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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 1768: Humiliation

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Chapter 1768: Humiliation

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This was an extremely arrogant young man, and he was blocking Mao Dai’s path into the Heavenly Dragon Academy. If Mao Dai wanted to enter, he would have to crawl through this young man’s legs.

However, who was Mao Dai?

He was a prodigy, and he was a third severance grand elder! So, how could he endure such humiliation?

However, this was the Fu Clan’s territory, and Mao Dai had only just arrived here. Thus, he couldn’t rashly engage in battle. As such, he could only use reason to try to talk his way through. As long as he could resolve this with words, he definitely wouldn’t engage in physical battle.

“Sir, have I offended you in any way?” Mao Dai asked in a solemn voice. Because he was entering the academy, he was by himself at this moment. Otherwise, as young and energetic as Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu were, they would have definitely exploded in anger already.

“Hahahaha!” The young man laughed wantonly, and there was an expression of disdain on his face. “Is trash like you worthy of offending me?”

Mao Dai was even more enraged upon hearing this. However, he forcefully suppressed his anger, and said, “Then why are you making things difficult for me?”

The young man raised his chin, and said, “Because I want to!” His expression was filled with provocation and arrogance.

Upon hearing that, Mao Dai abandoned all hope of resolving this peacefully. This young man was definitely targeting him on purpose. With this in mind, he immediately roared, “Excuse me!”

His right hand shot forward, grabbing at the young man’s wrist. He was going to toss this young man behind him.

“Naive!” the young man said with a sneer. He also replied with an attack of his own.


A ball of flames instantly burst to life in his palm. However, looking closely, this ball of flames was completely different from ordinary flames. It looked like a ball of ghostly flames, and it radiated with an extremely terrifying and chilling aura.

Mao Dai didn’t wait for this attack to hit him, and he immediately stopped his attack before leaping back in retreat. He was as quick and nimble as a rabbit.

“Still trying to escape?” the young man said with a snicker. His hand continued to rapidly shoot at Mao Dai.

Fourth severance!

Ling Han was slightly astonished upon seeing this.

After one reached the Severing Mundane Tier, it would be extremely difficult to determine their specific cultivation level if they didn’t release their aura. For example, a fourth severance grand elder would only be able to determine that a first severance grand elder was weaker than them. However, they wouldn’t be able to determine by how much.

Of course, a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator would naturally be able to determine the specific cultivation level of a Severing Mundane Tier cultivator. However, this was relatively meaningless during battle. After all, Dividing Soul Tier cultivators could easily crush Severing Mundane Tier cultivators. As such, what did it matter whether they were at the first severance or fourth severance?

Anyhow, this young was actually at the fourth severance!

His appearance wasn’t old, so it was clear that he had severed the mundane at a relatively young age. Moreover, because those at the Severing Mundane Tier possessed an infinite lifespan, their appearance naturally wouldn’t undergo any change. In any case, advancing from the first severance to the fourth severance was no easier than advancing from the Genesis Tier to the Severing Mundane Tier.

This young man looked like a profligate, yet this was only his external appearance. He had advanced to the Severing Mundane Tier, so could he be a genuine fool?

After gaining the upper hand, the young man continued to bear down on Mao Dai.

Mao Dai continued to dash around, and it was clear that he had severely underestimated the young man’s strength. At this moment, he had already fallen into a huge disadvantage. He was completely unable to break free from the young man’s grasp no matter what he did.

This was the overwhelming advantage that fourth severance elites possessed over third severance elites!

Fortunately, Mao Dai had performed flawless severances. Even though he couldn’t be regarded as a king tier, the young man before him was only an elite who had performed normal severances. That being the case, Mao Dai was only stuck at a huge disadvantage. He wouldn’t be defeated anytime soon.

After retreating for a while, Mao Dai finally found an opportunity to break free from his disadvantage. He then unleashed his aura and started to battle against the young man.

Ling Han observed them for a brief moment before shaking his head. Although Mao Dai had performed flawless severances, he was still one severance weaker than his opponent. In other words, there was a huge gulf between their battle prowess, and it was likely that Mao Dai would fall into a disadvantage again after 100 or so exchanges. After 1000 or so exchanges, it was likely that he would be comprehensively defeated.

