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«Abe the Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 812: Attacking the Assassin Union (Three in One)

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Chapter 812: Attacking the Assassin Union (Three in One)

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

As the mark on the magic tower became bigger and bigger, the defensive circle also became weaker. Wizard Kilmer had to leave. If he didn’t, he would be buried alive in the tower he’s been living in for these past years.

Wizard Kilmer dropped his act, “Abel! I’ll kill everyone you know. Do you hear that? I’ll make you regret what you’ve done today! Anyone you know of, I’ll make sure to kill in the cruelest way possible!”

Even in a situation like this, Wizard Kilmer was certain that he could escape with his “instantaneous movement” spell. This was the sort of confidence he gained from becoming a level seventeen wizard. Instead of having to rely on defensive spells, he placed his confidence in his ability to escape any sort of dire situation. Needless to say, Abel would have to worry a lot if he let this man escape. Wizard Kilmer was known to be more vengeful than any other wizards, and as the head of the Assassin Union, he obviously wasn’t going to be very ethical if he was to get back at Abel for what was done to him.

Abel finally spoke, “That’s all I need to hear, Wizard Kilmer. Now that you’ve sworn an oath of blood to me, I’ll make sure to get rid of every member of your family, the Giesing Family, in the Kingdom of St. Anwall. I won’t kill your offspring, but I’ll make sure they will never have the chance to become nobles. They’ll be forcefully exiled to the land of the abandoned, where they have to spend the rest of their days in danger.”

Abel was implying something. He was implying that he gained full control of the Assassin Union spirit. After reading from the battle command spirit, he found a lot of confidential information strictly private to Wizard Kilmer himself. For example, he discovered about the Giesing Family, which was a crested nobleman’s family that resided in the Kingdom of St. Anwall. A viscount led it, and it was the owner of a large, abundant piece of land and many businesses that were run all over the Holy Continent.

As the Assassin Union’s head benefactor, Wizard Kilmer continued to provide supplies to the Giesing Family with channels he had secret control of. From that, a family that once ruled nothing more than a knight’s castle grew to become something that had ownership over an entire city’s territory. The connections between the two were simply so strong, Abel didn’t even have to take a second guess to make certain that it was the family that Wizard Kilmer belonged to.

Wizard Kilmer spoke after a pause, “How did you know about the Giesing Family, Abel?”

It wasn’t possible, from Wizard Kilmer’s perspective. He never told anyone else about the Giesing Family. Not even the two men he appointed to run the Assassin Union knew. There wasn’t anyone who he could think of that could let out this secret, and he never considered that possibility that his assassin spirit would be hacked because that’s something that has never happened on the Holy Continent.

Abel simply spoke again, “You have two choices, Wizard Kilmer: one, become my underling after you form a contract with me. Two, I’ll kill you and add another advanced wizard to my score.”

Simultaneously, people from the Assassin Union main building were finally starting to realize the fight that was taking place here. Actually, it’d be hard for anyone not to notice a ten-meter tall metallic thing that was bashing against a seventeen-level tower. When some of them came out, the first thing that they noticed was the magic tower’s spells didn’t do much to Johnson. This was not supposed to happen to a magic tower, which was supposed to symbolize the strongest fighting force on the entire Holy Continent.

When one of the staff was absolutely inspired by the level of epicness he was witnessing, he took the bold move to get out of the Assassin Union main building. He thought that risking his life was worth it if he could get a closer look, and as soon as he took a step out, a white mist hit his body and turned him into an ice statue.

“I was just thinking about it! I didn’t want to die, are you kidding?”

This was his final thought. Of course, White Snow didn’t know about it when it shot the ice bolt at him. It was just following orders from its master. Anyone who dared to leave the building was ordered to be killed on sight.

Wizard Elliot screamed as loud as he could, “Spirit beast! Open your defensive circles! Hurry!”

Wizard Elliot could see an advanced spirit beast, but he simply referred to it as a spiritual beast. Any more and everyone in the Assassin Union would panic. The most important thing now for him was to get the defensive circle open. After he had to make a swift exit with the teleportation circle. There were many knights that were chasing after him, but this was the most dangerous place right now.

