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«Almighty Sword Domain (Web Novel) - Chapter 1471 – Yellow Springs River!

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Chapter 1471 - Yellow Springs River!

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Translator: InVader

What had Yang Ye seen?

A giant!

A giant that towered into the sky!

He saw a towering giant around 30km away. How huge was it? It was absolutely huge to the point it was much taller than a mountain!

There was an extremely thick golden chain around it. Yang Ye had seen such golden chains because the old man trapped beneath the pool had similar chains around him. However, the chains on the giant were much larger than the chains that bound the old man!

What the heck is that? Yang Ye’s eyes were opened wide. Needless to say, he was absolutely shocked. After all, he’d never seen such a huge giant!

Obviously, it was definitely the reason why those demon beasts had been fleeing. Yang Ye couldn’t discern its realm of cultivation, but just its size was enough to induce despair in others.

The giant was looking ahead with eyes that seemed to be dazed. It was walking forward slowly while ceaselessly muttering, “Sword…”

Sword? Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Is that fellow looking for a sword?

Yang Ye didn’t think too much about it and restrained his thoughts. He intended to retreat because the giant was absolutely not something he could resist. It was impossible even if the other demon beasts joined forces with him.

But right when Yang Ye was about to retreat, the giant suddenly looked down slightly towards Yang Ye. In an instant, two beams of light surged out from its eyes and instantly arrived where Yang Ye was.

Yang Ye’s expression had changed drastically when the giant noticed his presence, and he intended to flee. But it was too late. Because the beams of light had arrived above him. They were just beams of light in the eyes of the giant, but as far as Yang Ye was concerned, they were like pillars which could hold up the sky. Because the beams of light had covered an area of 3km around him!

He had nowhere to run!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to draw his sword and swing it!

A ray of sword energy flashed out from the ancient sheath and slammed against the beams of light.


Yang Ye’s sword energy shattered, yet the beams didn’t slow down at all and blasted down upon Yang Ye.

Boom! Boom!

A bottomless hole was instantly blasted open there!

Fortunately, Yang Ye had fled the spot. He’d fled while his sword energy held the beams of light back for a moment. So, he hadn’t been injured.

But he hadn’t fled for long before he noticed the giant’s aura had locked onto him again.

“Sword…” As the giant muttered in a low voice, two more beams of light descended towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was horrified when he noticed two more beams of light descending towards him. He didn’t draw his sword again, and he just sped up and fled.

Boom! Boom!

He’d just fled the spot when a bottomless hole was blasted upon there!

As he fled, Yang Ye glanced at the huge hole in the ground, and his eyelids twitched. Because if he’d been struck by those beams of light, then he would have definitely been obliterated! The beams of light weren’t things that his current body could resist.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and sped up towards the distance. However, the giant’s aura was still locked onto him! The most horrifying part was that while the giant was huge, it wasn’t slow at all. Just a single step allowed it to traverse around 3km, and it could even run!

Moreover, there was something that could be considered even more terrifying, and it was that the giant possessed long ranged attacks that covered a huge area!

Those beams of light were truly too terrifying! They were so terrifying that he didn’t dare to go head-on against them!


Since he had no chance against it in battle, he had to flee!

Yang Ye raised his speed to its limits. At this moment, he was even faster than a bolt of lightning. However, he still couldn’t shake the giant off. That giant was following closely behind him, and its aura was constantly locked onto him, so he couldn’t escape. Moreover, Yang Ye was annoyed because the giant frequently shot two beams of light at him.

In the beginning, Yang Ye felt that the giant was attacking because it had noticed him. Yet now, he felt that something was off. Because the giant was targeting him!

It felt like the giant refused to stop until he was dead!


Because of the sword? Because I’m a sword cultivator?

Yang Ye’s brows were pressed tightly together as he fled. The giant had ceaselessly muttered the word sword, and it seemed like it had a strong obsession towards the sword, yet he’d used the sword just now…

That fellow hates sword cultivators? And I just happen to be one?

My luck isn’t that bad, right?!

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. If that was the reason, then his luck was horrible. But no matter what, the important matter at hand was to escape the giant!

He’d thought about summoning all the demon beasts to fight the giant, but he was very well aware that even if they could defeat it in the end, they would definitely suffer heavy injuries! Perhaps they may not even be able to defeat it after suffering heavy injuries! He hadn’t fought the giant, but based on its size, he knew that its defenses were definitely stronger than the rock titans!

So, he’d decided to flee!

Because if he fought the giant, then regardless of whether he won or lost, it wouldn’t benefit him at all.

However, the giant had no intention to let him escape. It chased him all the way, and its aura was always locked onto him. So, he couldn’t shake it off at all. This made Yang Ye quite exasperated!