Of course, the situation would become more uncertain if Mao Dai unleashed some powerful trump card.

“I’ve underestimated you!” the young man said in astonishment. As a fourth severance elite, he had initially thought that he could defeat Mao Dai in just a few simple exchanges. However, there was an unexpectedly huge gulf between those who had performed flawless severances and those who had performed normal severances. Thus, he was still unable to fully suppress Mao Dai.

In fact, he was only at the early stage of the fourth severance, while Mao Dai was at the peak stage of the third severance. Moreover, he had also accumulated experience at this cultivation level for an extremely long time. Thus, his battle prowess had already been tempered to an extremely powerful level. If the young man were at the peak stage of the fourth severance, and if Mao Dai were at the early stage of the fourth severance, he would definitely be powerful enough to turn the tables.

“Black Jade Hand!” the young man roared with a sneer.


His hands became black, but this wasn’t a dark and inky black. Rather, it was a semi-transparent and jade-like black. However, there were also visible black veins in his jade-like hands, and these veins were pulsating with numerous symbols of the great dao.

Secret technique of the Fu Clan, Black Jade Hand!

Mao Dai also roared as he beat his chest, and a bright red light instantly burst forth from his eyes. His battle prowess rose by a significant amount as he moved to block the Black Jade Hand.


The Black Jade Hand spread open and enveloped the surroundings.

This was a crushing attack, and as the Black Jade Hand pressed down, Mao Dai was much like a grasshopper trying to block a cart. His struggle was completely futile.


The earth trembled, and bursts of golden light instantly rose from the ground. However, this tremor quickly died down.

The academy was protected by formations, and these formations would automatically activate when they detected powerful shockwaves.

The dust settled, and one could see that Mao Dai was still standing. However, his face had already become as white as a sheet, and there was also blood seeping from the corners of his mouth. His eyes were filled with fury.

Meanwhile, the young man didn’t look to be in a much better situation. This was most likely because the Black Jade Hand had expended much of his energy. However, Mao Dai had definitely suffered heavier wounds than him. After all, he was inferior in cultivation level, and he had just blocked such a powerful attack.

“Are you going to crawl or not?” the young man asked as he spread his legs apart and pointed between them.

Mao Dai clenched his hands into fists, and the veins on his arms were bulging.

He definitely wouldn’t accept such humiliation. However, this was his first day at the Heavenly Dragon Academy, so he definitely couldn’t be late or missing. Otherwise, how would the teachers of the academy view him?

How arrogant and careless would that be?

Meanwhile, Ling Han was pondering over how the large black dog would react. If it were him, he would definitely agree without hesitation. While crawling through, he would then bite either the young man’s weenie or his bum. He would definitely give the young man all the joy that he could wish for.

However, only the large black dog could do such a thing. Ordinary people definitely wouldn’t dare to emulate him. They wouldn’t have the face to do so.

Ling Han flicked his sleeves and strode forward, saying, “What incredible rules! One needs to crawl through a dog flap before entering the academy?!”

The young man faltered upon hearing this. However, he instantly flared up in rage when he came to his senses.

‘Dog flap?

‘In other words, you’re calling me a dog? F*ck!’

“Ling Han?” the young man asked. His gaze became piercing, and an expression of ridicule spread across his face.

Ling Han was slightly astonished. Since when had he become so famous in the Fu Clan? He nodded, and replied, “Indeed, your grandpa is none other than me, Ding Xiaochen.”

If Ding Xiaochen still had a spirit after death, he would definitely spit a mouthful of blood upon hearing this. How many times did Ling Han want to impersonate him?!

The young man was enraged upon hearing this. ‘My grandpa definitely isn’t as young as you!’

However, he forcefully suppressed his anger, and said in a solemn voice, “I’m Fu Zhengtong!”

“I’ve never heard of you before. Which small fry are you?” Ling Han said with a wave of his hand. He didn’t give the young man any face at all.

The young man had treated Mao Dai with such disrespect, so Ling Han was naturally feeling extremely unhappy with him.

“I’ve always heard that you were extremely arrogant. Sure enough, you’re as arrogant as can be!” Fu Zhengtong said coldly.

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