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«A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 859: Daughter of a Wealthy Family and Dirt

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Chapter 859: Daughter of a Wealthy Family and Dirt

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

What he said explained the entire situation clearly.

Everyone had a contemptuous look on their faces. What sort of parents were they?! Xia Yu was also quite miserable. Xia Yu had such lazy and ruthless parents. So what if she reunited with them again?

On the big screen, Xia Moyan looked at Xia Yu’s pale face. “So, do you still want to reunite with them?”

Xia Yu was distressed. How could this be? Didn’t Wei Lingnan say that the Xia Family was very wealthy? After Xia Ling reunited with her family, she started to dress in silk and satin gowns. All of her formal gowns were made from the best designers, and even during this Nebula Music Festival, she changed into three gowns of the latest season! Furthermore, she had a matching diamond and jade jewelry that was exceptionally expensive.

Now, just by standing on stage, Xia Ling was glowing, looking like a piece of art.

In this life, she was not a stunning beauty but took care of herself very well such that she was extremely beautiful now and a goddess in the hearts of many. As for Xia Yu? She had natural good looks, but after Wei Lingnan’s torture in the past few years, she looked haggard and even cosmetics could not completely cover up her lack of vitality.

Xia Ling was definitely prettier than her.

This was the benefit of money and power. She was the true daughter of a rich household and a star.

Initially, Xia Yu thought that once she reunited with her family, she would also be able to enjoy the same treatment. However, unexpectedly, her real parents were actually good-for-nothings! They even selfishly abandoned her!

“No… I don’t believe it…” She mumbled wearily.

Xia Ling was a little annoyed. “So, do you want to reunite with your family? Make up your mind. This is a live-stream and the audience is still waiting. The show can’t be delayed because of you.”

The emcee was also brought back to reality. That’s true, time was tight! She quickly raised her microphone. “Miss Xia Yu, are you going to acknowledging your roots and ancestors or not? Since there’s so many people and media representatives watching, it’s a good chance for you to state your answer.” The emcee was focused on the gossip and did not mind the drama. She wanted to know if Xia Yu still wanted to reunite with her family after suffering such psychological damage from her parents.

Xia Yu was very distracted. After hearing the emcee, she abruptly lifted her head.

Finished… Her dreams of being part of a rich family went up in flames. It turned out that from the start, she was never from a rich family! In the past, she relied on Xia Ling in the orphanage. Moreover, Pei Ziheng adopted her only because of Xia Ling. Now, even when it came to reuniting with their families, she was still inferior to Xia Ling!

Xia Yu was crestfallen. Why… Why was she so unlucky? Why was she always losing to Xia Ling?!

Her eyes were filled with resentment. When she looked up and saw that the camera was pointed at her, she quickly covered her face and acted sorrowful. “I didn’t expect… my parents to be like this… They probably don’t want me anymore…”

She cried in devastation. She really suffered too much in her life. Why should Xia Ling stand in the clouds as a phoenix while she remained as lowly dust?!

After a long time, the emcee started to become impatient. “Miss Xia Yu… Miss Xia Yu… Can you stop crying? Although we all sympathize with you, this is a live show and have limited time. Can I ask if you are going to acknowledge your biological parents? Quickly tell everyone your decision.”

As Xia Yu’s crying was interrupted, she became furious. Did that small emcee think she could push her around? What sort of attitude was this?! She did not give her enough time to cry obviously because she looked down on her family background!

She glared at the host fiercely. The emcee was scared by her ferocious look and took a step back.

This time, the cameras caught this scene.

In front of the screen, many viewers said incredulously, “Look, did you just see Xia Yu’s expression? Why did she become so fierce? Wasn’t she always very weak before? How terrifying!”

“You can’t read a book by its cover. She probably suffered a huge blow and lost control of herself.” Another audience member said.

Some even shook their heads. “Initially, I sympathized with her. But how could she glare at the emcee like that? The emcee did not even provoke her. How rude!”

That one glare was too sinister, causing many people to become disgusted.

There were even people who whispered. “No wonder she could plot against Xiao Ling’s child. Judging from that look, she’s probably not a good person. In fact, her former pitiful and weak personality was probably an act.”

Very soon, this conjecture was posted online.

Many people started discussing whether Xia Yu was weak and kind or just acting to gain the sympathy of others? Once a perfect act had cracks, it was difficult for her to cover up any longer.


Xia Ling also urged her. “Xia Yu, are you going to acknowledge your parents or not? You spent so much effort to force me to accept your apology because you wanted to return to your family, right? Now that my brother has told you your identity, it can’t be that you’re hesitating, right? Children don’t look down on their families because they’re poor and won’t ever think that their parents are ugly. You can’t refuse to acknowledge them because they aren’t the best people.”

Xia Ling was very happy. In fact, she was gloating over Xia Yu’s misfortune. Hahaha… After being the victim of Xia Yu’s schemes for so long, she finally got what she deserved! She felt as happy as a lark and almost wanted to sing in glee.

After hearing her urges, Xia Yu knew that she couldn’t avoid this any longer.

Gritting her teeth, she said, “How could I not acknowledge them? No matter how my parents treated me, they’re still my biological parents. I… I still hope that after acknowledging them, I can support them.”

Xia Ling was a little surprised.

She initially thought that Xia Yu would think of a way to evade this and not acknowledge her humiliating parents. Unexpectedly, Xia Yu acknowledged them. Had she really changed and become kinder?

She looked at Xia Yu in bewilderment.

She did not know that Xia Yu was on a mission. She had no choice but to acknowledge her parents. Even if the entire world mocked her for returning home, she still had to get the flower and be accountable to Wei Lingnan.

Xia Moyan spoke as calmly as before. “Your parents are part of the Xia Family. Since you want to acknowledge them, as the Xia Family Preceptor, I have to tell you a few things. Firstly, if you did not acknowledge them, based on your relationship with Xiao Ling in the orphanage, you could still call her ‘sister.’ However, since you acknowledged your family, there are rules that you have to follow. As a daughter of a family in the side branches, you have to call Xiao Ling ‘Miss Ling.’”

The color was drained from Xia Yu’s face. This was tantamount to hammering a nail into her heart. In this life, she always lost to Xia Ling no matter how hard she fought back. And now, she lost even more miserably!

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