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«Almighty Game Designer (Web Novel) - Chapter 247: Online Multiplayer

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Chapter 247: Online Multiplayer

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The two of them spent some more time in the central city.

“Geez these buildings sure do look nice. I want to buy one of them now. Makes me mad to think about the den I built,” said Lin Xue.

“So that really isn’t a tomb then?” asked Chen Mo.

Lin Xue used an ‘angry’ emote, “Get out of here!”

Chen Mo laughed, “Although I really do hope you spend money on the game, but I recommend you hold off on that.”


Chen Mo brought Lin Xue to a rooftop of a tall building that overlooked the city.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy these blueprints. Although it is a feature, I hope that everyone tries to build their own things and experience the joy of creating. The point of the game is lost if you bought everything.”

Lin Xue seemed to have understood that, “Huh, is that so.”

Chen Mo added, “Moreover, you’d still have to gather all the resources once you buy it.”

Lin Xue was shocked, “Huh? But don’t you have infinite resources in creative mode?”

“Sure you have infinite resources in creative mode, but even if you recreate one of these buildings, who would see it? How many others would join your world and look at it?” explained Chen Mo.

Lin Xue took a few seconds to process that, “That does seem to be the case.”

Chen Mo continued, “So if you want to show off a massive building you bought, you best go to a multiplayer server. But it’d take a lot of resources and a lot of gathering to build the building, so it’d be quite difficult to do that alone.

Lin Xue thought for a second, “So it’s best to start a gang on a multiplayer server before buying one of those?”

“… Must you use the word ‘gang’?”

“I understand now!” said Lin Xue, “How about we explore multiplayer mode?”

Chen Mo nodded, “Sure, I’ve been wanting to check how the players are doing anyways.”

The two of them quit Chen Mo’s world and entered ‘Everybody’s World’.

This time, the two of them spawned in a valley surrounded by massive trees with a river =in front of them.

There were quite a few players in this valley, at least thirty to forty players from the looks of it. They were all gathering wood and digging dirt. Some of them already crafted crafting tables and were using them.

Lin Xue looked around and noticed that she didn’t have anything other than the basic axe.

“Huh? How come I have nothing but the axe?” exclaimed Lin Xue.

“Of course,” Chen Mo said looking at her, “Everybody starts from nothing in multiplayer, so everybody should work together.”

Evidently, this valley was where the players spawned. But unlike other online games, there wasn’t even an NPC guiding players in Minecraft, nor were there tasks. The players spawn in this valley surrounded by trees with nothing else in possession.

There were many spawns like this. Chen Mo had set the spawns, terrain, and starting buildings, meaning the players will have to move around when they spawn.

A player named ‘Cool Gust’ walked towards Chen Mo and Lin Xue. He had a pickaxe in hand and appeared to have been mining before this.

“Nice to meet you two. If you guys are new, please join our guild. Strength in numbers. It’d make surviving and growing easier too,” explained Cool Gust.

Lin Xue looked at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo nodded, “Sure, the two of us are newbies, please look after us guildmaster.”

Lin Xue was speechless.

Cool Gust was quite happy, “Alright, I’ll send you a guild invite, just hit accept.”

Chen Mo and Lin Xue both agreed and joined Cool Gust’s guild.

“I’ve also started recently, but I’ve gotten hang of it quite quickly, perhaps it’s because I like these types of building games, ” Cool Gust said passionately.

“We are currently splitting up and having everyone work on something different. You should go gather some wood. You’ll be able to get it by using your axe on a tree. We’ll build a house once we have enough resources.

Lin Xue nodded, “Sure.”

The two of them got their axes out and started hacking away.

Lin Xue noticed as she was chopping down trees that the players had distinct jobs to do in this guild. Some were gathering wood, others gathering cobblestone, there were even some responsible for crafting.

Daytime was much longer in multiplayer mode, but because players couldn’t skip night by sleeping, multiplayer was much more dangerous compared to single player.

But with such a huge group of players, mobs would easily die if everyone hit them once. Danger was just a concept in this case.

Soon, Chen Mo and Lin Xue brought back the huge pile of wood they gathered.

With plenty of cobblestone and wood, Cool Gust decided to start building after some consideration.

“Alright, throw all the things you’ve gathered on the ground, I’ll use them to build the house. Yeah, just throw them there. I plan to build quite a large house on this patch on empty land. Let’s do four houses for now, it’ll be our houses for the time being. I’ll start off and the three of you will try and copy what I do as close as you can.

AFter saying that, Cool Gust and three others started building the house, including Chen Mo.

“Alright, I’m about the start. I’ll try and go slower, so pay attention and build exactly as I do. Otherwise you guys will have to destroy and rebuild it.”

Cool Gust then started building the house.

Lin Xue couldn’t help but think that players who play a building game like this must have OCD!

Cool Gust was a decent builder. He built a border using cobblestone, then laid down planks, then a wall, then the roof, then windows…

It actually looked quite decent.

Cool Gust wasn’t building too quickly as the others had to follow along. He stopped after every small section and waited for everyone else to catch up.

“It’s wrong here, please redo that.”

“Isn’t this wall one block short? Look.”

Cool Gust’s house looked quite nice despite only being half done.

Cool Gust was walking along and pointing out mistakes.

But he was utterly shocked at the last house.

“W-what is this!”

It was an incredibly beautiful wooden double-story house. Moreover, it wasn’t just hanging in the air as it even had supporting beams. The was also a proper set of stairs to the upper floor.

There were guardrails on every single window with a pointed roof, skylights and a chimney, and an incredibly beautiful french window in the middle.

Cool Gust felt that his build was an eyesore compared to this!

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