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«A Valiant Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 971 - This is very awkward

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Chapter 971: This is very awkward

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Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

“D*mn. Is there an end to this?” Lin Fan kept looking through the news on his phone. Initially, he had thought that the incident should have passed.

However, what made him curse out was that the news was getting more and more viral. It was as if it couldn’t be stopped.

It made headline after headline.

Were all these headlines made especially for him?

Many celebrities had seen this situation and they had started to fall into despair. The headlines had been supposed to be theirs but since the previous year until now, how many headlines had Master Lin made?

Any news that concerned Master Lin made the headlines no matter what. Sometimes, even small matters would somehow make the headlines. This was painful for them to see.

The had put everything on the line to create all kinds of earth-shattering news in order to make the headlines but they wouldn’t even amount to anything that Master Lin did.

Comparing with others will only cause one to go mad. They had started to try and forget about Master Lin. they tried not to compare themselves to Master Lin.

Because it really couldn’t be helped. If they tried to compare to him, they would only humiliate themselves.

On the Internet.

“My Master Lin is really amazing. Who knew that after a series of twist and turns, he would actually receive the Nobel Prize?”

“Haha, did you see the news? Master Lin is really too godly. He tricked the old man until the old man was stunned. I feel like the old man might have been tricked so much that he became stupid.”

“This isn’t tricking. It’s a true skill. Master Lin’s Chinese medical ability is shocking. Being able to tell one’s bodily condition with just one look is normal for him.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Master Lin has brought glory to our country. Chinese medicine has once again been placed in the spotlight thanks to Master Lin. There were no dirty tricks involved at all. And for someone who brings glory to our country, no matter what he does, I can forgive him.

“^Are you retarded? What if Master Lin f*cks your wife?”

“^If Master Lin can give me a valid reason for doing that, I would forgive him and I would even sincerely wish him luck.”

“F*ck, this guy is a retard. He’s an extremist.”


Many celebrities opened their Weibo. Although Master Lin didn’t know them, they decided that they should congratulate him. After all, it would help them gain some popularity, no matter how small.

And if Master Lin were to see it, he might have a good impression of them and they would be beneficial to them in the future.

Although they were celebrities, they couldn’t compare to Master Lin. If they were to commit a mistake, it might be the end of the line for them. But if Master Lin were to commit a mistake, people would forgive him.

Because Master Lin had done many things that other people were not able to accomplish. This was the difference in their abilities.

Cloud Street!

Wang Ming Yang called.

D*mn! Brother, I’m going to go mad!” Wang Ming Yang cried out.

Lin Fan asked, “What happened?”

“I’ve been cheated.” Wang Ming Yang even felt like dying right now. The International Nobel Lottery Company had escaped.

When Wang Ming Yang heard about it, he had been dumbfounded.

That international lottery group had been feeling great at first. It had paid the money that it was supposed to pay and taken the money that it was supposed to take. But later on, when the Nobel Prize in Medicine was given out once more, the company suddenly owed a large sum of money.

Especially in China, the people who had placed bets were too many. And basically, all of them had bet on Master Lin receiving the prize.

They had initially thought that it was just a dream for a Chinese man to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Hence, the odds of Lin Fan winning had been very low. And the returns were very high.

After the prize had been given, the lottery company had been stunned. In the end, all of them packed their things and ran away.

The local police force was already in the midst of investigations. They were tracking down the suspects but they hadn’t caught them yet. However, they had discovered that the suspects had already fled to a crime-rampant area and had pretty much gone into hiding already.

“Forget about it. You were the one who wanted to gamble. Isn’t being cheated to be expected?” Lin Fan didn’t care about that. He had warned Wang Ming Yang that he would suffer a financial loss in the future. Whether or not Lin Fan received the award, that prediction was unavoidable.

“Sigh, I’m helpless. They’ve organized a few bets before. Who knew that they would run away this time? They really aren’t trustworthy at all. But I told you, didn’t I? I told you that you would get the award, so you would definitely get it. You even told me that it wasn’t possible,” said Wang Ming Yang.

It was only 10 million dollars. Since he had been cheated, he let it be. He wouldn’t be depressed over it. He decided to just wait and see if the foreign police would be able to catch the culprits.

But he felt that the probability was very low.

Lin Fan laughed. “You’re f*cking awesome. You really guessed it.”

Wang Ming Yang said, “That wasn’t a guess. I have unshakeable faith in you. If you didn’t get it, then that Nobel Prize shouldn’t even exist anymore.”

“Oh right, Huan Yue said that you want to make a new album for her.”

Lin Fan said, “I did say that. But that will have to wait until she returns from her work. Then, I’ll prepare it for her.”

Wang Ming Yang said, “Brother, to be honest with you, you should hurry up and secure her if you can. Wu Huan Yue is progressing pretty well now and the contract that I have with her is very simple. This is all dependant on you now. If she leaves someday, I will suffer a huge loss.”

Lin Fan responded, “Why do you only care about the money? Hasn’t she already earned a lot of money for you? Even if she leaves someday, it would be fair, wouldn’t it?”

Wang Ming Yang said, “That’s not possible. Those are two different things. But if you can secure her, even if she leaves me, I wouldn’t be angry. Because our relationship isn’t something that can be affected by such a small matter.”

“Alright, alright. I’m hanging up. I’ve been busy with something lately,” said Lin Fan.

“What are you busy with?” asked Wang Ming Yang.

Lin Fan said, “Teaching the children to play the piano.”

The task hadn’t been completed yet. It was time to increase the tempo.

He wasn’t afraid that the children wouldn’t be able to learn quickly enough. After taking the little intelligence pills, these children’s learning ability was exponentially greater than average people. The teachers were especially excited as well. They felt as if they had discovered geniuses.

Lin Fan was very troubled by this as well. Learning too quickly would make things difficult for him as well.

He could only find some hobbies to enrich the children further.

But he had faith that, in a few years, these children would burst out with never-before-seen abilities that will shock not only the country but the whole world.

He was very confident in this beautiful future.

He had already stopped thinking about the Nobel Prize incident. For Chinese medicine to be able to cause waves in other countries was a pretty good thing.

But the pressure form Zhao Ming Qing’s side was very high. He wasn’t able to meet Zhao Ming Qing’s expectations and it was a very awkward situation.

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