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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 1354 Jiuyao takes a master

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Chapter 1354 Jiuyao takes a master

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Ding Ping and Jiuyao were locked in an intense battle.

Ding Ping was at an obvious advantage in terms of cultivation level. It was equivalent to having left the range of the Mountain River Tier, but he had not yet reached the peak stage of the pinnacle level, and so could not possibly advance to the Sun Moon Tier. He was thus in between the two cultivation levels.

However, though Jiuyao was inferior in cultivation level, he himself was definitely a six-star genius, and there was only a gap of two stars between him and Ding Ping. However, he still had the aid of nine Demonic Beasts, which were sufficient to close in the gap of a single star, and added with the fact that these Demonic Beasts were all immortal, he was naturally even harder to deal with.

Additionally, Jiuyao himself could also turn into mist, and could not be harmed with brute force, which made his battle prowess appear even stronger and more bizarre.

However, turning himself into mist was obviously a very big burden on him as well. Not too long later, his complexion had become even paler, but the bloodthirst in his eyes had become even stronger.

This was a natural talent, just like how Ding Ping could exhibit strength that surpassed his cultivation level. However, it could not be used indefinitely.

In comparison, Jiuyao seemed to be even more frightening as not only could he turn his body into mist, he could also summon shadows of Demonic Beasts to battle for him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two fought furiously. Ding Ping had practically gone into a battle frenzy, and used his unique ability as well. With this, even Jiuyao would not be able to endure.

His ability of turning into mist was not omnipotent!

When power had reached a certain extent, his ability of turning into mist would not be able to completely dispel the force. As the punch landed, the aftermath spread out, causing his whole body to be completely chaotic. Though he could still recover, he was still throwing up blood continuously.

Ling Han nodded. If it was an ability that allowed him to be unharmed by any kind of force, this ability would be a bit too freakish, wouldn’t it?

From a certain aspect, the heavens were just. There would definitely not be a technique that could not be dispelled.

Ding Ping showed his might, and as punch after punch landed, Jiuyao continuously stepped back, throwing up copious amounts of blood. In the end, he could only choose to admit defeat.

“You… have cultivated to the pinnacle level?” Jiuyao stared at Ding Ping. There was no dejected expression on his face from having lost a battle, and he appeared extremely calm. Even that bloodthirst in his expression had lessened considerably.

“That’s right.” Ding Ping nodded, and then added, “If our cultivation levels were the same, I would not have the confidence to win our fight.”

“I would!” Jiuyao exclaimed decisively.

Ding Ping’s expresion involuntarily darkened. ‘You are a little too f****** immodest, aren’t you?’ He did not act reserved, either, and said, “The unfortunate fact is that you could not possibly advance into the pinnacle level, and in future, you will always be one cultivation level lower than I. In a battle of equals, you will definitely lose!”

Jiuyao became silent. After a while, he asked, “How did you cultivate to the pinnacle level?”

Was this guy an idiot?

Ding Ping was astonished. How many people in the Immortal Realm had actually cultivated to the pinnacle level? The number was most probably even smaller than the number of Eternal River Tiers. Thus, this naturally was a great secret. You and I had just fought a battle; was it really appropriate for you to ask a question like this outright?

But Ding Ping soon understood. Though this Jiuyao’s killing intent was sky-high, he himself was like a blank piece of paper, and had completely no understanding of the ways of the world. Thus, he would naturally ask whatever he thought of asking, and would make no attempt to disguise his intentions.

He thought for a moment, and then said, “My master has given me considerable guidance, and added with the fact that I myself am no idiot, I finally broke open the door to the pinnacle level.”

Jiuyao raised his head and asked, “Who is your master?” His eyes were bright as if he had found his life goal in that moment.

“There.” Ding Ping pointed in the direction of Ling Han.

Jiuyao looked over, and after staring at Ling Han for a while, his whole head of hair suddenly stood on ends. His whole body was covered in goosebumps as if he had encountered a dangerous wild beast. He involuntarily put on this kind of defensive posture.

“This person… is very strong!” he said.

“My master will definitely be the strongest elite in the world one day!” Ding Ping said with complete confidence.

