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All Things Wrong
Record of Wortenia War
I Became a Living Cheat
Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
Shoujo Grand Summoning
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List Novels (Demons) 110 Results
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Beings that possess human like appearance, but are of another race other than human and usually possess strength greater than a regular human. Sometimes shown as an evil or a race that's good at dark arts in fantasy, and others as beast that have surpassed a certain level of cultivation in xiaxia and xuanhuan.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
1Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!Web Novel2017927/2563
2Advent of the ArchmageWeb Novel2016729/726
3Against the GodsWeb Novel20141572/1555
4Ancient Godly MonarchWeb Novel20152006/2047
5AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon”Light Novel2012113/113
6ArchfiendWeb Novel2016491/1338
7Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)Web Novel2013364/370
8Because My Toilet Turned Into a Dungeon, Taking Care of My Business Has Become too DifficultWeb Novel20171/1
9BreakersWeb Novel2016234/234
10Castle of Black IronWeb NovelN/A1986/2012
11Child of LightWeb Novel2004357/357
12City of SinWeb Novel20111246/1306
13Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai KyusoukyokuWeb Novel2013595/589
14Dragon Maken WarKorean Novel2013267/267
15Dragon-Marked War GodWeb Novel20142064/3221
16Dungeon DefenseKorean Novel201654/54
17Dungeon HunterWeb Novel2015171/171
18Emperor’s DominationWeb Novel20142590/3186
19Evil God AverageWeb Novel201582/82
20Gate of GodWeb Novel20151115/1117
21God Of SlaughterWeb Novel20111619/1617
22Going Back and Forth Between Earth and The Other World with Space Time MagicWeb Novel2015430/?
23Great Demon KingWeb Novel2008777/1027
24History’s Strongest Senior BrotherWeb Novel20161224/1836
25I Reincarnated For NothingWeb Novel2017204/204
26I Shall Seal the HeavensWeb Novel20141618/1618
27Imperial God EmperorWeb Novel20151287/1383
28Infinite Competitive Dungeon SocietyWeb Novel2015353/353
29Isekai Tensei – Kimi to no Saikai made Nagai koto Nagai kotoWeb Novel2016128/271
30I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being JoblessWeb Novel2015305/303
31Kami nomi zo Shiru SekaiLight Novel200915/15
32Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni NatteitaWeb Novel2018225/230
33Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!Light Novel2013130/150
34Last EmbryoLight Novel201535/100
35Library of Heaven’s PathWeb Novel20161908/2120
36Limitless Sword GodWeb NovelN/A1240/1569
37Long Live Summons!Web Novel2010795/1399
38Lord Xue YingWeb Novel20151245/1398
39Lord of All RealmsWeb Novel20161120/1823
40Magi Craft MeisterWeb Novel2013366/2167
41Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan MaouLight Novel2013171/171
42Mai Kitsune WaifuWeb Novel2013785/1318
43Martial God SpaceWeb Novel2012650/3886
44Martial PeakWeb Novel2013965/4313
45Martial WorldWeb Novel20122277/2277
46Masked KnightWeb Novel2005338/338
47Monarch of EvernightWeb Novel2014791/1500
48Mushoku TenseiWeb Novel2012284/284
49My Disciple Died Yet AgainWeb Novel2014394/394
50My House Is a Magic Power Spot ~Just by Living There I Become the Strongest in the World~Web Novel2015281/300
51Nidome no YuushaWeb Novel2015169/200
52Night RangerWeb Novel2015735/735
53Omnipotent SageWeb Novel2010900/897
54OvergearedWeb Novel20151129/1200
55OverlordLight Novel2010138/138
56Pursuit of the TruthWeb Novel20121409/1484
57Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The WorldWeb Novel2010888/995
58Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsWeb Novel20161517/3521
59Red Packet ServerWeb Novel2016830/2035
60Release that WitchWeb Novel20161498/1498
61Renegade ImmortalWeb Novel20092004/2088
62Rise of HumanityWeb Novel20151001/1490
63Sage MonarchWeb Novel2011510/1600
64Seeking the Flying Sword PathWeb Novel2017741/740
65Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~Web Novel2014199/205
66Seoul Station’s NecromancerWeb Novel2016209/209
67Shen Yin Wang ZuoWeb Novel2011759/877
68Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~Web Novel2016329/350
69Shinmai Maou no KeiyakushaLight Novel201248/60
70Silent CrownWeb Novel2015745/835
71Skyfire AvenueWeb Novel2014904/904
72Soaring the HeavensWeb Novel2012532/2253
73Sovereign of the Three RealmsWeb Novel20142099/2374
74Spirit RealmWeb Novel20141730/1841
75Spirit VesselWeb Novel2013633/1150
76Tales of Demons and GodsWeb Novel2015483/500
77Tales of Herding GodsWeb Novel2017878/1516
78Talisman EmperorWeb Novel20081571/2225
79Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN)Web Novel2013294/324
80The 5000-year-old Herbivorous DragonWeb Novel201779/139
81The Book Eating MagicianWeb Novel2017400/400
82The Brilliant Fighting MasterWeb Novel2016719/3197
83The Devil’s CageWeb Novel20161412/1700
84The Experimental Log of the Crazy LichWeb Novel2014679/836
85The Good for Nothing Seventh Young LadyWeb Novel20131998/2759
86The Great RulerWeb Novel20131593/1562
87The King of the BattlefieldWeb Novel2016245/270
88The Laid-back Life in Another World of the Ex-Hero Candidate Who Turned out to be a Cheat from Level 2Web Novel201564/544
89The Legendary Master’s WifeWeb Novel2013731/731
90The Lord’s EmpireWeb Novel20171303/2382
91The New GateLight Novel2013202/200
92The Novel’s ExtraWeb Novel2018380/361
93The Portal of WonderlandWeb Novel2015547/1130
94The Record of Unusual CreaturesWeb Novel20141518/1773
95The Spearmaster and the Black CatWeb Novel2016157/521
96The Spiritual Attainment of MingheWeb Novel2017418/418
97The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a WeekWeb Novel2017240/240
98The Strongest Wizard Becomes a Countryside Guardsman After Taking an Arrow to the KneeWeb Novel2017194/427
99The Two-Faced Venerate EmperorWeb Novel2016928/1448
100The World after the FallWeb Novel2016250/250
101True Martial WorldWeb Novel20151710/1710
102Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai DouchuuWeb Novel2013367/400
103Ultimate AntiheroLight Novel2014131/106
104Valhalla SagaWeb Novel2017308/308
105Way of the DevilWeb Novel2017556/1213
106Welcome to the Man-Eating DungeonWeb Novel2013132/132
107Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel2017306/1410
108Wu Dong Qian KunWeb Novel20111317/1317
109Ze Tian JiWeb Novel20141185/1185
110ZhanxianWeb Novel2011491/2665