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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 2732 Invincible?

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Chapter 2732 Invincible?

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This kind of scene was really unforgettable.

A Ninth Heaven Celestial King had unleashed his divine might, and actually beat down on 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates so hard that they could only parry.

What kind of monster was this?

Even Ling Han felt an urge to mock this, though it was usually others that would be calling him a monster.

Wu Haoyang was not the type that would only rely on his natural talent. He was arrogant, but he was not dumb at all. He focused his attack on one single Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, and no matter how the others attacked him, he ignored it. There was no way he could be wounded at all.

And various Heavenly Venerate Techniques were channeled with his hands, very soon crippling that Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, who lost all ability to continue.

Wu Haoyang chuckled, and set his eyes on another Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate.

It was just less than half a day's time, and there were five Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates that were inflicted with serious injuries, unable to continue the battle.

Everyone was shocked, not daring to believe this at all.

If it was claimed that Wu Haoyang had mastered a Heavenly Venerate Technique, how could it be that the others had not? Furthermore, why could he maintain this state constantly, and no force could wound him at all?

This was too weird!

This was equivalent to cheating; how could others possibly defeat him?

It should be known that Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates were ultimately not Heavenly Venerates, so they could not possibly use a Heavenly Venerate Technique all the time, but Wu Haoyang had broken this fixed rule, and created a miracle.

“Is this really a Ninth Heaven Celestial King? Are you sure that this is not a disguised Heavenly Venerate?” Everyone was starting to doubt this.

This was too abnormal.

“Hehe, if you guys knew whom he is descended from, you would not have such doubts,” the Heavenly Venerate that was overseeing the battle said calmly.

Everyone couldn't help but turn their eyes towards him.

That Heavenly Venerate smiled. “His surname is Wu. Just think, what other mighty figure has the surname of Wu?”

Wu? Wu? Wu?

After thinking for a while, some people couldn't help but look astonished.

There were a good number of Heavenly Venerates with the surname Wu, but there should only be one that could request a spot of participation, and could also be considered a powerful figure.

Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate, Wu Zhihong!

If Wu Haoyang was the descendant of a Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate, then it was understandable. That was because a Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate was omnipotent, so what would nurturing a freak be worth?

The sixth, the seventh, the eighth. The day had not passed when the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates had all been defeated one after another, losing all ability to battle.

Wu Haoyang stood proudly, showing invincible might.

The eyes of those female cultivators outside were all shining brilliantly, their owners wanting nothing more than to rush inside so they could pounce on Wu Haoyang.

Whether it was Wu Haoyang's own strength or his background, they were enough to make him someone who would be sought after by many. This was the kind of dream husband that all women fantasized about.

At that moment, everyone was quiet, seemingly to show respect to Wu Haoyang.

Wu Haoyang showed a proud grin. In his eyes, this was just a matter of course. He was a man that would eventually pull the two supreme freaks, Lin Youlian and Xin Qihu, off their high horse. All others would be mediocre, and were completely below his notice.

He directly walked to one of the chairs, and then took a seat.

Ling Han and the others all had varying thoughts on their minds, but they each found a place and sat down.

The day had passed, and not one of the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates stood back up. All of them were eliminated from the tournament.

Who would have anticipated this result?

They had thought that with the joined forces of the 10 great Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates, it would definitely have been the rookies that would all have been eliminated. They had not thought that they would all have been defeated by a supreme freak instead.

After this battle, Wu Haoyang's name shot sky-high, no other capable of matching him.

…Even despite Ling Han's previous battle, which was a confrontation against more than 20 Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates. But firstly, out of these Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates, only He Yufeng alone had his name on the recent leaderboard, and he was only ranked in the eight hundreds to nine hundreds, so how could he compare to these 10 people?

Additionally, Wu Haoyang had defeated these people, unlike Ling Han, whom those Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates just couldn't harm.

With such a comparison, it was naturally Wu Haoyang that would seem stronger.

