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«Absolute Great Teacher (Web Novel) - Chapter 1118: Fame Spreading Far and Wide

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Chapter 1118: Fame Spreading Far and Wide

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Any great teacher that became a secondary saint would give a week worth of public lectures.

By doing so, they could firstly expand their influence and promote their learning and expertise. After all, great teachers relied on their learning and achievements to leave their mark for generations to come.

Secondly, it was to return their debt to the great teacher world, sharing their experiences with the other great teachers.

Great teachers who could reach this stage definitely wouldn’t be selfish and hoard their knowledge. Basically, they were willing to teach everything they had ever learned.

Zhang Chun was a grateful individual. During the lectures he gave in these ten days, he didn’t stint on his praise of Sun Mo. During every lecture, he would say that if it wasn’t for Sun Mo acting in time, he would have been dead.

Hence, Sun Mo’s fame grew even greater.

Finally, Zhang Chun ended his ten-day public lecture. After paying Sun Mo a visit with expensive gifts, he began his closed-door seclusion as he summed up his experiences and shaped his prospect for the future.

He didn’t have much time left. This was why Zhang Chun wanted to do research that had the highest cost-performance ratio.



There was no such thing. Zhang Chun didn’t have the spare energy to be worried about this. Right now, he was solely thinking about how to level up further.

“Sun-laoshi is finally giving lectures again!”

All the great teachers of the Black-White Academy were waiting anxiously.

Those who met a bottleneck wanted to receive Sun Mo’s guidance during his medical cultivation lessons. As for the spirit runists, they were simply too excited about Sun Mo’s new concept.

Naturally, everyone had a great interest in the Skyward Spirit Rune.

The medical cultivation lecture in the morning was packed to the brim. Even the corridor was flooded. Some teachers and students had to stand very far away. Actually, they couldn’t hear anything, but they didn’t want to leave.

“Teacher Sun, why don’t you change it to a public lecture?”

After the lecture ended, Xie Enhui kept her notes and suggested as she looked at the flood of people in the corridor. “In any case, no one is using the large auditorium.”

“Nope, such lectures would have poor effects!”

Sun Mo rejected.

The most attractive thing about his lecture was his on-the-spot guidance, helping the students to break through. If he changed the location to the auditorium, there would be too many students and the effect of being stunned would naturally be reduced.

He had to allow the students to know how tyrannical his ancient massaging techniques were.

“Alright then!” Xie Enhui felt helpless. “Oh right, I’ve instructed the school canteen to specially prepare three meals for your great teacher circle daily. Where do you want the meals to be sent to?”

An Xinhui’s group simply benefitted from following Sun Mo.

“No need, I will just eat in the canteen.”

Sun Mo didn’t want special treatment. Many people were watching him and he wanted to appear more amiable. After all, this was also a type of performance.

But very soon, Sun Mo regretted it.

During the afternoon, just when Sun Mo got closer to the canteen, those students who came here for meals started to bow and greet him. Although the sound of these greetings was melodious, it became too noisy because there were too many people doing that.

Although the Black-White Academy had clearly stated that there was no need for students to allow teachers to queue first during meal times, these students would automatically stand to the side to clear a path for Sun Mo when they saw him.

When it comes to ordering a meal, when Sun Mo joined a queue, the students before him would directly step away to let him go first.

“Teacher Sun, you first!”

The students were all incomparably respectful.

“No need for that, I will join the queue!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Our time isn’t valuable.”

When the students saw that they were unable to persuade Sun Mo, they simply chose to turn and leave so Sun Mo wouldn’t feel awkward.

“Ai, why are you guys so obedient?”

Sun Mo felt very unbearable.

Back then in his university, waiting in the queue to buy food and admiring pretty girls was also a type of enjoyment.

“Great Teacher Sun!”

The canteen aunties were even more passionate. They were smiling so widely that half their faces resembled a flower.

Usually, when they scooped food for people, their hands that were holding the ladle would tremble a little and knock some off. But when it was for Sun Mo, they directly scooped double the amount, which was much more than what was prescribed in the rule.

Sun Mo saw the small mountain of food on his plate and felt somewhat speechless. (Are you guys rearing me like pigs?)

The sun was warm and bright during the afternoon.

For the sake of occupying seats, Zhang Guoping and Tang Qian didn’t head to the canteen to eat. They had brought dried rations and were eating in the classroom that Sun Mo would use later.

Many people had the same thoughts as them. So, in this 500-pax classroom, there were only slightly more than ten empty seats left.

“What are you reading?”

Zhang Guoping discovered that Tang Qian had a book with her even when they were eating.

“[A Dream of Red Mansions], it’s also called [The Story of the Stone]. It’s a story about a wealthy clan!”

Tang Qian introduced it, but Zhang Guoping wasn’t interested at all. She lowered her head and continued to read her medical book.

“Is it nice to read?”

Someone at the side asked.

The students of the Black-White Academy were all busy with learning, and it was very rare for them to have time to read miscellaneous books.

“A new work by Gandalf, what do you guys think?”

Tang Qian chortled.

“What? The author of [Journey to the West] has written a new book?”