All along the way, Yang Ye fled randomly. He’d encountered some demon beasts, but not only did they refuse to attack him, they even turned around and fled. Because the towering giant was behind him!

They were clearly absolutely afraid of the giant, and they fled immediately upon catching sight of the giant!

Besides that, Yang Ye intentionally fled towards the mountains in order to shake off the giant. He hoped that the mountains could stop the giant, but he was disappointed. Regardless of how huge the mountains were, they couldn’t stop the giant. It wasn’t because the giant could fly, it was because it just slammed its body against the mountain. No mountain could withstand it.

So, mountain after mountain was collapsing incessantly, but the giant was completely unharmed!

This made Yang Ye give up his intention to fight the giant!

Because two overlapped Heavenrends were definitely unable to kill the giant. No! It may not even be able to harm the giant!

That towering giant was absolutely formidable!


Flee as fast as he could!

It wasn’t embarrassing to flee before an opponent that was impossible to defeat, and it was foolish to fight an enemy which one knew was impossible to defeat. After all, he stood to gain nothing from risking his life against it! If he lost, it was obvious what would happen. But would he gain anything from winning? He would gain nothing!

Since it didn’t benefit him in any way, he wasn’t willing to risk his life!

Even though he couldn’t shake it off, the giant couldn’t catch up to him. As for his profound energy, the volume he possessed was even sufficient to run for three days and three nights. Of course, the precondition was that he didn’t execute Heavenrend.

You’re really good at slamming things apart, right? Let me see how many you can crush! Yang Ye turned his head back to glance at the giant, and then he sped up. Because the giant was behind him, he feared nothing and dared to run anywhere and everywhere. In any case, as soon as the demon beasts saw the towering giant, they wouldn’t even think about attacking him anymore, and they would just flee right away.

Just like that, Yang Ye led the towering giant throughout the Ominous Territory, and he caused chaos to spread throughout the Ominous Territory.

Many demon beasts naturally hated Yang Ye. Because he’d brought the giant over and destroyed their territory! However, because the giant was behind him, they didn’t dare to look for trouble with him. So, Yang Ye became even more fearless. He ran towards any mountain he saw, and the giant would smash down any mountain in its path!

Regardless of how large the mountains were!

It didn’t matter how huge they were, all of them collapsed before the giant!

Just like that, Yang Ye ran while the giant chased after him, and the entire Ominous Territory was in chaos!

Even though it seemed easy for Yang Ye, he was actually nervous and terrified at all times. Because the giant’s eyes were too terrifying. It shot out two beams of light from time to time, and they gave Yang Ye an absolute headache. A single Heavenrend couldn’t stop the beams of light at all, but two overlapped Heavenrends wasted too much profound energy. So, he had no choice but to dodge the giant’s attacks all along the way. However, he’d almost been hit on many occasions!

He couldn’t let this go on!

In the beginning, he thought the giant would definitely be injured from ceaselessly slamming itself against the mountains. However, even at this moment, while it has crushed around 100 mountains, it showed no signs of suffering any injuries! Its defenses had utterly exceeded Yang Ye’s imagination! It could be said that it would be absolutely fine even if it slammed itself against another 100 mountains!

This method of his wasn’t working!

But he didn’t have any other ideas!

So, Yang Ye was in dire straits.

Around a day later, Yang Ye was still running while the giant was still chasing after him, and it seemed like it wouldn’t stop until Yang Ye was dead!

During this period, Yang Ye had thought about talking with the giant, but he’d failed. The giant only spoke a single word, and it was — sword!

Besides that word, the giant didn’t know any other word, and it just released more beams of light!

He couldn’t communicate with it, nor could he fight it!

He was in quite a difficult spot!

After running for a long time, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly lit up because he saw water. A river that was around 10m wide had appeared not too far ahead. The river wasn’t very wide, but it was extremely long. He couldn’t see the end of it on both sides.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to fly over the river.

He hoped the river was deeper so it could trap the giant for a while.

As he flew past the river, Yang Ye noticed that there was a stone tablet at the riverbank. But he didn’t look at it because he couldn’t be bothered to do that while he was in such a situation!

Yang Ye rose his speed to its limits and instantly vanished into the distance.

If Yang Ye had paid a little attention, he would have noticed that the giant hadn’t chased after him at all. The giant had stopped before the river, and it had even started to slowly move backwards.

As for Yang Ye, he hadn’t turned back after he flew over the river, and he didn’t dare to turn back as well! After all, the slightest mistake might allow the giant to catch up to him. Once that happened, he would be in trouble!

Just like that, Yang Ye vanished into the distance.

As for the giant, it was still moving backwards incessantly.

If Yang Ye had looked at the stone tablet, he would have stopped as well.

There were only three words on it — Yellow Springs River!

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