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«Absolute Great Teacher (Web Novel) - Chapter 1097: New Great Teacher Halo!

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Chapter 1097: New Great Teacher Halo!

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Translator: Lordbluefire

“Please get up first!”

Sun Mo felt like he was a villain oppressing the people!

“Ziyu and Murong are both very talented. In the future, they will surely have great achievements, and I believe you will be unwilling to watch as they give up their futures for you.”

Jin Mujie spoke frankly with assurance.

“I’m different. I already found it difficult when I took a 4-star exam. Hence, I might as well give up early and do my best to assist you.”

“Sister Jin, you shouldn’t be unduly humble.”

Sun Mo consoled her.

“I’m not.”

Jin Mujie was very serious. “I can be your assistant and be fully responsible for your daily necessities, allowing you to not worry about minor stuff. This way, you can focus on becoming a figure who has the authority to speak and make decisions in the great teacher world.”

(If there’s something, the secretary will do it. If there’s nothing, I can ‘do’ the secretary? This sounds too good to be true!)

But this approval was something so heavy that Sun Mo couldn’t accept it.

“Sister Jin, what did I do to deserve this?”

Sun Mo’s rationality could still suppress his selfish desires. Even a Saint wouldn’t have a 4-stars great teacher as an assistant because this was simply a waste of talent.

Jin Mujie wanted to continue speaking. However, Sun Mo no longer cared that males shouldn’t touch females randomly and forcibly held her by the shoulders.

“Isn’t it just joining my great teacher circle? Let’s do that then. I want nothing more! As for the other matters, let’s talk about them later.”

Sun Mo persuaded her.

“You don’t have to feel embarrassed. There’s something to learn from everyone. I follow you because I wish to learn from you!”

She wanted to follow Sun Mo to observe how he could achieve such glorious results despite being so young.

There should be some trick to it!

“Your mentality is really good!”

Sun Mo praised.

At the same time, he started to reflect on whether he had been too egotistical lately?

There had been many impressive great teachers in the 4-stars great teacher examination. He should have observed and learned from them, emulating their strong points. However, he hadn’t done so.

Was he too arrogant? Did he feel that he was invincible?

He had gotten his students to stay and watch the personal students battle while he left. In this case, wasn’t he looking down on them because he felt he wouldn’t be able to learn anything?

Also, for this trip to recruit people…

He had always maintained the relaxed attitude of a tourist. Even up until now, he didn’t have a concrete plan. Could it be that he subconsciously treated the Black-White Academy as a fertile field to be harvested freely at any time?

(I’ve truly been too egotistical.)

Upon thinking of this, Sun Mo clasped his hands and bowed toward Jin Mujie.

“Many thanks to Sister Jin for enlightening me. I almost made a huge mistake.”

“Are you doing this to console me?”

Jin Mujie rapped Sun Mo’s forehead. “Don’t worry, the number of setbacks I’ve suffered before is more than what you imagined. There’s no need to console me.”

“How can that be possible?”

Sun Mo smiled. “I ultimately cannot forget the instant when I first met you during the rainy afternoon beside the lake. At that time, I was completely stunned and didn’t understand how wonderful your parents must be in order to give birth to such absolute beauty.”


Jin Mujie immediately blushed. She used her long sleeves to cover her face and couldn’t help but mutter, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“It’s true. If there was no marriage engagement, I would surely pursue you.”

Sun Mo was purely praising Jin Mujie, but he didn’t know that his words could easily cause a misunderstanding.

Jin Mujie lowered her head, her voice was as weak as the buzzing of a mosquito. “I’m not worthy of you!”

“Whether you are worthy or not, that’s not something for you to decide. That’s my decision!”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, the system cheered.

“Damn, that’s really imposing!” The system urged, “Look at how good the current atmosphere is? Quickly kiss her. Do it right now!”

“Don’t make trouble!” Sun Mo spoke mentally.

Behind the hold of the ship, Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo’s heads popped out as they sneakily stared in this direction.

“Teacher’s words are so imposing! I really want Teacher to say that to me!”

Lu Zhiruo felt envious.


Li Ziqi rapped the papaya girl’s head. “You still have the mood to care about this? Something major is about to happen!”

(Teacher if you want to flirt, can you first see where you are before doing so? Teacher’s wife is still here! What if you are discovered? I’m afraid the sisterly relationship between Teacher’s wife and Teacher Jin would be destroyed.)

Li Ziqi was unrivaled in terms of calculation, while Lu Zhiruo had off-the-charts luck. Hence, An Xinhui and the others could only ask them to stop playing.

However, who would have thought that when these two girls came out, they would immediately see the ‘rendezvous’ between their teacher and Jin Mujie.

“Aiya, Teacher Jin just kissed Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo was shocked.


Li Ziqi’s first reaction wasn’t to look at Sun Mo and Jin Mujie. Instead, she turned her head and checked the passage leading to the cabin. She wanted to be certain that her Teacher’s wife didn’t see this.

(Ai! When a teacher was flirting, would his or her disciples need to keep watch like this? What’s going on? Speaking of which, I haven’t kissed Teacher before!)

Upon thinking of this, Li Ziqi had resentment in her eyes when she looked at Jin Mujie.

(You are just an outsider. How could you do this? I was clearly here first!)

“Sun Mo, don’t misunderstand. This is just a sign of gratitude!”

Jin Mujie’s voice drifted over along with the night wind.

The little sunny egg’s lips twitched. (I also feel very grateful to Teacher, and my feeling of gratitude is 1,000 times compared to yours. If that’s the case, should I kiss him 1,000 times?)

Sun Mo started. He didn’t expect Jin Mujie to act first, no, kiss him first.

