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«Affinity: Chaos (Web Novel) - Chapter 1029 Origin Source

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Chapter 1029 Origin Source

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Aurora Continent, somewhere in the Middle Continent.

Grey stepped out of the portal with a relieved expression on his face. Void was on his shoulder, clearly excited.

He was about to break through and become a Rank Seven Magical Beast. When a Magical Beast breaks through to the Seventh Rank or the Elemental Venerable Plane is slightly different from a human. Both Magical Beasts and humans develop origin sources, but Magical Beasts awaken a new innate skill. These skills are unique to a Magical Beast and each Magical Beast, even if they are of the same species, has different skills.

? These skills coincide with the origin source they develop, making them stronger. This was why the more powerful a Magical Beast, the harder it was for a human powerhouse to beat it at the same stage. Originally, Magical Beasts are stronger, adding this to their arsenal made them even more powerful.

The origin source on the other hand draws an Elementalist closer to the world, they control and knowledge of their elements becomes better, not just that, but the origin source also acts as an amplifier. Take for instance, an Elementalist's attack power is calculated with numbers, the attack power of a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist would be around one thousand. For an Elemental Venerable to unleash the same attack with that number, instead of using one thousand, they would use two hundred, but they can amplify the attack with their origin source.

An Elementalist's control and knowledge over his elements would determine how their amplifiers work. Some people can get ten times amplification while others don't even get up to two times the amplification. This all falls down to latent talent. It has nothing to do with an Elementalist's elemental grade.

Originally, before the Elemental Venerable Plane, elemental grades were very important, but with the increase of Planes, its role starts to decrease. Of course this doesn't mean that it would become useless. Elemental grades play small parts with amplification, giving around half of the original from the start. But as an Elemental Venerable advances, their strength and control increases, making the amplification better.

In this stage, an Elementalist's domain power sees a significant increase. The amplification here has double effects, this is also the place where elemental grades play important roles.

"You're out." The Elder on the side said with relief in his voice.

Grey looked at the Elder, a little confused. He didn't know the Elder, so seeing him with such a reaction was a little odd, but he still nodded.

"It's good. The news of someone heading from the higher realm to the lower realm to kill you has reached us…" The Elder explained.

They had even sent people inside to search for Grey, but they couldn't find him. Some of them thought he was dead, while others felt maybe he was hiding. But now that the Elder had seen Grey, he was relieved. They all knew of Grey single-handedly causing a massive headache for the Gnome race. The story of him camping outside their portals even made these Elders who were already old feel their bloods boil. Grey was powerful, and brave. His type was rare.

Due to Grey's presence, the death toll of the people who entered reduced significantly. The Gnomes were the ones who always hunted them down, now, the case was reversed, and it was all done by a single person.

After hearing the Elder's words, Grey finally understood the reason for his reaction.

'To think that they've been bullying us for so long.' He said to Void.

'The people who entered in the past were all weak, they can't be blamed for bullying the weak.' Void said nonchalantly.

If the Elder were to hear Void's statement, he might flip out and even try to kill him that instant.

Grey didn't stay with the Elder for too long, after exchanging some words with him, he left. Void wanted to break through, so he wanted to find a good spot for him to break through.]

After leaving, Grey headed to the Burchard Family, he wanted to inform Sylvia that he was out and would be leaving soon.

When he got there, Sylvia was not alone, she was accompanied by some Elders.

"Grey, you're out." She smiled when she saw him.

"Yes." Grey nodded.

He knew that she wasn't alone, but he didn't want to waste too much time.

"We were just talking about you. The Gnomes want you dead, do you know that?" The Head of the Burchard Family said to Grey.

"I'm aware, they even sent Elemental Venerables after me, I was lucky." He replied.

"In the realm?" The Head of the Burchard Family couldn't help but raise a brow.

Grey told them of how the Prince as well as the young man attacked him.

The faces of Sylvia and the rest showed disbelief. If not for the fact that Grey was the one telling them, they would never believe it if someone else said it. Fighting against an Elemental Venerables and not only did he not die, but he managed to escape from two attacks. They all had a hard time believing it, but they also knew how powerful Grey was. If he could fight against a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist with a difference of five stages, then he should also be able to achieve this.

"This is unbelievable!" An Elder said with a shocked face.

Grey didn't try to convince them to believe him, it wasn't like it would change anything.

"You should be careful when moving, there's a kill order for you, all the necromancers are after you." The Head of the Burchard Family said.

"Huh?" Grey was stunned.

Why was a kill order for him, what did he do? Even the necromancers were after him, could it be that something he didn't know happened?

Seeing his face, they knew that he had no idea of what was happening.

"Our spies told us about your death warrant. Apparently, you angered the Gnomes so much that they took the risk of contacting some people here." The Head of the Burchard Family said with a chuckle.

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