“Cough!” At this moment, someone gave a cough and interrupted the conversation between them. It was the commentator of the tournament. “In this battle, Ding Ping has won! Let us cheer for our new champion; this is the second champion that has emerged in these 70,000 years!”

Yet Ding Ping was completely indifferent. This was only one of the cities of the Great Crimson Sun Imperial Empire; how many such places existed in the whole Immortal Realm? His goal was the entire universe!

“Where is my winning stakes?” he urged. This was his master’s command.

“Please wait a while. Because the amount is huge, it cannot be gathered in a short amount of time.” The commentator wiped away his cold sweat. That was a billion True Origin Stones; it was really too shocking an amount.

However, would this brat dare to walk out of this city again in future?

Bringing such an astronomical amount of funds with him, who would not be tempted?

Even if this brat was invincible in the tournament, and had done something that had never been accomplished in these 70,000 years, he was only in the Mountain River Tier, after all. Any random Sun Moon Tier would be able to overwhelm him easily, what more when this Gathering Wind City possessed Heavenly Body Tier elites!

“Then quickly send it over.” After Ding Ping tossed out such words, he stepped out of the tournament grounds.

Ling Han and the others also returned to the inn. Ding Ping had not received the winning stakes yet, so it was naturally meaningless for them to continue to join the tournament grounds and battle. Furthermore, they were also embarrassingly short of money at present. They only had those few True Origin Stones, now used for cultivation and to pay for the rental fees for their rooms.

If they only gambled a few True Origin Stones, even if they won a thousandfold of their stake, how much would that be?

“Yi?” Ling Han’s senses were very sharp, and he couldn’t help but smile.

“What is it?” Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden asked.

“We will have a guest later.”

True enough, they had not sat down for a very long time in the inn when they saw a person come and pay them a visit. The terrifying aura that he was exuding instantly scared a great number of customers in the inn witless, and they almost fainted in fear.


“I want to take you as my master.” Jiuyao got right to the point. He was so blunt as if he had no idea to speak in a roundabout manner.

Ling Han involuntarily smiled, and asked, “Why should I take you as disciple?”

Jiuyao was stunned for while, then seriously thought over the matter, and replied, “I can kill for you.”


Ling Han was speechless in spite of himself. This youth’s killing intent was too heavy. However, Jiuyao was indeed a promising talent. Even if he was inferior to Ding Ping by two stars, he could match him. His future achievements would definitely not be inferior to Ding Ping’s.

Furthermore, though Jiuyao was a little bloodthirsty, he was a completely blank piece of paper in terms of personality. He could still be slowly taught so that he would not be willfully killing the innocent.

“If you want to take me as master, the first thing that you have to adhere to is not to easily commit murder!” Ling Han said solemnly.

Jiuyao thought for a moment, and then nodded. He directly knelt and bowed three times. “Your disciple, Jiuyao, greets you, Master!”

‘That was a little too fast, wasn’t it? I only said that “if you want to take me as master”, I haven’t even agreed yet!’

Ling Han sighed. This disciple might be a little too inflexible! However, this was also a rare merit. There were already very, very few people who were so honest and frank in this world.

“All right, from today onwards, you will be my sixth disciple.”

“Congratulations, Master! Congratulations, Sixth Junior Brother!” Chen Ruijing and the others all congratulated.

Jiuyao looked at Chen Ruijing and the others, and couldn’t help but shake his head. He asked, “Why are you all so weak?” His face was filled with curiosity. They were obviously his senior brothers, but why were they not strong enough?

The expressions of Chen Ruijing and the others darkened involuntarily. How could this little junior brother of theirs speak so bluntly?

“I say, Sixth Junior Brother, anyone of us can easily suppress you with a single finger, and you still dare call us weak?” Jiang Yuefeng teased, smiling. He himself was also a prodigy, so he was naturally displeased.

“In a battle of equals, even if you all attacked together, you would not be a match for me,” Jiuyao said calmly, without the slightest bit of smugness, as if he was just stating a common, ordinary fact.

Damn him!

Chen Ruijing and the others were all gritting their teeth. They felt that there was a need to teach this little junior brother of theirs what showing respect to his senior brothers meant.

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