“Is it someone masquerading as him to scam people?”

“So is it nice to read or not?”

The students crowded around and asked questions because the fame of [Journey to the West] was simply too great. It was a masterpiece that started the genre of ‘straightforward vernacular’.

It was because of [Journey to the West] that many more simplistic books were appearing on the market. Even children who didn’t know many words could understand them.

“In any case, it suits my appetite!”

Tang Qian smiled. “Moreover, I feel that this book was truly written by Gandalf.”

In the Nine Provinces, there were many cases of piracy. In order to sell better, many books would put the name of the author as ‘Gandalf’. At that start, many people were fooled.

“As long as Gandalf doesn’t complete [Journey to the West], I will never read his new book!”

A long-hair guy’s lips twitched. “As an author, one should have integrity.”

“Hehe, I dare to guarantee that if you read the book, you will be wowed!”

A girl interrupted and took out a [A Dream of Red Mansions] from her bag. “I will lend this to you. If you stand by your point after you finish reading five chapters, I will call you daddy!”

“Qi, give it over then!”

The long-hair guy snorted in disdain. (What book can enthrall me in just five chapters?)

A few students also came over, wanting to admire the writing together.

“Wow, these two sentences are very flavorful - Pages full of absurd words, penned with bitter tears!”

Gradually, no one spoke any more.

If one wanted to experience how good this book was, one would have to have a certain literary standard. And just so nicely that students of the Nine Provinces had received such education since they were young.

When they read [A Dream of Red Mansions], they didn’t feel that it was boring or difficult to understand. On the contrary, they could easily experience the rhetoric aesthetics.

This was especially so when Baoyu appeared. The guys involuntarily substituted themselves into the story…

The son of an aristocratic clan, surrounded by many beauties, and even had an extremely close female friend…

Was there still any life that was more dreamlike than this?

The start of the book painted Jia Baoyu’s life as a complete life-winner.

“How is it?”

The girl teased.


The long-hair guy flipped the pages. When he read until the sixth chapter where Baoyu and Xiren experienced their first love-making, he started to pant. Immediately, a few young guys and girls blushed.

The long-hair guy wanted to borrow the book so he could read it in private, but he felt embarrassed to do so.

In fact, he even felt like tearing these two pages off to keep as a collection.

“It’s nice to read, right?”

Tang Qian bragged.

Zhang Guoping was also curious. And when she was preparing to go over to take a look, a bunch of people entered the classroom.

“Teachers and students who don’t major in the study of spirit runes, please leave and give the space to us!”

They were even holding up a wooden board with a row of large golden words. ‘Please don’t steal our opportunity.’

“Is this an order by the school?”

“Definitely not, otherwise, a teacher would have come and announced it.”

“What are they doing? Are they discriminating against those who major in other subjects?”

Many people frowned.

“You guys don’t even know what Sun-laoshi’s spirit rune lectures represent. They are keys that can open a new world for us. Everyone, please don’t snatch this opportunity away from us.”

The student holding onto the wooden board sincerely spoke.

After that, the group of them dipped into a deep bow of 90 degrees.


The students in the classroom exchanged glances.

Most of them came to listen to Sun Mo’s classes because they were curious and wanted a sense of freshness. But if they delayed the improvements of these students, it was truly not too good.

The students from the Black-White Academy were still very fair and reasonable. Hence, they packed their things and gave up their seats.

In the entire teaching building, this group of protestors wasn’t alone. Protestors could be seen at the canteen’s entrance, the teaching building’s entrance, in the corridors, and outside the lecture theater Sun Mo was teaching in. All the people were there to protest.

They caused Sun Mo’s popularity to explode wildly as he kept receiving favorable impression points.

The countless notifications caused Sun Mo to feel helpless, and he could only get the system to turn off the notification function for now.

When Wan Kangcheng came, he felt like getting Sun Mo to stay even more when he saw those wooden boards.

The bell signaling the start of the lecture rang.

Sun Mo entered the classroom.

“Students, teachers, good afternoon. Today, we will be continuing the discussion from the fundamentals. What are spirit runes?”

Sun Mo went straight to the point.

After expounding on the theory that ‘spirit runes’ was a type of language, Sun Mo took out a metallic rod that was about a foot long.

“Everyone, what do you think this is?”

Sun Mo asked a question.


The gazes of everyone turned to a major character who was seated on the third row to the right of Sun Mo.

His name was Zhou Qiu. He was the number one spirit runist in the Black-White Academy.

Zhou Qiu had an awkward look on his face because he didn’t recognize this.

“Luo Liang, what do you think?”

Sun Mo turned to look at a male student. This was a guy who had a pretty good performance in Sun Mo’s last lecture.


Everyone glanced over with envy in their eyes.

This guy actually had his name remembered by Great Teacher Sun?

How good was that?!


Luo Liang stood up and felt uneasy. “Teacher, I…”

“Don’t panic, it’s fine even if you make a mistake!”

Sn Mo consoled him.


Luo Liang inhaled deeply and stared at the metal rod. He thought back to the invention Sun Mo had taken out before in his last lecture. This item should be something similar.

