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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 2731 Madman

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Chapter 2731 Madman

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How long could three days be?

More importantly, there was not much time that could be wasted here. If it took a long time, what if Hysteria's troops attacked? That would not be fun.

After Ling Han made some slight adjustments, he arrived at the venue for the tournament.

Because the rules this time round were different, it naturally could no longer be conducted outside the city wall. Instead, a Heavenly Venerate had taken out a Heavenly Venerate Tool, and the battles would be conducted after everyone entered into this Heavenly Venerate Tool.

A Heavenly Venerate Tool naturally could withstand the mad barrage from battles between Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates. Merely in terms of toughness, it would have to be a Sixth Tier Heavenly Venerate at least that could truly damage a Heavenly Venerate Tool.

The 16 contenders arrived, one after another.

If Ling Han was counted as well, there were as many as six rookies this time round. The other 10 were all elites on the recent leaderboard, and they all ranked in the top 20.

However, after the previous battles, everyone no longer had such an optimistic idea about them, and thought that this was a world that belonged to the rookies.

“You guys, do you think the sudden change in the tournament is to restrain the rise of the rookies?”

There were also a great many people who had come to watch. They whispered among themselves, and were also discussing the abrupt change in rules.

“It is very possible.”

“If it is a one-on-one battle, it is possible that the top three spots will all be claimed by rookies.”

“Now that the rules have changed, it is possible that the rookies will be expelled by the combined forces of the veterans one after another.”

“That's right. Firstly, the rookies are unfamiliar with one another, so it is very difficult for them to work together. Secondly, even if the rookies were willing to cooperate, in terms of numbers, they would also be at an absolute disadvantage.”

“Hence, it is possible that the rookies will all be wiped out of the tournament in the first few days.”

Just when everyone was conversing, a Heavenly Venerate appeared, and announced solemnly, “The 16 tournament participants, you may all enter.”

Ling Han and the others thus entered into the Heavenly Venerate Tool one after another. For the majority, this was nothing unfamiliar. They definitely had a Heavenly-Venerable-Tier elite supporting them, so they would definitely have come in contact with Heavenly Venerate Tools before.

This was a barren space, very much like the depths of the galaxy. There was nothing here, yet 15 chairs appeared abruptly here now, every chair set far apart from the others.

Additionally, there was also a giant hourglass, but the sand inside had not started flowing yet.

Clearly, when the hourglass moved, the battles would begin. When the sand in the hourglass finished flowing, that day would end. The person who had not managed to get a seat could only withdraw from the tournament in dejection.

Just when the 16 people were still observing, the hourglass moved.

The tournament… had already begun!

“Hehe.” As expected, the 10 veterans stood together, sizing up the six rookies.

Clearly, after they had found out the present rules of the tournament, they already kept each other informed, and reached a mutual agreement: to eliminate the rookies from the tournament first.

Ling Han had not been informed, so he naturally had been rejected.

“Will you guys leave of your own volition, or do you choose to be expelled by our combined forces?” one of the veterans asked.

“Nothing but a bunch of pushovers, you think you are worthy of acting insolent in front of me?” Wu Haoyang stepped out, his pride soaring sky-high. “I alone can deal with all of you together.”

“How dare you!!”


The veterans all shouted angrily. All of them had powerful backgrounds; they were the descendants of either Third Tier or Fourth Tier Heavenly Venerates.

“Haha, just see how I will sweep all of you aside, trash!” Wu Haoyang took the initiative to charge out. Weng! His whole body glowed, and could no longer be seen clearly. Xiu! He made a move on the veterans, countless beams of light shooting out simultaneously.

This guy was really very arrogant; he really had challenged 10 Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates all by himself.

It should be known that these 10 people were all elites on the recent leaderboard. Who among them was not a prodigy among prodigies?

But Wu Haoyang ignored all that, and charged over decisively, challenging the 10 great elites all by himself.

“What arrogance!!” the 10 great elites all roared in fury, each of them moving to strike out at Wu Haoyang.

