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«Abe the Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 670 Connect

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Chapter 670 Connect

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“Teacher, don’t worry. I’m safe, but I’ve discovered something very important!” Abel’s voice sounded casual since he was already there, but his last few words ended up sounding serious.“Be careful in the orc empire! What did you find out?” Wizard Morton knew how gutsy his disciple was, but Abel was never the impulsive type.

“The crops in the orc utopia have been dramatically reduced, and all the young and strong worgens and Tauren have disappeared!” Abel lowered his voice.

“So, you are saying the orc empire is going to do something big to Miracle City?” Wizard Morton felt his heart sink. He had also joined the battle of the orcs mission back in the days, so he knew the orcs quite well.

“Most likely!” Abel said with full confidence. He was certain of his idea.

“What are the crops like in the orc utopia? Are you sure?” Wizard Morton asked again. He knew things were not as simple. If the information was correct, they would need to move an astronomical amount of resources and men power into Miracle City.

If the information was wrong, even wizard Dunn’s status as an elite wizard would be affected.

“I’ve been to a lot of places, and it seems like the orc empire is going through a climate change. Only 1/5 of their crops are harvestable!” Abel already told battle fort 03 to scan the crops before he called Wizard Morton, so he knew the result.

“1/5!” A flash of horror sparkled in Wizard Morton’s eyes. What could this signify? The orc empire would throw everything into Miracle City for survival.

If he didn’t do that, most of the orcs would starve to death.

“Abel, don’t worry. I’ll let my teacher know. Make sure you be careful out there!” Wizard Morton lowered his voice.

After the conversation, Abel let out a sigh of relief. With wizard Morton and wizard Dunn’s help, and his current status, the humans would surely strengthen Miracle Wall’s defense.

The Miracle Wall was the primary line for humans. If the orc empire took, the result would be disastrous.

Although there were 2 more cities behind Miracle City, their defenses meant nothing to the orc empire.

How would the endless number of Pecker Orcs develop if they had enough food? How many fearless pecker orcs were the human knights going to face on the battlefield?

It would be a disaster. A disaster that could dramatically reduce the power, or maybe even completely drive out the humans.

Abel would leave it to Wizard Dunn. Abel had done his duty.

Wizard Hubert looked horrible. Although he heard about how scary the desert of death was, as an intermediate wizard who could move in a flash, he knew about scary places quite well.

As long as he had his ice armor on and enough food and water in his portal bag, he would be able to fully replenish his magic power and mana with a bit of rest.

Normally, intermediate wizards were quite fearless, no matter where they were

But the moment they entered the desert of death, his fellow wizard had been poisoned to death by a snake.

What followed was the extreme temperature changes during the night and day. The day time was still tolerable since their ice armor could cool them down a little, but once the night arrived. The ice armor was like salt stinging on sore wounds.

But no matter how cold it got, no wizard would take off their ice armor. Wizard Bunyan served as an example, and as they kept moving, one thing became clear: This place was filled with venomous snakes that would attack any target.

Once the sun had set, the intermediate wizards would hold a fire spell on their hand to keep themselves warm.

The only one who wasn’t afraid of the cold was head commander Donald, but he still kept his eyes out. He had to minimize his combat qi armor. Although he was a head commander, having a combat qi armor out continuously was still very draining.

One could say that these humans had entered the most dangerous place in the Holy Continent without experience.

If the wizards could not move in such a mysterious way by flashing, the countless natural vicious traps and quicksand would destroy the team of 5 men.

Suddenly Wizard Hubert saw a sand storm,10 meters high, roaring his way. Even with his Ice armor and move in a flash, his face soured.

“Everyone, if we got lost. Let’s meet at Fuer swamp!” Wizard Hubert yelled at the others, who also had a look of horror on their faces.

He placed his hand on head commander Donald. They needed him for information, so the wizards would not drop him until the last moment.

Head Commander Donald also needed wizard Hubert. If Wizard Hubert died, he too would not be able to survive in the desert of death. Even if he somehow made it through the desert of death, what awaited him would be even scarier than Fuer Swamp.

The wizards nodded simultaneously, and soon, they were engulfed by the sand storm.

The sparkles of white light shined in the sand storm, but they did not last for long.


Abel toured around casually as he made his way forward. He also had a good rest every night. Finally, he was 200 miles from Nam mountain by early October.

He did not plan to use battle fort 03 for the following distance. He needed to transform into wolf rider captain Beecher and join the orc god ceremony like a normal orc.

Battle fort 03 came to a halt, and Abel jumped on wolf rider captain Beecher’s original mount wolf. This mountain wolf was quite a good boy. Even though it was not connected with Abel’s soul, it would still follow all his instructions.

But that was expected anyway. Any mount wolf would behave themselves after being stunned by dragon vigor and seeing so many top-level spiritual beasts.

Normal mount wolf was just normal vicious beasts. Even mount wolf kings were only low ranking Spiritual beasts. Top-level Spiritual beasts were so many leagues above them, so of course, they would behave.

Abel put on his full leather armor. It was the one worn by wolf rider captain Beecher. When he saw how dirty it was, he almost did not have enough courage to put it on his own body.

Wasn’t the orc god ceremony exclusive to high-status orcs anyway?

He held a hand spear in his hand. It was the most common weapon for wolf riders. As far as Abel could tell, this thing was basically just a long spear made with cheaper materials. Still, it was where most of a wolf rider’s power stemmed from.

Of course, White Snow was his secret weapon. White Slow had shrunk and was standing on Abel’s shoulder at that moment. It looked just like a cute little snow eagle, but it had the power to kill an elite wizard.

The rune word long-distance bow Riphook was strapped on his back, and 2 arrows were hanging by the side of his mount wolf.

He adjusted his scent a little. Since Grand Duke Edwina had fully unleashed the features on transformation, its ability to hide scents had reached a maximum.

He directly decreased his scent from a head commander to a normal head commander, which was similar to a wolf rider captain’s power. Since wolf rider captains also used combat qi, all he needed to do was to be careful and not let anyone see his unique golden combat qi. His wizard scent was also perfectly hidden, and just like that, he had become a perfect wolf rider captain.

Abel set off to Nam Mountain on his mount wolf at causal speed. He still had 10 days. He could reach that 200 miles in a day if he wanted, so he had more than enough time.

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