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«Zombie Sister Strategy (Web Novel) - Chapter 336: The Zombie Dog Loses

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Chapter 336: The Zombie Dog Loses

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Soon, the zombie dog stood up from the ground, not seeming to have been harmed at all. It shook the dirt off its fir, then continued growling at the tree.


Abruptly, it widely opened its jaws toward the trees and bared its white and sharp teeth. Lin Qiao sensed waves of energy from its body. Before long, a stream of energy gushed out of its mouth.

“Roar!” It let out a thunderous roar toward the tree, following which, a purple-red flake of fire burst from its mouth, toward the tree. The tree flinched once the purple-red fire showed up. It bent backward as far as possible to dodge the fire.

A wave of energy was released from the groove on the tree trunk, as if the tree was trying to protect itself from the fire.

Lin Qiao watched the level-five zombie dog release the raging fire to burn the curled leafless tree.

The zombie dog was powerful. It kept releasing fire from its mouth for two or three minutes before stopping.

Lin Qiao could sense the incredibly high temperature of that fire. The plants nearby which weren’t burned by the fire had all quickly withered.

The zombie dog kept its fire under a good control, so it only burned the tree and not the other plants. However, the plants nearby were still dried by the fire.

Lin Qiao automatically stepped backward. She had to, because it was too hot!

An ordinary tree would have turned into a puff of smoke after being burned by the zombie dog’s fire for two or three minutes. However, this monster-like tree was merely shrinking to itself, looking like a giant, black fist. No matter how ragingly the fire burned, the tree remained fine.

As the fire failed to do any severe harm to the tree, the zombie dog took it back before baring its teeth and pouncing on the tree once again. Then, it violently swung its forepaws down at the tree.

Lin Qiao looked at the tree with surprise. How magical… that tree was actually not afraid of fire!

Swish! The zombie dog brandished its sharp claws to scratch the tree, then landed on the ground. Right after that, it sprung back up and launched another claw attack.

Its fire was ineffective to the tree, but claws weren’t.

Puff! Puff! Puff! A few leafless branches were neatly cut off.

As the few branches were cut off by the zombie dog, the tree shook intensely. After that, it seemed to feel that the zombie dog wouldn’t release fire again within a short while, so it quickly unwrapped itself. Countless branches spread, then all swept toward the zombie dog which was charging at the tree again.

This time, the zombie dog didn’t manage to react timely. It stepped on the branches, but while leaping away, it was wrapped up by another branch which reached out suddenly.

“Aw-woo…” The zombie dog howled in panic, then was suddenly dragged down by the tree. Before it could react, the tree swiftly reached out other branches to coil around the dog’s hind legs, then began smashing it against the ground over and over again.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

“Roar… oar… ar…”

Looking at the zombie dog which now looked like a dead dog, Lin Qiao silently sweated for it. Well, of course, she couldn’t actually sweat.

It must be so painful!

Hearing the dog let out shrill screams while being thrown at the ground once again, Lin Qiao felt that its internal organs must have been crushed already, even though it was a zombie dog.

As the zombie dog was dizzied, the groove on the tree trunk suddenly widened like an opening mouth. Next, Lin Qiao saw the tree wrap the zombie dog up with all its branches, especially the dog’s head, as if to prevent it from releasing fire again. Then, the branches raised the dog and threw it toward the groove.

Right at that moment, Lin Qiao made a move and suddenly rushed at the middle of the tree trunk.

Before, no matter how intense the battle was, the middle part of the tree trunk was wrapped tightly. Therefore, Lin Qiao had only been watching the whole time. Anyway, she didn’t think that the level-five zombie dog would be defeated by the tree so soon.

Seeing the zombie dog being dragged toward the middle area of the tree trunk, Lin Qiao guessed that the tree was about to feed. The middle area of the tree was the source of the rotten corpse smell, so it should also be the tree’s mouth.

Therefore, as the tree wrapped the zombie dog up and dragged it toward the middle of the tree trunk, Lin Qiao seized this opportunity to charge.

She moved so quickly that she was above the zombie dog within a moment. She stepped on the dog, then swung her claws downward. Meanwhile, she showed her face.

From the battle that happened just now, Lin Qiao had learned that the tree wasn’t afraid of superpower attacks. The zombie dog’s fire failed to hurt it, but its claws managed to cut off a few branches.

Therefore, Lin Qiao decided to cut the tree with her claws.

The tree panicked upon sensing Lin Qiao’s sudden appearance, because her vibe gave it a very dangerous feeling, and she was right before its most vital area.

Lin Qiao launched her attack once she showed up. After swinging her claws, she disappeared from above the zombie dog.

Puff! Puff! Puff! After she disappeared, a series of weird noise was heard from the tree, and then, the tree stopped moving.

The zombie dog sensed danger and recovered from the dizziness once it was wrapped up by the tree. While being dragged into the tree’s mouth, it had been struggling the whole time.

Now, the tree had stopped the moving, but the dog didn’t. Suddenly, the dog freed itself from the branches.

The branches which had wrapped it so tightly all loosened, then softly fell to the ground, as if someone had switched them off.

Thud! The zombie dog fell to the ground, then stood up while confusedly looking at the mutant tree. But soon, it was on the alert again. It slowly bent its forelimbs, its ears flattened back as it fiercely looked around with its pair of scary-looking beast eyes.

Lin Qiao, turned and flipped in the air, then steadily landed on the ground.

“Roar…” the zombie dog immediately fixed its eyes on her, then lowered its head and bared its teeth.

Crack… At that point, a cracking noise was suddenly heard from the tree. Following the noise, the tree really started to crack from the middle of the trunk.

Bang! Bang! The tree trunk fell into pieces on the ground loudly while a strong stench was instantly radiated from the broken tree trunk.

The tree trunk was hollow. As it broke into pieces, some bone pieces and sticky fluid flowed out of it. Those bone pieces and the liquid which used to be blood and flesh should be the real source of the stench.

While walking toward the tree, Lin Qiao covered her nose as she couldn’t stand the smell. After cutting open the tree, she sensed where its energy nucleus was.

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