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«Almighty Game Designer (Web Novel) - Chapter 248: Server Status

Server 2 - Test

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Chapter 248: Server Status

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Cool Gust was completely Dumbfounded, “W-where did this come from? Who built this?”

The other players turned their heads to Chen Mo in unison.

Cool Gust used a shocked emote, “Boss, I’m on my knees for you! Your house is incredible, teach me how you did this!”

Chen Mo used a head scratching emote, “Oh, I can’t explain it either. I just thought of it and this was how it came out. Maybe it’s from all the Leggo I’ve done in the past.”

Cool Gust was shocked, “Well, what do you usually do, boss?”

Chen Mo gave it some thought, “Umm, professional Leggo builder?”

Cool Gust used an impressed emote, “Boss is incredible! I’m thoroughly impressed! You’re fit for a professional builder!”

Lin Xue was struggling to hold back her laughter.

The chat couldn’t hold back either.

“My goodness, Chen Mo the actor is here again!”

“Kill this serial liar!”

“Since when were you a professional builder! Have some dignity!”

“He even said he just thought of it and built it? Rot in hell!”

“I’ve never seen someone so shameless!”

Of course the players in the server didn’t know about this as they were investigating how the house was built.

They gave up after a while as there was no way they could build a similar one given their skill levels.

But upon looking back at the other three houses, nobody wanted to live in them anymore.

“You can use the blueprint for this house. You’ll be able to build one once you gather enough ingredients,” said Chen Mo.

“Huh? Boss will give us the blueprint for this?” exclaimed Cool Gust.

Chen Mo nodded, “Yeah, we’ll just trade one by one.”

Everybody there got riled up upon hearing about the free blueprint, queueing one after another to trade with Chen Mo.

After generating the blueprint for the house, Chen Mo gave everyone there a copy of it.

“Thanks boss! Boss you’re the best!”

With the blueprint in hand, everyone happily started gathering the ingredients to start building. The more Cool Gust looked at the other three houses, the more of an eyesore it was, so much so that Cool Gust decided to take them apart himself.

Everyone became increasingly passionate about the game as they enthusiastically cut down trees. A few hundred metres squared of area was cleared out, and even mined out a huge cave in the side of a mountain.

After gathering the appropriate ingredients, Cool Gust picked an empty piece of land and flattened it.

Afterwards, he took out the blueprint, picked out a suitable area and placed it down.

The blocks seemed to appear out of nowhere as they assembled themselves one after another. The blocks slowly fell out of Cool Gusts inventory, and not long after, an identical two-story building was built.

“Incredible!” Cool Gust hurriedly went into the building, exploring every nook and cranny of it.

When Cool Gust finally came out, he asked Chen Mo, “Boss, do I have your permission to modify this building?”

Chen Mo nodded, “Of course, go ahead. But you can’t generate another blueprint after you make changes, it has to be built from scratch.”

“Alright, thanks so much boss! I’ll need to properly analyse this house!” said Cool Gust.

This little house got many of the players riled up as many of them were looking into how the house was built before trying to build one from scratch themselves.

Chen Mo then said to Lin Xue, “You go ahead, I have to go and check how the players of other servers are doing.”

Lin Xue nodded, “Sure, no problem.”

After exiting his VR pod, Chen Mo left the second floor of the experience store and entered the office.

Qian Kun came forward upon seeing Chen Mo’s arrival.

“Manager, the sales look quite good, we’ve sold more than ten thousand copies!” Qian Kun said enthusiastically.

Chen Mo replied with a “Oh”, “Doesn’t that mean we should start a second server? Keep your eye on it, we might experience more growth down the line.”

“No problem, rest assured, manager.” Qian Kun went back to monitoring the statistics related to the game.

It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since Minecraft was released so many statistics weren’t available yet. But theoretically, it shouldn’t be a problem selling fifteen thousand copies on the first day.

This might not seem like an incredible number as Don’t Starve sold twenty-four thousand copies in the first day, whereas Minecraft sold over one hundred million copies in his previous life.

But upon considering the platform it was on as there were naturally less VR players than mobile for PC, and Minecraft’s miraculous sales in his previous life from selling on PC, mobile, and various consoles.

Whereas Chen Mo currently only had it on VR and was only selling it in China, so it was natural that the sales were on the lower end.

Of course, this number was decent for a VR game. Most importantly, Minecraft was priced quite low, so many who own VR gaming pods wouldn’t even think twice before buying the game.

Chen Mo’s Forbidden City and Old Summer Palace also did a good job of promoting the game.

Chen Mo wasn’t worried either as Minecraft had a long lifespan and was a game that was slow to grow. Only when there was enough participation from players, will the true potential of the game be released.

Chen Mo got to a computer and logged into the backend management terminal to check how the servers were doing.

So far, ten thousand players have filled up the first server. The players were at different corners of the world as they gave it their all in exploration, gathering, and building.

Of course not all ten thousand players will remain. Chen Mo estimated that the world will operate smoothly with around three thousand players.

The world was massive, but the world was just a solar system of eight different planets. All planets combined had about one hundred thousand square kilometers, meaning each planet had around ten thousand square kilometres.

Chen Mo also gave an order to these eight planets. The players would spawn on Earth, which was the third planet.

Ten thousand square kilometres for ten thousand players, meaning each player had one square kilometre. This meant players had one million blocks in terms of area, not to mention the blocks underground. This was more than enough blocks to keep the players occupied.

Of course the players wouldn’t be playing alone, they would most certainly start guilds and work together. It was even more likely that a guild of a hundred people would work together to control a few hundred square kilometres and develop and build in that area.

The status of the players was about the same as what Chen Mo had in mind. There were many bright points on the map, signifying active players.

Players were still gathered around spawn thus far, with a huge gap from spawn to spawn, meaning that different guilds hadn’t met each other yet.

The construction in all guilds was going full steam ahead.

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