeared in her eyes, and then she transformed into a ray of red light and shot into his forehead.


In an instant, monstrous slaughter intent swept out from him, and it surged up into the air and slammed against the palm.


The slaughter intent instantly cracked apart the hand, and then Yang Ye’s completely blood red figure stabbed against the hand.


His blood red sword stabbed straight through it, and a terrifying wave of energy rained down from the hand.


Yang Ye was blasted down, but the hand cracked apart. After that, it exploded into a rain of energy fragments.

Elder Yuan and the others heaved sighs of relief.

Suddenly, another hand stretched out from the door of light. But as soon as it did, a ray of dark light slammed against it.


The hand exploded apart!

A moment of silence ensued, and then a voice came from behind the door, “Who did that?!”

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