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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 1355 Who would be doing the kidnapping?

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Chapter 1355 Who would be doing the kidnapping?

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Ling Han did not mind the minor squabbles among his disciples. He knew that Chen Ruijing and the others would definitely act appropriately.

Knock, knock, knock. Not too long later, a knock sounded on the door. A waiter pushed open the doors and walked in, his expression filled with respect. “Guests, the young miss of the Li Clan would like to see all of you.”

In Gathering Wind City, the Li, Lin, and Situ Clan were all the first-rate aristocrats, and in the hearts of all citizens, they were supreme gods. Now that the young miss of the Li Clan wanted to see Ling Han and his group, it naturally caused him to feel suffocated.

Yet Ling Han merely smiled, and answered, “Oh, we have a guest. Then just invite her over.”

The waiter instantly paled in shock, and exclaimed, “Sir, that is the young miss of the Li Clan!”

“I know, you mentioned it,” Ling Han said, smiling.

The waiter’s face was filled with astonishment. Could it be that this person had gall bladder of the True Dragon[1]? He actually dared to ask the young miss to come and see him.

He paused for a moment, and then said, “Sir, you might not know, but the Li Clan is one of the most powerful great clans of this city, and the ancestor of the Li Clan is one of the numbered few elites of this world. He is practically invincible!”

His worldview was limited, after all. In the eyes of this waiter, the ancestors of the three great clans were probably the strongest people in the world aside from the Crimson Flame Emperor.

Ling Han involuntarily laughed. He would not argue with someone who was less knowledgeable. “You can just say it as it is. I trust that the young miss of the Li Clan would not make things difficult for you,” he said with a smile.

The waiter was helpless; he could only turn around and left.

After a while, footsteps were heard once more. The waiter led the way in, and a graceful beauty followed behind him. She was exuberant with heroic spirit, and had a strong confidence in herself.

It was the Young Miss of the Li Clan, Li Ruotong.

“You may leave,” Li Ruotong said to the waiter, as natural as if she was the true owner of this place.

“Yes!” the waiter answered respectfully.

Li Ruotong turned around to look at Ling Han, and asked, “Are you the leader of these people?”

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Some of them are my disciples, and some are my brothers. What is it? Is this any business of yours?”

Li Ruotong looked at Ding Ping, and said, “Our Li Clan wants to take this young man in!”

“He is my disciple,” Ling Han said.

“If he goes to our Li Clan, he will definitely have better prospects and development in future,” Li Ruotong emphasized.

“Oh, are you so confident in yourself?” Ling Han asked smilingly.

“He has cultivated to the pinnacle level. In the whole Immortal Realm, he is extremely extraordinary, and you will not be able to teach him!” Li Ruotong argued strongly.

“I am not able to teach him, and your Li Clan will be able to?” Ling Han did not get angry.

Li Ruotong revealed an expression of pride. “The ancestor of our Li Clan is a being in the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier. His experience is evident. Furthermore, our Li Clan has abundant resources, and this is something that you are completely unable to supply.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh loudly, and said, “Now that we’re on this subject, have you all prepared the billion True Origin Stones that you owe?”

Li Ruotong’s imposing manner instantly declined. She had forgotten that this was also their creditor!

No, no, the creditor was Ding Ping, and not this person!

Her beautiful eyes blinked, and she said, “Do you mind if I speak a few words with your disciple alone, Sir?”

“As long as the brat agrees, I will not mind, of course,” Ling Han said.

Li Ruotong was filled with confidence. With her charms and eloquence, how could it be that she would not be able to convince Ding Ping?

She tugged on Ding Ping, and walked out the doors.

Chen Ruijing hurriedly approached and asked Ling Han, “Master, this woman is obviously here to kidnap him. How could you so easily allow Fifth Junior Brother to leave with her?”

“That’s right. She is obviously a man-eating tiger, and Fifth Junior Brother is young and rash. He is just a young man who has never experienced the tests of the affairs of the heart. Sigh, Master, you are now really going to lose both your disciple and money,” Jiang Yuefeng said.