One of the staff screamed, “Master, the assassin spirit isn’t responding! We can’t open the defensive circle!”

The assassin spirit was the basis of the Assassin Union’s existence. Without it, the Assassin Union wouldn’t exist. Now that it was gone, there wasn’t anyone to give out any orders. Not just that, there would be no one that could open anything located inside the union building.

Wizard Elliot screamed louder, “The teleportation circle! What about the teleportation circle?”

The teleportation circle was the only way out. Without it, there would be no way for Wizard Elliot to leave the Assassin Union main building, and as far as he saw it, he wasn’t confident at all with his chances of escaping a flying advanced spiritual beast from the ground.

The staff responded, “No response, Master! The assassin spirit is supposed to take control of everything!”

“trash!” Wizard Elliot roared as he vanished from where he was at. He teleported himself next to where the teleportation circle, and from there, he connected his power of the Will right into it and tried to open it with force. Usually, methods like this would work, but it was only under the premise that the assassin spirit allowed him to do so.

Now that Abel’s hacked the assassin spirit, Wizard Elliot was denied access no matter how many times he tried. He was like a guest trying to kick a castle’s gate to make a forced entrance.

“What’s this? Explain to me, assassin spirit!”

The assassin spirit responded coldly, “Your illegal connection has been denied access.”

Wizard Elliot broke a cold sweat when he heard the term “illegal connection.” It was the first time he encountered a situation like this. It was also his first time to have felt like he’d lost all control of the assassin spirit. He didn’t know how to get out of this problem, so he decided to check on the assassin spirit’s main body first.

With that, he tried to reach the assassin spirit’s room with his power of Will. However, the attempt was interrupted by a circle that was supposed to prevent any power of the Will from entering. There was also a circle that banned the use of the “instantaneous movement” spell, making it impossible for him to teleport right into the room.

On a side note, these circles would only open in times of combat. Since the energy expenditure was too great, they would usually remain close for several years except when an emergency happened.

Wizard Elliot yelled at the surviving staff, “Uggh! Find the intruder! He’s definitely here, so find him and stop him!”

The surviving staff wasn’t all that powerful at all, but there really weren’t a lot of hands to spare. And no, no one intruded. The assassin spirit wasn’t shut down or stopped. It was hacked from outside. Wizard Elliot still didn’t get this right.

Head Commander Acton came to him, “Can’t you just find him with your power of the Will, Elliot?”

“No!” Wizard Elliot shook his head, “There are too many circles are activated! I can’t do a proper scan like this!”

This was ironic to the extreme. Most of the circles were for locating intruders, but now, it became the perfect tool for intruders to hide inside the Assassin Union building. Right now, most of the staff were trying to find an intruder that didn’t even exist, while the fight at the magic tower was already at its next stage.

Since only about 10% of the magic tower’s defensive circle remained, Wizard Kilmer had no choice but to escape outside. He had to give up on his tower since nothing could be done to renovate it. The damage was simply too much. He needed gold, magic gemstones, and a ridiculous amount of points from doing missions.

To avoid letting his collections be further damaged, he teleported to a spot away from his magic tower. As soon as he did so, Johnson stopped its attack and accelerated at a speed that was barely visible to the eyes. It rushed towards Wizard Kilmer. Wizard Kilmer prepared attack spells with the magic staff in his right hand, and the sheer speed that was rushing at him made him feel like he had barely any time to react. Still, he was able to teleport again to a spot that was two hundred meters away from Johnson.

When Wizard Kilmer was just about done, he readied himself to activate another “blizzard” spell. He forgot about Johnson’s speed, though. Since it took too long to prepare this mass-area spell, Johnson had more than enough time to dodge the area that the snowflakes.

Wizard Kilmer also noticed this. The only reason he could hit Johnson back then was that it wasn’t dodging anything. Now that it was, there was virtually no chance that the “blizzard” spell could hit it.

