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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 392: Halfway Activated

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Chapter 392: Halfway Activated

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In the space, Lin Qiao, who didn’t yet know that her identity was uncovered, spent two days to finally absorb all of Viney’s energy. After that, she found the lights around her turning brighter and brighter. As she thought, she was still at the bottom of the lake.

As she regained the control of her own body, she immediately swam upward. While swimming, she suddenly saw a few locks of black hair drifting before her eyes. She was puzzled for a moment, then touched her head with a hand while swimming.

Her hair were no longer spiky. She put her five fingers into her soft and long hair, then put the hair before her eyes.

They had grown out! They were her hair!

Seeing her new hair, Lin Qiao was instantly cheered up. She swam upward at a higher speed, and for some reason, she felt quite free in the lake. She didn’t need to spend too much effort, because she was able to swim fast very easily. Moreover, the energy in her lake gave her a comfortable feeling.

Soon, she reached the water surface. She bobbed up and looked around, her eyes showing a faint confusion. After that, she swam toward the lakeside.

At that time, Shen Yujen, who might have sensed her vibe, slowly walked out of a small space. She looked at Lin Qiao confusedly, also with puzzlement in her eyes.

She clearly sensed that Lin Qiao’s vibe had changed, and so had her scent. Her scent had become sweet and tempting.

However, her vibe had become even scarier than before. She seemed to be at a higher level now, and her vibe was mixed together with that of the vine plant in the lake. Another strange vibe was also contained in the mixture.

The pressure which was given to Shen Yuzhen by Lin Qiao’s current vibe was stronger than what her old vibe gave her many times over.

Shen Yujen watched Lin Qiao slowly come out of the water, then pick up the clothes on the chair to dress herself.

She was surprised to see Lin Qiao’s long hair. She had only been in the lake for about ten days. How could her hair grow so long within such a short time? Was she able to grow her hair along with her level?

Lin Qiao put the clothes on, then looked at her hands and touched her wet hair. After that, she touched her eyes.

She didn’t notice that her eyes had turned to black and white from purely black. Her pupils were glowing green, which made her eyes look like the eyes of western people. However, she had an oriental face.

She put the cosmetic contacts which she took out earlier back into her eye sockets. In fact, she didn’t need those anymore, but she had yet to figure that out.

She noticed Shen Yujen’s gaze. There was quite a distance between them, but still, she felt the latter’s emotions.

Shen Yuzhen was confused, scared, and obedient… Lin Qiao sensed her complicated feelings over the distance. She also sensed fear and desire for hiding from the woods, which was pretty far away.

She walked to the couch area where Shen Yujen was, then asked her, “What’s wrong? What are you afraid of?” After saying that, she paused in shock.

Her voice was fixed. It was no longer unpleasantly dry and hoarse, but silvery and sweet-sounding like a healthy female voice.

Shen Yujen paused briefly as well upon hearing Lin Qiao’s voice, because she didn’t expect her voice to recover as well.

She walked toward Lin Qiao and carefully looked at her.

Lin Qiao was able to sense her thoughts. “Yeah, I think I have upgraded. And my body has been repaired, also activated. But, it’s only halfway activated. As for the other half, I might need to wait for a long while for it to be activated.” She touched her stomach while speaking. Viney had told her that the day Viney was born would be the day her body got activated completely.

Viney also said that that would be the most dangerous part of the whole activation process.

Shen Yujen looked at her and nodded.

“I’m ready to go out and head to the new base. Are you still unwilling to go out to see Chen Yuting?” Lin Qiao asked her.

Hearing her mention Chen Yuting, Shen Yujen shook her head, then opened her mouth and said something silently.

Lin Qiao glanced at her with surprise, saying, “Eh? Have you thought it through? You should have figured it out long ago. If he cared about what you look like now, he wouldn’t have begged me to turn you into a zombie. Don’t you trust your relationship?”

Shen Yujen slowly shook her head, then nodded.

Lin Qiao sighed and said, “I’ll bring you there then. I’ll let you out when I arrive.”

Shen Yujen looked at her and nodded expectantly.

After that, Lin Qiao flashed out of her space in her invisible state and came into the room where Lin Wenwen lived in Sea City Base. She sniffed around and found that the scents belonging to Lin Wenwen, Yuan Tianxing, and the others had almost faded. She only grasped some traces of their scents which were left there days ago.

However, she sensed the scents of Du Yuanxing and two soldiers from the room across the hall. Only the three of them were left here.

Based on those faint, lingering scents in that room, Lin Qiao figured that Yuan Tianxing and the others had left Sea City Base for the new base which was located in the Upper City District in Hangzhou.

She glanced at the door and the windows, and found that they were all locked. The outside was bright, seeming to be afternoon time.

She didn’t open the door, but headed to the door of the balcony.

Then, she realized that she was now able to do anything in her invisible state except for using her superpower. She could even kill a person with her claws while staying invisible. So now, she could deliver perfect sneak attacks or assassinations.

She gently unlocked the door and pushed it open, then spent a moment sensing the surrounding vibes. She found that quite a few vibes were hiding around the room for some unknown reason. The owners of those vibes should have been watching this room for the whole time.

Therefore, she pushed the door open very slowly, as if the door was opened by a breeze. No one was able to see her anyway.

After coming out, she closed the door form the outside, then leaped out of the balcony. In the next moment, she was on the roof of another building.

She had no shadow, not even when she stood under the sunlight. That had been making her feel as if she was a traceless ghost. Right now, she still didn’t have a shadow even under the bright daylight!

She thought that her special skills might be disabled after she turned back into a human being. But to her surprise, her skills weren’t affected at all.

She landed on a tree, then popped her translucent black nails and scratched a branch.


Following the slight noise, the branch broke.

She turned and left that tree, hopping onto a utility pole before leaping toward an administration building. After that, she walked to the building from a corner.

In the crowded first floor hall, no one discovered her presence. Anyway, she didn’t linger there, but headed straight to the Mission Hall.

Soon, she made a tour in the Misson Hall and spent a while watching Du Yuanxing and the others doing the recruitment work. As nothing abnormal was found, she turned and left toward an area where nobody was present.

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