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«Almighty Sword Domain (Web Novel) - Chapter 1931 – I’ll Kill You With a Single Swing!

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Chapter 1931 - I’ll Kill You With a Single Swing!

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His voice was very soft, extremely soft even. It was like he was speaking about something insignificant.

However, the surroundings fell silent because of that.

Only the sounds of breathing could be heard!

Mo Yunxian was dead!

One of the 6 Wonders, Mo Yunxian, had died just like that. Most importantly, many hadn’t even been able to see how he died.

The gazes of all the spectators converged on Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stood there with his sword in hand while his clothes fluttered with the wind.

A few breaths of time later, when no one came up to the arena, Yang Ye opened his eyes and intended to walk off the arena. He didn’t say a word and just started walking away.

No one dared to stop him, and the crowd before him moved aside automatically and opened up a path.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “You’re going to leave just like that?”

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, and they saw a middle aged man was standing in the arena.

The middle aged man looked to be around the age of 30. He wore a luxurious robe, held a jade fan, and had a dense scholarly aura.

Yang Ye stopped and gazed at the middle aged man, “What?”

The middle aged man raised two fingers and said, “You killed two people from my sky race!”

Yang Ye asked, “So?”

The middle aged man replied, “Heard of something called paying with your life?”

Yang Ye chuckled and pointed at the arena, “What is this place? The Life and Death Arena. What is it here for? It’s to decide on life and death between two people! You’re responsible for your own life once you enter the arena. Don’t you know that?”

The middle aged man nodded, “Of course I do. But my hand is itchy, so I want to fight you in this arena too. You won’t refuse, right?”

“How about I fight you in this arena?” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then Yin Hou appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

Yin Hou looked the middle aged man in the eyes and said, “You’re responsible for your own fate in the Life and Death Arena. So will you accept?”

The middle aged man’s face fell the moment he saw Yin Hou.

Both of them were at the Dao Realm, but he was only at the Hear Dao Realm, and Yin Hou was at the See Dao Realm. It could be said that the gap between them wasn’t just a little bit, it was like the gap between the heavens and the earth! They couldn’t be compared at all!

“Yin Hou, are you here to show off?” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then a white haired old man appeared in the arena.

Yin Hou glanced indifferently at the old man, “Showing off? How could I dare to do that in the Sky Dimension? However, I can’t stand watching people bully the weak and young. A Dao Realm expert is actually asking a 6th stage True Realm cultivator for a one on one battle. Honestly, I feel embarrassed for you. What a piece of trash!”

The middle aged man beside the white haired old man had an extremely unsightly expression on his face.

Meanwhile, the white haired old man suddenly said, “That’s true. My sky race failed to observe what is right, this time. The matters of the young should be resolved by the young. So…”

“So let me do it!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then a woman in a white dress appeared in the arena.


That was the first thing everyone here felt.

Needless to say, she really was gorgeous. She had exquisite features, long beautiful hair, a slender figure, and was completely devoid of any flaws. She wasn’t just very tall; she was very cold too. Or she should be described as being very proud!

It was the type of pride that came from deep within the bones!

The white haired old man’s expression changed slightly when he saw her. He hurriedly walked over to her and bowed slightly, “Second Young Miss, what… what are you doing here?”

The women in a white dress spoke indifferently, “I just happened to be passing by.”

The white haired old man said, “How can I trouble you with such a trivial matter? I…”

The woman suddenly waved her hand and interrupted the old man, “He wants to insult our sky race, so I have the responsibility to protect my sky race’s honor.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Get up here!”

Yang Ye shrugged and intended to head up there. Meanwhile, Yin Hou stopped him.

Yang Ye gazed at Yin Hou, and Yin Hou spoke solemnly, “She isn’t ordinary. While she’s only at the 2nd stage of the Enlightened Realm, she can surmount her realm of cultivation just like you can.”

Yang Ye smiled, “I know, but I’m not ordinary either!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he appeared in the arena.

The woman didn’t waste her breath at all, and she just tapped a finger in Yang Ye’s direction. It immediately caused a speck of blue light to emerge from the space in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned slightly. He was about to swing his sword when the speck of blue light suddenly stopped, and then countless specks of blue light appeared around Yang Ye. They completely covered the area around Yang Ye!

A sword howl resounded, and then a ray of sword energy appeared.

However, the sword energy had only just appeared before it immediately vanished without a trace.

Yin Hou’s face fell at the sight of this.

The spatial nodes!