It must be something very practical.

“A heater?”

Luo Liang guessed.

“Take a seat!”

Sun Mo no longer kept them in suspense. He took out a spirit stone and placed it in the metal rod. After that, the metal rod grew red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The air then became hot.

The students in the front seat began to feel the heat.


The students were stunned.

“Student Luo Liang was correct. Its effect is heat control.”

Before Sun Mo’s voice faded, it already attracted huge exclamations of surprise.

Cultivators had strong bodies and the cold wouldn’t affect them. They naturally wouldn’t need something like this. But this heat control rod was an item that could drastically improve the quality of life for ordinary families.

Sun Mo didn’t forget that winter in the modern era was truly freezing.

“Actually, I made another illumination rod!”

Sun Mo took out a jadestone rod.

If one inserted a spirit stone, it would release a bright light.

“Its only good point is that even if you fall, you don’t have to worry about it igniting things and creating a fire disaster. However, the construction cost for this is too high.”

Sun Mo sighed.

In this era, everyone was using oil lamps. Although it was not bright enough, it was very cost-saving.

Sun Mo’s musing caused all the people listening to his lecture to be dumbstruck because they were stunned by his inventions.

Although they weren’t dazzling, those items were enough to change the lives of commoners.

“Great Teacher Sun’s teaching of spirit rune knowledge has brightened up the world!”

Wan Kangcheng sighed ruefully.

For the next segment, Sun Mo started to use a macroscopic point of view to expound his view on spirit runes to everyone.

Even major characters like Zhou Qiu were deeply immersed in the lecture and felt that the murky darkness before their eyes had suddenly opened.

When the bell signaling the end of the class rang, Zhou Qiu wanted nothing more than to tie Sun Mo on stage and make him continue.

“Luo Liang, can you step out?”

When Sun Mo exited, he called out.

Everyone immediately shot gazes filled with envy toward Luo Liang.

There was no need to ask. This was Sun Mo showing appreciation for Luo Liang.

Maybe, Sun Mo wanted to headhunt him.

“How do you feel?”

When Wan Kangcheng left, he called Zhou Qiu to go with him.

“I’m inferior!”

Zhou Qiu sighed, he was thoroughly convinced.

“I originally thought that he would only teach everyone the spirit runes he created. I didn’t expect that he would point out a direction for all of us instead.

“There’s no need for a spirit rune to be high level for it to change the world!

“What’s an ancestor? This is precisely it. A single thought of them can influence this world and bring fortune to millions upon millions of people.”


Favorable impression points from Zhou Qiu +500. Respect (1,500/10,000).

“Headmaster Wan, with regards to allowing Sun Mo to participate in that game…what is your decision?”

Xie Enhui interrupted.

“It’s too dangerous. We won’t be able to bear the responsibility if something happens to Sun Mo.”

Wan Kangcheng shook his head.

“Yeah, if things are dire, maybe even Song Huigen won’t be able to come out anymore. We better not let Sun Mo take the risk.”

Zhou Qiu nodded. “If Great Teacher Sun dies, the spirit rune world of the Nine Provinces will be in for a long dark night.”

The Black-White Star Disk. Other than the game that Sun Mo played, there was still another one targeted solely for elite great teachers. However, it was simply too dangerous.

If one died in that game, they would end up in a vegetative state forever and wouldn’t wake up.

Even if they didn’t die, after spending too much time in the game, they would gradually lose their minds and become retarded.

Because of this game, the Black-White Academy had lost over a thousand geniuses through several hundred years, with their top elites numbered past 100.

It could even be said that the casualties were extremely heavy.

“Let me say something unpleasant. We won’t feel heartache if the people who died are not from our school.”

A major character spoke, “This damnable game is the heart demon of our school. Don’t you guys hope that it can be cleared one day?”

“If Sun Mo is truly a genius that it’s rare to come by even in a thousand years, I think he will be able to succeed.”

The high star-ranking great teachers here started to express their opinions, and almost all of them agreed to invite Sun Mo to participate in the game.

At the third level of the Darkness Continent, in a certain castle.

Lu Feng respectfully stood behind a middle-aged man clad in a black robe as he stared at the chess piece before him.

A few subordinates moved forward and removed a vegetable human from the jelly-like substance in the chess piece.

“I think that senior martial brother is finished!”

Lu Feng’s lips twitched.

The middle-aged man was expressionless. He walked toward the chess piece and prepared to enter.


Lu Feng was badly frightened as he hurriedly stopped the man. “Nothing can happen to you. Let me be the one instead, okay?”


The middle-aged man berated.

“Grand-teacher, I can also be the one.”

Huang Meibo volunteered herself.

“Challenging the unknown is also a type of happiness. Moreover, I feel that the answer to unraveling the secret of this world can be found inside this game!”

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he lay inside the chess piece.

When Lu Feng saw this, his eyes were filled with worship.

At the same time, in a secret base of Dark Dawn, the Dawn Sovereign was currently in a daze as he looked at the chess game before him.

It was a failure again. Should he enter it to personally experience it himself?


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