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«Abe the Wizard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1298: Tricked

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Chapter 1298: Tricked

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The god of fire was furious. His heart hurt from the death of his flaming elves. He spent all 50 holy crystals from Abel on them besides moving his kingdom.

He was willing to sacrifice all faith he had accumulated in this war. Even if Abel was willing to let him go, he would not be able to support his flaming elves.

Also, since Doff and his second body went berserk, he could no longer use flame transfer to dodge them.

He was so confused. How could a god grasp a professional’s skill?

Every new skill mastered by a god was extremely difficult. Besides what they had naturally, they weren’t supposed to be capable of getting Barbarian skills. It was unbelievable.

The god of fire kept stepping back. Ever since he saw Abel’s ability to do curses, he knew he had to drag out his distance.

He wanted to move the battle from the collision point into his kingdom, but he knew this would be hard as he kept changing shape to dodge Doff’s attack.

But Doff was not having a good time either. Flames burned his body as he made his move.

Still, the damage was not too bad.

The god of fire blasted his flame outward and engulfed Doff again.

But this time, a little spark dropped down and continued to burn.

Soon, Doff was lured into the god of fire’s kingdom. Although the burning flames were damaging the areas around them, the god of fire had no choice.

If he didn’t make his most powerful moves, he might die.

The followers from both sides charged into the collision point, but they were all stopped by the burning flames.

Since the god of fire had returned to his kingdom, he kept teleporting, and the battle became easier once again.

Despite Doff’s speed, he still couldn’t catch someone teleporting.

At that moment, a wave of holy flames struck down on Doff’s second body and injured it badly.

Initially, he would be able to regenerate with faith, but he was no longer in the collision point, so he had to take out a purple potion and pour it in.

In a purple spark, all his injuries were recovered.

Abel kept his eyes on the battle and noticed Doff’s weakness. He lacked long-range attacks, and his speed was still not fast enough for someone who could also teleport.

As the battle was entering the climax, Abel’s worries began to lift as the battle was sliding towards the god of fire’s kingdom.

His kingdom was still safe.

Especially Since he noticed how much faith the god of fire’s kingdom was draining, even that volcano in the center was burning dimmer.

He knew the god of fire did not have much faith stored up, and 500 flaming elves were just too much for him to support.

The god of fire noticed that strange potion Doff just took, and he knew he was in trouble.

He thought there was no way a new god could go against an old god no matter how gifted that new god was, but he did not see Doff’s potion coming.

The god of fire turned his gaze to Abel, and his heart began to pound.

The battle had gone on for 10 minutes, and his flames were starting to dim.

The areas he was hit were no longer generating as fast, which meant he was running out of faith.

A vicious look emerged on his face as he reached his hand down to grab something.

There were countless blacksmith guilds under him, and every object immediately turned into the purest faith and charged towards him.

Those were the homes of his followers, and what he was doing could drastically impact their faithfulness.

He knew he couldn’t do anything too violent to his followers even in his kingdom.

He was supposed to care for them so they would keep supporting him with faith in return.

Once a follower becomes unfaithful, they will cease to exist from his kingdom.

But the god of fire had no choice. If he didn’t repair his body, he wouldn’t be able to continue the fight.

He also noticed the flaming elves were regenerating slower, and a few more had died.

Abel was starting to see the light of victory as the god of fire kept deconstructing his kingdom to replenish his faith.

But at the same time, he felt a little uneasy since those guilds would be his future assets.

Although one could create anything by will in a kingdom, the materials needed to be based on the elements of the kingdom.

There was a limit to those elements, And they could not regenerate once turned into faith.

Therefore, what the god of fire was doing was directly damaging the rewards Abel was going to get.

Suddenly, Abel waved his hand, and the 500 dwarf knights charged towards the flaming elves. The only one staying behind was his grey bear.

They lifted up their hammer, and a wave of lightning swiped across the elves.

A few of them were numbed for a moment, which gave the 3 headed giant a chance to take their elves.

The flaming elves threw a beam of flame towards the dwarf knights, but most of them were counteracted by their energy shield, and the remaining small amount was compensated by knight Wale’s healing aura.

At that moment, the unnoticeable rat also engulfed 50 elves in his poison, and their flames began to dim. Poison was the most annoying element after all,

Those elves were initially holding on as more faith rushed into them, but as time went on, their sparks have fully faded into the void.

All 50 flaming elves were dead, which was the most killed so far.

It was just a matter of time until all those elves were dead, and Doff, on the other hand, was basically playing hide and seek with the god of fire.

The god of fire would occasionally throw out a flame attack, but they were all useless.

He was not at any advantage, his faith was running out, and his elves kept dying.

As for his followers, they were all blacksmiths who couldn’t fight.

“What tricks does the god of fire have up his sleeve?” Abel thought as he kept his eyes out.

Suddenly, he saw a little flame on the ground increasing in size drastically. At the same time, the god of fire’s body immediately vanished from mid-air, and Doff missed his strike.

It was a special skill of the god of fire. He could transfer his body onto any flames.

The little sparks he scattered out a moment ago were for this purpose, and Abel never paid too much attention.

It was the god of fire’s plan all along to skew the battle towards his kingdom. So once the dwarf knight charged forward, Abel would be left defenseless.

Abel never truly got a taste of how powerful those 5000 dwarf knights were. They were all equipped with the finest gears of the dwarves, and they were basically holy objects when used together.

Since they were not holy beings but the most talented followers of a god, they could not only regenerate with faith but also resurrect themselves.

Therefore, even though their attacks were not powerful, their defense was one of the most powerful in the kingdom.

There was no way the god of fire could approach Abel with them around, but now, he finally could.

“Blue dragon Abel, Die!” He roared and fixed his holy energy on Abel as he charged out from the flame.

He could not win against Doff, but he knew Abel was the true mastermind, and he would win once he captured him.


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