This was the inside of a Heavenly Venerate Tool, and every single movement would be genuinely recorded by the Heavenly Venerate Tool, and would then be replayed outside. Hence, the spectators could all see this suicide-like action from Wu Haoyang.

“This guy… he's mad!”

“Those are 10 Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates, and all of them are super elites that could possibly break through in the next very instant. One is already hard to deal with, and it will mean definite defeat to fight two at the same time, what more when there are 10 of them.”

“Six against 10, there may be just a little bit of chance. This guy has cast aside the rest of the group; he is merely committing suicide.”

Everyone shook their head. This young man truly had freakish talent, possessing strength that could match Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier when he was only a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, but it was also due to this that he had become too arrogant, and actually dared to act so recklessly.

If one was too self-centered, he would definitely suffer in the future.

Ling Han's eyes were also narrowed slightly. Could it be that Wu Haoyang had the same physique as he did? Otherwise, how could he dare to fight all 10 of them alone?

The results were soon out.

Wu Haoyang did not have a super strong physique, but he turned into a streak of light. He had really become untouchable by any attack, and would not be harmed by any power. The attacks delivered by the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates could not even touch him, so what damage could there be?

But Wu Haoyang's attacks were extremely domineering. As his hands threw out blasts, streaks of light blinded the eyes. In fact, they could even directly enter into the mind, and inflict damage on the spirit itself.

This was very frightening, and all the 10 great elites grunted. Due to them being off guard, they suffered a slight loss.

Through just this exchange, Wu Haoyang could be proud of himself.

A Ninth Heaven Celestial King faced 10 peak-stage Pseudo Heavenly Venerates, yet it was he that had taken the upper hand. This was practically a strange phenomenon that had never been seen before.

“Too amazing!”

“Why has such a powerful man never been heard of before?”

“Could it be that he will be creating a miracle?”

Everyone was exclaiming in shock, and even Ling Han was slightly surprised, feeling moved by Wu Haoyang's strength.

Wu Haoyang followed up on his advantage. He attacked relentlessly, blasting out majestic light continuously. This possessed frightening destructive power, and even the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates were slightly worn out from parrying, no longer able to form an effective, collaborated offensive.

Merely from this angle, Wu Haoyang was really strong; he alone beat down on 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates so hard that they were forced to fight alone.

They had no choice but to temporarily retreat, leaving the scope of attack for Wu Haoyang. Then, after a slight pause, they all used various Heavenly Venerate Techniques, which surged forward to counter Wu Haoyang.

“The power of ants!” Wu Haoyang laughed madly. He was still unafraid, and aggressively charged forwards to meet this offense.

His body was extremely strange. Even the Heavenly Venerate Techniques used by the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates could not touch him; they could only suffer under his mad barrage of attacks.

Not only did this shock and confuse the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates, the spectators outside were also grasping their heads and exclaiming at how inconceivable this was. Even Ling Han and the other rookies couldn't help but frown, because eventually they themselves would have to face Wu Haoyang.

If it was them, how would they neutralize this situation?

Ling Han was also asking himself mentally: how could Wu Haoyang be so strong?

Firstly, he had to have used one of the six fundamental powers of the Genesis World to temper his body, and only that could allow him to possess Pseudo-Heavenly-Venerable-Tier battle prowess when he himself was only a Ninth Heaven Celestial King.

Secondly, this cultivation technique that he was using was extremely unique, allowing him to ignore even Heavenly Venerate Techniques.

Ling Han closed his eyes, and analyzed this carefully.

After a while, he came up with a deduction.

…Perhaps, Wu Haoyang could draw upon and use Void Particle Energy or a similar energy. It was superior to that unique power of the Flaming Frost Realm.

Precisely because this kind of energy was unleashing its might, even the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates could not succeed in their attacks.

As for why Wu Haoyang could use the power that only Heavenly Venerates could use, that was something that only he knew.

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