Technically, Johnson was only tough due to its defensive capability. Wizard Kilmer could just continue to mow it down with his aggressive spells if Abel wasn’t supplying it with his “light healing potion.” And no, Wizard Kilmer wasn’t going to use all his mana at once. A good wizard never expended all his mana at once.

Things became quite stagnant. Johnson was too tough to beat in an instance, and Wizard Kilmer was not going to use up all his mana. There was only one way to end this quickly. Wizard Kilmer needed to find Abel. Abel knew this, of course, so he hid quite well.

Time continued to pass. Johnson and Wizard Kilmer continued to play a game of cat and mouse. Johnson was not as fast as Wizard Kilmer, but it was fast enough to make a chase. In the same manner, Wizard Kilmer could not do any real damage to Johnson, but he could prepare for an advanced level spell for offense if he had the time to do so. There was something crucially different, though. While Wizard Kilmer was not confident that he could bring down Johnson with just one of his most powerful spells, his death was guaranteed if Johnson happened to land a lucky hit on him.

The only thought that Wizard Kilmer had, really, was to find a way far away from this fight. As he searched in all directions with his power of the Will, he teleported himself to a spot that was two hundred meters away. From there, he used his “instantaneous movement” spell once more.

Abel was standing on the battle fort 03. He knew what Wizard Kilmer was trying to do, and he wasn’t letting him do it. Letting this advanced wizard free would mean bringing danger to him and everything that he stood for. Without a second thought, he gave his signal to battle fort 03.

Just when Wizard Kilmer was about to finish drawing another “instantaneous movement” spell with his right hand, a strange mana wave came from the sky. This energy somehow canceled the instantaneous movement that he was just about to cast.

Wizard Kilmer said in shock, “My spirit! What happened?”

For an advanced wizard to say out the phrase “my spirit” was not something that happens a lot. Wizard Kilmer was really shocked right now. He had every reason to be, to be honest. The “instantaneous movement” was a wizard’s trump card. It was what made them stronger than orc priests, druids, and all of the other ridiculous classes that existed.

Right now, the thing that served as the foundation of the wizard class was gone. Wizard Kilmer didn’t know what to do for a moment. Luckily, his experience made him quickly prepare another blizzard, just in case he still had a chance to make a counter-attack. This was when Abel teleported right next to him on Black Wind. No, he wasn’t allowing Wizard Kilmer to retaliate.

Abel had the “contract of the ancient Shield” in his left and the “steel” sword in his right. When he appeared next to Wizard Kilmer, a white light flashed from his shield as he used it to slam at Wizard Kilmer. Wizard Kilmer wasn’t scared by this. If anything, he was relieved to finally see his hidden enemy in his sight.

Wizard Kilmer thought that the hit wouldn’t do much to him. He was surprised he first heard that Abel was an intermediate wizard, but he never thought that an intermediate wizard was strong enough to break against his defense. He had the “frozen armor” on him right now, and it was the strongest defensive spell that a wizard had.

Abel’s shield slammed heavily on Wizard Kilmer’s body. Of course, it was blocked by the frozen armor. He couldn’t take any step further, but the light on his shield did not stop flashing. For that, the “fainting” effect did work on Wizard Kilmer, and it did leave an opening on the frozen armor. By the way, the two were very, very close to each other, so when Wizard Kilmer shot out ice dust at Abel, Abel didn’t have any chance of dodging it.

To guard against the ice dust, Abel decided to pull back his shield first. It wasn’t this simple, however. The slowing effect of the ice dust did make him a bit slower, despite the fact that he was covering himself in his own combat qi. Johnson was ready to come help, but as soon as it tried to, it received an order from its master to tell it to not come.

Abel’s body was slowed down, yes, but so was Wizard Kilmer as the fainting effect hit him. There was a total of two seconds that he could use to launch plenty of counter-attacks. He wanted to end this with one deadly strike. The power of dimension was the most surefire way of doing that, so he decided to go with it. As combat qi started flashing in his right hand, he revealed a streak of dark-golden combat qi threat that contained a trace of grey shadow.

Wizard Kilmer did not notice this grey shadow. From his perspective, even if he was taking the dark-golden combat qi straight on, he had enough confidence in his frozen armor to not sustain any damage. This way, he was confident to throw another ice dust at Abel when the combat qi threat hit his armor.