Ling Han returned. The Empress, the Rain Emperor, the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable, and the large black dog had all come, and they were all discussing Wu Haoyang.

“This is unfathomable strength.”

“Though Heavenborn had a body of Divine Metal, a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate would be enough to restrain him, and should they use a Heavenly Venerate Technique, they would be able to deal him serious injury. But Wu Haoyang is completely unaffected by any force, and cannot be injured by any power. How could there be such a monster?”

“Could it be that he is nurtured from the Flaming Frost Realm itself?”

“No, I heard that he is the descendant of a Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate.”

The Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable pondered for a moment. “I think that this should be related to that Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate. Otherwise, even if this man can now communicate with the fundamental power of the Genesis World, it is still not possible that he can possess such divine might.”

Ling Han and the others nodded as well. This deduction was more logical.

“I'll find a chance to battle him tomorrow, and I will be able to gain a more subjective understanding of him,” Ling Han said.

“Little Han, that's not appropriate, is it?” the large black dog hurriedly asked. “In any case, there is the Seven Deaths Seven Explosions Pill. With your strength, obtaining one of those pills naturally is an easy matter. What need is there for you to battle so soon with Wu Haoyang?”

He persuaded, “It would be better for you to wait until you have obtained the prize, and then spar with him.”

Even the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable expressed agreement. He was very confident in Ling Han's strength, but Wu Haoyang was really too powerful. There was really no need to battle with him now.

Ling Han could not hold up against their persuasion, so he could only agree to maintain a low profile, and obtain the prize first.

It was the second time for the tournament to continue, but 10 chairs had been withdrawn directly.

Six people were left to contend for five seats.

They entered into the Heavenly Venerate Tool one after another, and stood more than 50 km away from each other.

“I really had not expected that 10 people would've been eliminated in a single stroke yesterday.”

“This kind of unexpected result is what is exciting.”

“Ha, would there be three people directly eliminated today, and the final three would be produced?”

“It is possible.”

Outside, everyone was chatting spiritedly. Going by Wu Haoyang's personality, he definitely would not be playing by the rules this time round, either.

The hourglass moved, and the tournament had begun.

Wu Haoyang crossed his arms behind his back. “All of you, get out!”


Everyone was dazed upon hearing this. He had defeated 10 veterans all by himself yesterday, and today he wanted to clash against all the other rookies. Were you planning to make yourself a public enemy?

This guy was indeed unwilling to behave, and he was even more extreme this time. If Ling Han and the others all forfeited, there would not be any top three, and he would be the only victor.

Shouldn't those three Seven Deaths Seven Explosions Pills be given to him then?

It could not be denied that though Wu Haoyang was arrogant in his manner of doing things, he was not the slightest bit foolish. See, hadn't he created a chance for himself to be able to take the prizes of the top three all for himself?

Was this not clever? Was this not innovative enough?

“Wu Haoyang, you really think that you are strong to the point of being invincible?” Qi Changjun spoke, his muscles protruding strongly, exuding an astonishing feeling of strength. It seemed like once blood started flowing, even the stars would be struck down.

“Stop spouting nonsense. If you guys will not scram on your own, I will give you guys a hand!” Wu Haoyang declared impatiently. He was sure that if he had three Seven Deaths Seven Explosions Pills, then not only would he be able to advance to the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier, he would be able to forge onwards a great distance from there.

His targets were Lin Youlian and Xin Qihu, and he was frantically trying to catch up to the two of them and then defeat them so he could announce to the world that only he was the strongest prodigy in the entire Genesis World, and it was only he that would be able to defeat Hysteria in the future.

He had no time to waste with these so-called prodigies; they were not worthy of his time at all.

“Then, we can only settle this on the battlefield!” Zhu Yan said coldly, her aloof and icy demeanor even more apparent.

Everyone was prepared to make their move. It was not just Wu Haoyang; it was possible that the others would also become their enemies.

“Bunch of stubborn idiots!” Wu Haoyang charged out aggressively.

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