The atmosphere among the master and disciples had always been so harmonious. Ling Han would not put on any airs as their master, and the four disciples would also do as they willed. However, this did not mean that they respected Ling Han any less.

“That’s right. Fifth Junior Brother as well as the wager of a billion, if this woman manages to kidnap Fifth Junior Brother into the Li Clan, wouldn’t this billion True Origin Stones then become a betrothal gift?” Kang Xiuyuan smacked his thigh as if he had just realized the fact.

“This woman… she’s so devious!” The four disciples all came to the same conclusion.

“They all are really blind. Why do they all not take notice of Grandpa Ginseng?” The old ginseng was both defiant and displeased. He was so nutritious. Just by “spraying” a little essence, it would be able to extend someone’s life, and grant a mad boost to their cultivation level. Why was he so disliked?

He could not understand even after much thinking, and could only take this as fact that these women all had really poor eyes.

“Grandpa Ginseng, let’s go and screw someone over!” Jiang Qiaoling ran over, and she grabbed the old ginseng’s beard with one hand, whereas her other hand was dragging Rabbit. Presently, this trio was in their element. Two troublemakers together with someone fearless who loved getting in trouble were making trouble in Gathering Wind City every single day.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “That may not be the case. Who knows, you all may get a junior sister-in-law.”

Jiang Yuefeng had no confidence, and said, “If I had known, I should have taught Fifth Junior Brother a few tricks. With the secret techniques of courting women of my Jiang Clan, I guarantee any woman and girl would immediately fall easily for his charms!”

“Is that right, Yuefeng?” Chen Di asked gently from behind him.

Jiang Yuefeng knew that he had had a slip of the tongue, and quickly winked at his three senior brothers, hoping that they could speak up on his behalf.

But who would really interfere in this kind of matter? Chen Ruijing and the others only acted like they had seen nothing.

“Are you really sure?” Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden asked Ling Han.

“Hey, don’t look at how that brat, Ding Ping, looks so honest and innocent. In truth, he is extremely crafty, and can really put on a deception of being weak and devour a stronger opponent!” Ling Han smiled, shaking his head. “That little girl from the Li Clan is destined to lose both wealth and herself!”

However, Ding Ping did not return that night. He did not return on the second day, and even on the third day, he was not back, either. This caused Chen Ruijing and the others to shake their heads repeatedly, saying that their master had miscalculated. Now, their Fifth Junior Brother must have fallen into the trap of love in the Li Clan, and could no longer remove himself.

Fortunately, even though their Fifth Junior Brother was going to take his wife’s name and become a son-in-law of the Li Clan, they had added a Sixth Junior Brother to their number. One left and one joined, so there was no loss.

But by the fourth day, Ding Ping brought Li Ruotong with him and returned. Looking at the way the two were walking, it was absolutely evident that the two of them were now a couple. Subconsciously, their fingers would touch and their shoulders would come into contact, showing clearly the sweet feelings between them.

Looking at this scene, even Jiang Yuefeng was dumbstruck. This Fifth Junior Brother was too awesome, wasn’t he? In a short three days’ time, he had dealt with the prized daughter of the Li Clan.

What a saint of love!

Ding Ping did not just bring a beautiful wife back; he also brought as many as a billion True Origin Stones back as well.

As it turned out, he had been socializing, with the accompaniment of Li Ruotong, among the three great clans, and finally managed to gather the billion True Origin Stones in the last three days. Thus, after obtaining this astronomical wealth, he immediately brought Li Ruotong back with him.

Such a huge sum was really a headache. Putting aside those minor characters, it was even possible that members of the three great clans would be tempted.


Right at this moment, a huge sound was heard. Going by Ling Han’s experience, he judged that someone must have damaged the door and walls.

“Ding Ping, come out!” someone called out loudly.

The group went out, and saw that the main doors and wall of the inn had indeed disappeared. There was a blue-skinned young man standing at the entrance, and anger was exuding from all over his body. It affected the space, and caused even the air to warp.

Situ Lin!

[1] Basically, when someone says they have eaten the gall bladder of a fierce animal, they have gotten abnormal courage from what they consumed.

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