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«A Valiant Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 1145 - Master Lin has appeared!

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Chapter 1145: Master Lin has appeared!

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Translator: Sparrow Translations

Editor: Sparrow Translations

Another few days later.

In this period of time, Lin Fan had completely immersed himself in production. He felt that he had gotten better and better at it. The core contents were inputted into the machines. Also, Wang Ming Yang had given him a very good piece of news.

Wang Ming Yang had managed to reach the initial stages of collaboration with the government and they had even come to an agreement regarding the price.

Initially, when Wang Ming Yang had presented the product to the leaders, they had thought that such a perfect artificial limb would definitely be very expensive, at least several tens of thousands in cost. But when they found out that it only cost two thousand dollars to produce, they were completely stunned.

They felt that it was impossible.

A leader had suggested to price it at around ten thousand. But once this was suggested, Wang Ming Yang immediately declined. He would follow his brother’s instructions and he definitely had to price it at the lowest possible price. It was absurd for that leader to suggest ten thousand dollars.

However, what surprised Wang Ming Yang was that the other leaders actually agreed with that suggested price and they felt that it was very appropriate. After all, to them, this perfect artificial limb was very impressive indeed. It was much more advanced than the other artificial limbs on the market.

It was so advanced that they couldn’t quite believe it.

Then, when Wang Ming Yang announced the final price, everyone was stunned.

“Three thousand dollars!”

To them, three thousand dollars was way too cheap. They couldn’t quite accept that.

Wang Ming Yang immediately revealed that this artificial limb had been developed by Master Lin and it wasn’t meant to be used to generate income. If the government wouldn’t accept it, Wang Ming Yang would just bring the product into the market on his own.

However, Secretary Chen slammed the table and decided on the spot to begin producing the artificial limbs and bring them into the market as Master Lin intended. At the same time, he initiated a discussion regarding the issue of other artificial limb companies in the market.

After all, if these perfect artificial limbs were to be released, it would have a great impact on those companies.

But it couldn’t be helped. This was an inevitable problem that came with any reform.

Cloud Street!

Lin Fan was feeling refreshed and energetic. After working hard for this period of time, he had already finished producing artificial limbs for all those crippled children of the welfare institute. He really felt amazing.

When he reached the shop and Fraud Tian and the rest saw him, it was as if they were looking at an amazing person. They were all so excited that they didn’t know what to say.

“Kid, you’re finally back. If you still didn’t come back, I would have thought that you were so addicted to your research that you couldn’t stop.”

Zhao Zhong Yang and Wu You Lan came over as well. They were all in immense admiration of the things Brother Lin had done. They had no idea how to even express their admiration. They could only say that he was amazing.

“Haha. I was busy doing big things,” said Lin Fan with a laugh, “How is it? Judging by your expressions, you probably already know about the perfect artificial limbs.”

Zhao Zhong Yang nodded. “Mmm. We all know about it. We specially went to the welfare institute to take a look. These perfect artificial limbs are really too amazing. If they wear clothes over those artificial limbs, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that those are artificial limbs.”

Lin Fan grinned. “Of course. Don’t you know who made those artificial limbs? But this matter isn’t over yet. I’ve resolved the situation at the welfare institute but there are still many people outside that are just like those children. That’s why I’ve gotten Wang Ming Yang to talk to the government to start spreading these artificial limbs to the masses. I think it should be done soon.”

“That would really be amazing!” Zhao Zhong Yang exclaimed. At the same time, he thought that if these were to be spread to the masses, those artificial limb companies would probably be miserable.

However, since they were collaborating with the government, the government definitely wouldn’t let those companies take too great of a hit. The government would probably find a solution.

Of course, this matter was out of their hands. It was the government’s concern now.

On the Internet.

Lin Fan took out his phone. He hadn’t posted anything on Weibo in a long time. If he were to remain silent for any longer, those netizens might start to forget about him.

“Ah, after being secluded for so long, I’m finally out. I can finally let loose now.”

When this post was sent, the netizens instantly boiled over with excitement.

“D*mn. Master Lin has finally appeared.”

“Where the heck has he been recently? I didn’t see any updates from him and I even thought that he had run away.”

“Master Lin, how is the perfect artificial limb research going? A lot of people are mocking you. You have to show them your true abilities.”

“Some specialists have been talking a lot recently. You have to teach them a lesson.”

“Master Lin, did you manage to develop it or not? They’re all saying that you haven’t appeared recently because you were waiting for the news to die down. But some people are deliberately bringing up the topic and not letting it go.”

The netizens kept commenting below the post. They were very curious about this matter and they were all wondering what exactly was going on.

However, judging by the situation, something didn’t seem right.

Master Lin hadn’t said anything after sending that post. To them, it really seemed like he was avoiding the problem.

At that moment, the official Weibo account of Bor Artificial Limbs Company made a post.

“Master Lin, have you successfully developed it? How is it? How are the perfect artificial limbs? Our company has recently released a new product, which is an improved version of our previous product. Right now, it is only priced at $48,000 and it will change the lives of our crippled friends.”

When Bor Artificial Limbs Company sent that post, many netizens commented below it.

These netizens were all either crippled or they had family members who were crippled, so they paid special attention to these companies. They would always pay attention to the latest updates. When they saw that Bor Artificial Limbs Company had released a new product, they were excited.

However, when they saw the price, they were stunned. This was too expensive and it was difficult for them to accept it.

But when they thought about the condition of their bodies, they had no choice but to accept it.

When Lin Fan saw Bor Artificial Limbs Company’s post, he commented as well. “You’re selling your product at too high of a price. People won’t be able to afford it.”

Bor Artificial Limbs Company: “Expensive? This isn’t expensive at all. This is a very high-tech product.”

Lin Fan continued to comment. “The perfect artificial limbs that I’ve produced will be sold for just three thousand dollars. And all the materials used are very good too. You’re too greedy.”

Bors Artificial Limbs Company: “Master Lin, please mind your words. We’re already offering a very generous price. What could a three thousand dollar artificial limb possibly do? You must be joking. Talking to an outsider like you about this subject is like talking to a cow about feelings.”

Meanwhile, when the netizens saw Master Lin’s reply, they were astonished.

Three thousand dollars?

What kind of artificial limbs are those?

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