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«Almighty Game Designer (Web Novel) - Chapter 246: Prices of Buildings

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Chapter 246: Prices of Buildings

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Lin Xue and Chen Mo were on their Crystal Dragons exploring the different areas.

Stormwind City, Lordaeron Ruins, Tristram Cathedral…

Forbidden City, Old Summer Palace, Yellow Crane Tower…

Lin Xue was utterly shocked as they looked at the various builds.

Lin Xue was still most interested in Stormwind City and Lordaeron Ruins as these two areas had a lot of records in the world of Azeroth, yet there wasn’t anything resembling a floor plan, so the players could only imagine what it looked like.

But here, Lin Xue could have a bird’s eye view of Stormwind City from her crystal dragon, giving her a view of the structure of the entire city.

Business District, the old city, Wizard area, Stormwind Fortress… All of Stormwind City was split clearly into different areas with different styles in each area. From the sky, the entire city looked incredibly complete.

Lin Xue also walked around in the city and even found the Auctioneer in the Auction House in the trading district. There were many guards patrolling in the city as well. There was so much detail she couldn’t help but give Chen Mo a like.

Lordaeron Ruins were also incredibly well done. Lin Xue managed to find the throne where Arthas killed his father just like what happened in the cinematic among the ruins.

Moreover, there was a huge underground city beneath Lordaeron Ruins. According to Chen Mo, this was known as the Undercity, occupied by the source after Sylvanas took over the city by leading the Forsaken, and was now one of the main cities of the Scourge.

Lin Xue’s viewers were also utterly shocked,

My goodness, Chen Mo built all of Stormwind City in game? Lordaeron Ruins too!”

“Those sculptures are amazing!”

“I didn’t really care about the Forbidden City as it’s a building in real life as reference, but building Stormwind City is insane, it’s all from his imagination!”

“My goodness, this game sure is worth it. It’s like buy one get N free, just look at how detailed the buildings are!”

“That’s amazing. Will I be able to do the same if I play this game?”

“From Xue’s performance, I have my doubts…”

“Man I really want to play it now. Alright, I’m buying the game!”

After going through the Western and Ancient buildings, the two of them returned to the central city, which was also the largest, modern city.

The city looked exactly like a real city from afar. You could tell the pixelated nature of the game leaving its marks on some of the rounded buildings, but the rectangular buildings looked exactly like real life.

With the excellent lights and shadows, Lin Xue would sometimes confuse herself thinking it was real life.

What was even more impressive was placements of the buildings which made logical sense. Bridges, rails, gardens, commercial areas, and many landmark buildings were all well placed.

Moreover, Lin Xue even noticed signs when she was walking, noting the street names or area nme.

She also noticed that all the buildings she entered were fully furnished, with a distinct difference in decor from floor to floor.

Moreover, there were obviously more players in the central city. Lin Xue noticed that there were many players in the sky as well as on foot taking in the city from a more normal angle.

And in VR mode, players could freely chat to one another, and there was a lot of discussion among players.

“My goodness, it’s insane that someone built this!”

“I found a railway line too, there were even interchanges!”

“I went up the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Although it’s not at the same scale, it looks exactly the same on the outside!”

“Have you guys been to the other areas?”

“We haven’t gotten to that yet as this is huge, it’d take so long to fly there. Who know how long Chen Mo spent on this.”

“Hmm? Aren’t those the two rich players riding the crystal dragon? Ask them where they got it!”

A few players gathered around them.

“Excuse me, could you tell us where you got your dragons, did you buy it using money?” someone asked.

Chen Mo replied right as Lin Xue was about to answer, “Yeah we bought it, you can buy them at the three smaller areas down south. Moreover, everything here can be bought as long as you guys have the money.”

As Chen Mo hid his ID in game, none of them could tell who he was.

The players were shocked, “EVerything can be bought?”

Chen Mo nodded, “Yeah everything.”

He then pointed at the tower next to him, “If you scan the tower, you’ll get its blueprint if you fork out money. Then with enough resources in singleplayer or multiplayer, you’ll be able to recreate this according to the blueprint.”

The players were shocked to learn that.

“Doesn’t that mean if we had the blueprint for Forbidden City, we’ll be able to build one in online mode?”

Chen Mo nodded, “Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s incredible, let’s see… my goodness the blueprint for the tower is forty RMB!”

“What about the lamp. Oh, one RMB.”

“What about the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The TV tower is really expensive, it costs one hundred and eighty RMB.”

As though discovering a whole new world, the players scrambled to check the prices of various buildings.

There was one player who stayed back, “This lamp doesn’t look too complicated and yet it costs one RMB. What if I built it myself?”

“It wouldn’t cost anything if you built it yourself. You could sell your own blueprints for money too.” replied Chen Mo.

The player got really excited, “I can do that? The buildings I built can be sold for cash? My goodness, I just discovered a great way to make money. I’ll be off to singleplayer then!”

After all the players were gone, Lin Xue asked, “Manager, I have a question. Aren’t you afraid that the players are going to resell the blueprints after buying your’s?”

“Resell? Impossible.”

“Anything that was built from a blueprint cannot be resold as a blueprint. For example, if you bought Oriental Pearl TV Tower, changed some of the interior and added some decor, it’s impossible to resell that.

“You can’t sell your build if it contains a single piece of item that was recreated using blueprints. Unless you swapped out every single block, but that’d take a lot of effort. You’d be better off building a new building with that energy.”

“Is that so. You’ve really thought of everything haven’t you, manager.”

Chen Mo said, full of himself, “Of course, I’m a professional designer afterall, how could something like this get past me? It had to do with profit no less.”

“You’re only thinking that far when it has to do with profits then!”

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