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«A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 1229: Test

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Chapter 1229: Test

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How sad.

The old man lowered his eyes and stopped talking.

Wei Lingnan lit a cigarette. He was smoking in the laboratory for the first time. He slowly breathed out a cigarette ring, and asked the old man, “Why aren’t you talking? Do you think I’ll fail again?”

“I won’t dare to,” said the old man carefully. “You will succeed.”

Mr. Wei was a very generous employer who took very good care of the old man’s wives and children. In fact, every employee working here and their families all had a good life, far better than anyone outside. Mr. Wei was only sensitive and moody towards experimental issues. Those who had offended him disappeared silently and no one saw them again.

Wei Lingnan looked at Xia Yingluo for a long time across the glass cover.

“She dreamt,” he said to the old man.

The old man was stunned. “What did she dream of?” All the subjects rarely dreamed, but even if they had dreams, they never found anything special. He didn’t know why Wei Lingnan specifically raised this issue.

What did she dream of?

Wei Lingnan shook his head, looking at the girl in the fluorescent blue liquid with a gloomy glance. “It’s always good to be able to dream.” Although all she dreamed of were insignificant things, maybe this was the first step to remembering the past? At least the passage of dreams was opened, and it was okay even if it was about the avatar planet.

The old man looked at him and sighed in his heart.

Xia Yingluo didn’t know how long she was asleep. When she woke up, she found there was silence around her. She was wrapped in a gentle fluorescent blue liquid, and the water wave swayed slightly, making her a little bit stunned.

Where was this?

What happened to her?

She swam in the turquoise blue liquid and reached the edge of the huge glass ball, and then she gradually saw the scene outside—the empty laboratory was full of equipment that she couldn’t understand. A man stood silently beside the glass and was staring at her through the blue liquid. Wei Lingnan.

Her eyes met his and she was suddenly angry, it must be him… it must be him!

It was he who captured her here, using some unknown method to turn her into this state. What was he going to do?! Xia Yingluo reached out and patted the glass ball’s transparent wall vigorously. She opened her mouth and asked him to let her out, but she couldn’t make a sound.

The man outside the giant glass globe looked at her.

She was getting tired of calling and patting the glass. She stared at him even more angrily.

Wei Lingnan smoked outside, one cigarette after another.

After a long time, he walked to the edge of the glass ball, and his long fingers seemed to wave randomly in the void. The fluorescent blue liquid level in the glass ball gradually subsided and finally disappeared completely. Then, the glass ball disappeared, and she stood directly in front of him without hindrance. She was disheveled, her body and hair were dripping wet with water and only her pair of eyes was bright and burning with flames, anxious to swallow him alive.

“What the hell are you doing?!” she asked him, “Where is this? Let me go!”

Wei Lingnan wasn’t angry at her attitude. “This is the Wei Family biopharmaceutical base.”

“What did you bring me here for?” Could it be that she was going to be chopped up and turned into medicine?

In the empty room, Wei Lingnan smiled a little, his smile a little indifferent. “I want you.”

She didn’t understand what he meant.

He had already stepped forward, and with a strong arm, he easily took her in. He bowed his head and gave her a possessive kiss.

His long kiss caused her to be unable to kiss, and she pushed against him instinctively but failed to. She felt his heavy body press against her, pressing her down onto the iron bed in the middle of the laboratory. Her originally disheveled shirt was completely torn off and he invaded her again unscrupulously…

She opened her eyes wide and couldn’t believe it. Was this person a beast?

Why, why, she had to experience such an attack once again when she had just fainted and woken up from it?

She struggled desperately, using all her strength to fight, kick and bite him, but to no avail. Xia Yingluo realized in horror that there were still people in the world who could suppress her so thoroughly. With her skills, even the world’s top special forces and killers would have to spend some effort to subdue her. But what about the man in front of her? He was overwhelmingly successful.

She was confused and frightened and felt as if his shoulder was being torn by her. Fresh blood flowed out and then healed at an incredible speed…

It was not so much an entanglement as it was a war.

Neither of them let go. They were so desperate and tried their best.

When the violation ended, Wei Lingnan released her.

She curled her body up, and it was covered with dappled marks. Before she could catch her breath, she saw Wei Lingnan take a few steps back. He waved his hands in the void and the glass cover was covered again.

Xia Yingluo was startled. She struggled to stand up, but once her bare feet touched the ground, she felt the glowing blue liquid flow, and soon it drowned her body. She floated weakly in that liquid and glared weakly at Wei Lingnan across the swaying light and shadow of the waves.

Wei Lingnan didn’t even look at her. A screen of light emerged from the void, showing all the strange data. His expression gradually changed from concentration to disappointment—the old man was right, Xia Yingluo’s data was much lower than any previous test. It was almost close to a normal human. Even after doing so many energy exchanges with her, there was still almost no growth and was still far behind the previous experimental bodies that had yet to undergo energy exchanges.

No, he would not give up.

She was made from the last test material, and he couldn’t imagine what he would do if he lost her.

He imprisoned her in the glass cover and turned to leave.

Xia Yingluo looked at his back, and she was about to explode in anger. Who was this man to do whatever he wanted with her? She never wanted to kill anyone in her life before, but now she really wanted to kill him!

The bluish liquid had disappeared, and the glass cover was clean.

There was no silk thread on her body, and her dress had already been torn by him and couldn’t be worn. So she lay on the iron bed in the glass cover, hugging herself tightly. She told herself, Yingluo, don’t worry, there must be a way. You must find a way out of here and then… you’ll let him pay for what he did today!

She was imprisoned by him.

He brought her meals every day, taking care of her three meals. But he possessed her thoroughly and completely every day, regardless of her resistance, remaining unmoving even under all her curses.

The fluorescent blue liquid, glass cover, mysterious light screen and him…

These were all that made up her nights.

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