This turned out to be a blunder for Wizard Kilmer. The grey shadow made a clean cut through the frozen armor. It looked like it didn’t do anything to the frozen armor, but the next thing he knew, the passive defensive magic item that Wizard Kilmer was wearing started activating. Even this didn’t stop the power of dimension from cutting through. Rather, the barrier popped like a bubble before it managed to accomplish anything.

The second passive defensive magic item was activated as another barrier appeared. Two was the maximum that a wizard could bring, by the way. The second one worked just as well as the first one. When the second barrier was cut through, the power of dimension found its way into Wizard Kilmer’s body. It left a small hole on his chest, and from there, it made its way into its body and turned his rib bones into nothingness. When it reached the heart, it immediately cut it into halves.

After it, it penetrated through his back and flew very far. After piercing through a wall, the power of dimension disappeared under Abel’s control. Abel didn’t like how this hit felt. If he was striking like he used to, the power of dimension would’ve made a clean cut to the heart instead of having to pause temporarily at the rib bones.

Wizard Kilmer had his eyes wide open this whole time. He was just starting to recover from the fainting effect, but he had no choice to get out of this. The heart was the most important organ to a human. Not even a wizard could survive after having his heart destroyed.

“Am I dead? Am I going to die? Why?”

Wizard Kilmer murmured to himself in confusion. He glanced at Abel, then realized that the blue light on him was slowly vanishing. He then turned to look at his own chest. His wound was not big, but it was so fatal that he couldn’t activate his mana nor his power of the Will. He couldn’t believe it. He was a rank seventeen wizard, but he was going to die without being able to do anything.

After that, Wizard Kilmer fell back and died. His soul left his body and disappeared. The soul light rose into the cloud, but no one could see it at a location this desolated. No, no one was going to realize that another advanced wizard has just died on the Holy Continent.

Well, except for the Assassin Union. When they saw the soul light, despair was what appeared on their faces. The man that had protected their association was dead. Wizard Elliot was absolutely terrified to see it. He didn’t want to wait for his own death, so he activated his “instantaneous movement” spell to get away as far from the Assassin Union building as possible.

When he went out, he felt a chilling qi that was charged towards him. White Snow was waiting outside the Assassin Union main building this whole time. It might be almost unnoticeable, but apart from Flying Flame, no one else was strong enough to match its offensive capabilities.

Not only did the chilling qi slow Wizard Elliot down, but it also prevented him from making a quick enough reaction. Still, he found the time to activate an “instantaneous movement’ spell scroll that he had. This way, he vanished in time before he was just about to be hit by another chilling qi.

Abel saw Wizard Elliot in time. After commanding Black Wind to teleport, he charged towards his very next target. When he appeared again, he was already about two hundred meters away from Wizard Elliot. To disrupt Wizard Elliot from making another escape, he used the “telekinesis” spell with both of his hands. It wasn’t fast enough to stop Wizard Elliot from activating the “instantaneous movement’ spell scroll, and it kind of saddened him because he already saw everything that Wizard Elliot brought as his own.

Abel figured out that Black Wind could perform the “instantaneous movement” technique another five times. And now that he could do it by himself, there really wasn’t a limit to how many times he could let Wizard Elliot go. Thus, when Wizard Elliot re-appeared, he was confident enough to attack him with his “instantaneous movement’ spell.

Whenever Wizard Elliot tried to teleport away from Abel, Black Wind would continue to draw the distance closer with the “instantaneous movement” spell. If that wasn’t enough, Abel was using all his concentration to make the attack with the “telekinesis” spell, and it was giving Wizard Elliot no chance of preparing any strong spells.

Surely and steadily, Abel got close enough to hit Wizard Elliot with a “shield attack” and a “lightning” spell. White Snow also shot out an ice ball to hit the man. He couldn’t guard against any of these attacks, so naturally, he just died there and then. His body was first turned into a statue of ice. Then, he was struck by a bolt of lightning that made him shatter into pieces.

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