Others may not understand what was happening, but how could she not? At this moment, Yang Ye was clearly in a terrible situation. Because those blue specks of light had completely locked down all the spatial nodes around Yang Ye. It could be said that they’d formed a cage, and it was an extremely strong cage!

Yang Ye had clearly noticed it as well.

He glanced at the surroundings and was about to attack again. However, the specks of blue light suddenly started spinning rapidly, and then Yang Ye felt his body being torn apart!

The tearing feeling was growing stronger and stronger!

At the same time, the woman slowly raised her hand, and then made a grasping motion in Yang Ye’s direction.

The specks of blue light around Yang Ye instantly started rapidly pressing down towards him.

As soon as they started doing that, Yang Ye felt a strand of unprecedented pressure slamming down upon him. He felt like a few mountains were smashing him, and his body was about to explode apart!

He issued a command in his heart and 10 ethereal swords appeared around him. A moment later, they started crisscrossing through the surroundings, but it only took an instant for them to explode apart and vanish in the air.

“Cage of Will!” The woman’s voice resounded abruptly, “Even a 3rd stage Enlightened Realm expert can only dream of breaking through this barrier with ease. As for you, if you cultivate for another 10 years, then perhaps…”

Suddenly, a mysterious wave of energy appeared around Yang Ye.


An instant later, the space around Yang Ye was obliterated!

The woman’s voice stopped abruptly as well!

The Sword Domain!

After he activated the Sword Domain, while the space around him was still caged, it was being caged while within his Sword Domain. So, while he couldn’t undo it, he could destroy it. If something couldn’t be undone, it was best to just destroy it!

Yang Ye looked up at her, and she frowned slightly, “Is that a Domain? You…”

Suddenly, a speck of cold light appeared before her forehead.

It was the tip of a sword!

Her voice stopped abruptly, and then a white shadow flashed. Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically. His sword suddenly stopped its stabbing motion, and then he turned around and slashed it forward!


A muffled explosion resounded, and a white shadow floated off towards the distance. But it only took a moment for it to suddenly appear behind Yang Ye. At the same time, a short sword stabbed Yang Ye’s nape, but it couldn’t stab through!

Yang Ye didn’t turn around. He just stabbed his sword backwards, right by his waist.

However, a white shadow instantly appeared in front of him, and then a short sword stabbed against his forehead.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. He stomped his right foot down and moved 300m back. At the moment he retreated, a string of blood sprayed from his forehead, and it formed a gorgeous arc in midair!

However, that wasn’t the end of it!

While Yang Ye’s figure moved backwards, the white shadow suddenly appeared behind him like a ghost. At the same time, the short sword stabbed towards Yang Ye’s back.


It pierced through his skin. But it only took a moment for Yang Ye’s sword to arrive before the white shadow. However, the white shadow had vanished into thin air.

The woman in a white dress suddenly appeared 300m away.

There was a dark blue short sword in her grasp!

“Star Destroyer!” Countless people exclaimed from below the arena.

Yin Hou’s face instantly became solemn when she heard this.

Even she had only heard of that sword, Star Destroyer.

In the sky race, there was a saying—One Universe, Three Divine Treasures, Four Star Destroyer.

One Universe represented the ultimate treasure of the sky race. No one knew what it was. The Three Divine Treasures were treasures merely inferior to the ultimate treasure of the sky race, and it was used to protect the sky race for generations. Below them was Star Destroyer.

The Star Destroyed Sword was a sword the sky race forged with the strength of its entire race, and it was forged from Stellar Stones and Stellar Energy that the sky race gathered from deep within speed. It had exhausted a huge amount of effort to be forged. If the user was acknowledged by the sword, the user could draw upon the Stellar Energy in space, and its might was absolutely capable of obliterating the world around it!

Not to mention Yang Ye’s physical defenses, even the physical defenses of the 12 Shaman Kings would be like paper before the Star Destroyer Sword!

It was a divine weapon!

Needless to say, Yang Ye was in quite an embarrassing state. There were a few holes in his forehead, back, waist, and nape. Moreover, even if the Primordial Violet Energy was healing him, those holes were still healing very slowly!

The woman in a white dress started floating slightly in front of Yang Ye, and she was a few dozen centimeters above ground.

“One swing!” Meanwhile, she suddenly said, “I’ll kill you with a single swing!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the sword in her grasp suddenly started flickering.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then a golden sword appeared in his grasp.

The holy sword!

It was the first time he was using it since arriving at the large universe!

Yang Ye took a step forward. Suddenly, the sword in his grasp trembled, and then it transformed into a ray of light that appeared above him, and the entire area started to tremble violently.

The sun, moon, and stars gradually appeared before the holy sword!

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