(Should I return the favor? Sadly, there’s no chance anymore.)

Jin Mujie had felt Sun Mo’s words to be too imposing. In addition to his enviable talent, outstanding looks, and gentleness that emitted warmth—all these factors had caused her to feel a very sweet feeling. This was why she had acted on impulse.

However, right now, she felt so much regret and embarrassment that she wanted to die.

(This is my younger sister’s husband!)

“I’m tired and want to rest first.”

Jin Mujie was like a rabbit that got shot, wanting to flee quickly.

“Hide quickly!”

Li Ziqi grabbed Lu Zhiruo’s collar and quickly dragged her into a cabin at the side.

If they were a little slower, they would definitely run into Jin Mujie.

“Becoming a BOSS in the great teacher world, someone with the authority to make decisions… Doesn’t that mean that I have to become a super scholar that will undertake heavy responsibility in the Saint Gate, becoming the faction leader of a great power?”

Sun Mo contemplated.

He had never thought about this goal before. His greatest goal was only to become the headmaster of a school.


Li Ziqi came over and glanced at the rouge and lipstick on Sun Mo’s face. She then took out her handkerchief and tip-toed before him, wiping the mark away.


Sun Mo started. (What is she wiping?) When he realized what was going on, he immediately felt embarrassed. “Ziqi, don’t misunderstand, things aren’t like you imagine.”

“I know… Jin Mujie is a bad woman!”

Li Ziqi didn’t wait for Sun Mo’s explanation and directly pushed the blame to Jin Mujie.

“That’s correct.”

Lu Zhiruo stood at the side and nodded with determination.

(Teacher wouldn’t be in the wrong. The one in the wrong is this world!)

“Teacher, in the future, if such a thing happens again, don’t panic. I will keep watch for you.”

Li Ziqi earnestly spoke, “Luckily, I and Zhiruo are the ones who saw it this time around. If it was seen by others, the consequences would be unimaginable!”

“I really didn’t do anything though?”

Sun Mo wanted to cry but no tears were coming out.


“Congratulations on getting Jin Mujie to join your great teacher circle. Reward: 1x diamond treasure chest. Please continue to work hard.”

The notification that suddenly rang out caused Sun Mo’s lips to twitch. He had almost forgotten that there was such a mission.

Seeing that his lucky mascot was here, Sun Mo stretched his hand out and patted her head.


Lu Zhiruo smiled sweetly and immediately changed her posture so Sun Mo would find it easier to pat her head.


There was a hint of resentment in Li Ziqi’s gaze!

“System, open the chest!”

Sun Mo urged.

A bright light flashed as a golden skill book appeared.


“Congratulations on obtaining the great teacher halo: Learning From Everyone. Proficiency level: Elementary!”

“If you want to comprehend this halo, you have to understand that there’s no end to the journey of learning. No matter how high your accomplishments are, you have to maintain a humble heart and not lose yourself to your ego. You must solemnly remember that there are always things to learn from other people. Please always maintain a heart filled with reverence when interacting with others!”

“As expected of my lucky mascot, she’s damn awesome!”

Sun Mo was very joyful.

He didn’t expect to get a great teacher halo. This was simply the case of an extremely poor man suddenly inheriting billions of dollars along with a celebrity fiancee.

(Happiness comes too quickly and feels a little like a tornado!)

“After activating this halo, you will be able to grasp your target’s knowledge, cultivation arts, and experience within a short time. If your proficiency level is improved to the grandmaster level, you can even borrow their great teacher halos and cultivation arts to use. But the duration will be very short.”

“Borrow for use?”

Sun Mo didn’t understand this term.

“It means that even if you don’t know that halo or cultivation art, under the effect of Learning From Everyone, you can temporarily use them. Actually, the main effect of this halo is to help you understand and learn something.”

The system patiently and meticulously explained things to Sun Mo.

“I feel a little tired and am going to rest.”

After Sun Mo returned to his cabin, he placed the door stopper properly.

“Let’s go, spam the time emblems and raise it to the grandmaster level first!”

Sun Mo was impatient.

This indicated that he had grown stronger again.

Green light enveloped Sun Mo’s body in its glow.


“Congratulations, your Learning from Everyone has reached the grandmaster level. Its range is now 100 meters, and the duration has extended to half an hour.”


Sun Mo was happy.

After thinking about it, Sun Mo realized that this halo was an effective method to rapidly increase the knowledge of other great teachers. However, it was just passable for him.

After all, he had the system and Immemorial Vairocana.

Both were divine skills that could allow him to master something instantly.

The current Sun Mo was pretty knowledgeable that he might only be able to learn something meaningful from high star-ranking great teachers. But before them, Sun Mo shouldn’t cast this halo recklessly.

It would definitely offend them.

“Your way of thinking is too rigid. This halo is useful for learning all kinds of knowledge, including techniques.”

The system suggested.

Embroidery, weaving, planting, metal-working—all these were applicable too.

On the second morning, Sun Mo met Gu Xiuxun.

“Xiuxun, do you want to join my great teacher circle?”

Sun Mo invited but he used a joking tone. So, even if he got rejected, he could pretend that this was a joke and wouldn’t feel too embarrassed.

“Eh? I thought I was a member of your great teacher circle since long ago?”

Gu Xiuxun was surprised.

It was as though one went home from work and saw that their boyfriend and luggage were missing. (Sun Mo, you can’t possibly want to deny our relationship, right? I was here first. So I’m the second-in-charge!)


Sun Mo flashed a thumbs-up. “In this lifetime, we are brothers!”

They headed north and the journey was joyful and relaxed.

Finally, they arrived at Liaojing.


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