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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 483: The Dragon God’s Descent

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Chapter 483: The Dragon God’s Descent

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When it first appeared, the Dragon Emperor Douluo felt it the most acutely.

If Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had left him astonished earlier, he was horrified to see the seven-colored dragon projection that shone from Tang Wutong’s body.

If it was just the color or aura of this projection, the Dragon Emperor Douluo wouldn’t have felt it so strongly. More importantly, it was the dominance of the projection that made him felt so overwhelmed. It was a dominance that originated from her lineage.

“Dragon God?” Long Xiaoyao shouted, and subconsciously staggered back.

In the past, he and Mu En were called the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White. Mu En’s title was the Dragon God, while he was the Dragon Emperor. However, such titles were only compliments to their immense abilities. Their martial souls were the Radiant Holy Dragon and Darkness Holy Dragon respectively, which were both branches of the dragon species. The reason why they were so strong was because they were one of the authentic dragons.

The Radiant Holy Dragon and Darkness Holy Dragon were both very respected, and were considered one of the more superior dragons. Long Xiaoyao’s martial soul was in fact of the same lineage as Di Tian. However, the difference between his martial soul and Di Tian’s was that Di Tian was the clan master of the Black Dragons, since he was the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King. If the Darkness Holy Dragon actually existed, it would at most be regarded as an honorary elder of the Black Dragons.

The aura that Tang Wutong exuded from her body right now clearly belonged to that of dragons. However, it was much superior to the aura of the Radiant and Darkness Holy Dragons. Furthermore, that terrifying dominance from her aura only belonged to the original Dragon God!

Even though the aura that came from Tang Wutong’s body was slightly weaker, it was still different from that of the Darkness Holy Dragon.

Her abilities weren’t enough to threaten Long Xiaoyao, but her streak of dragon aura completely suppressed Long Xiaoyao and his Darkness Holy Dragon, causing him to become fearful.

Tang Wutong used the fourth soul skill of her Radiant Butterfly Goddess, Dragon God’s Possession.

The seven-colored dragon projection turned into a layer of thin seven-colored dragon scales on Tang Wutong’s body. Her dragon scales extended all the way until her lower jaw. Only her head wasn’t covered. After she was engulfed by a thin layer of dragon scales, her aura became more and more dominant.

Behind her, a pair of wings that were also dyed in the same seven colors rose up. Her second soul ring also started to shine, causing a seven-colored glow to burn brightly. It was her second soul skill, Dragon God’s Fury.

A high-pitched dragon roar reverberated through the air, forming a huge seven-colored light blade that chopped towards Long Xiaoyao’s head. It was Tang Wutong’s third soul skill, Radiant Dragon God’s Slash.

At this moment, even Long Xiaoyao couldn’t confirm what Tang Wutong’s martial soul was. However, there was one thing he was clear about; the blood lineage and aura of the Dragon God were present in her martial soul.

Earlier, he had thought that Huo Yuhao was the most special, far surpassing any generational talent. But right now, he immediately sensed that Tang Wutong was on the same tier as him when she unleashed her full strength! Even though he had been alive for more than two hundred years, he had never even heard of an inherited martial soul of the Dragon God before.

He lifted his right hand and gently smacked it. The night sky behind him instantly turned pitch-black.

The Radiant Dragon God’s Slash was slowly dissipated by that darkness. However, Long Xiaoyao’s body actually shone with streaks of seven-colored light. Although they soon vanished, Tang Wutong’s attack was still able to hit him. This showed the effect of the Dragon God’s blood lineage in her attack.

Tang Wutong’s attacks didn’t cease just like that. She continued to charge forward, but her body transformed.

The seven-colored dragon projection appeared once again. However, it was no longer illusory this time. It was well and truly real.

It was a small and delicate seven-colored dragon. A pair of butterfly-shaped dragon wings opened behind her back. Seven-colored scales reflected bright lights. This small seven-colored dragon was only seven meters long. It was very small and weak compared to a real dragon. Even most of the mature earthdragons were bigger than it.

However, as it appeared, Long Xiaoyao took another step back.

By unleashing the Dragon’s God Possession through her Radiant Butterfly Goddess, it would naturally evolve into the Dragon God’s Descent. Of course it wasn’t the true Dragon God, but that streak of strength from the Dragon God’s lineage was still unleashed to its greatest potential.

The reason why Long Xiaoyao stepped back was because her Dragon God’s aura had become stronger. If it were Ye Xishui, things might even still be better. But Long Xiaoyao’s Darkness Holy Dragon naturally developed some fear in front of the Dragon God’s aura. It was not something that could be made up for using his cultivation.

Tang Wutong’s wings slashed down instantly. It was her Dragon Wings Guillotine!

Long Xiaoyao lifted his right hand. Tang Wutong felt as if she had hit some kind of viscous fluid, which hindered her. It even felt as if she was stuck to something.

“Roar——” Another sonorous dragon roar sounded. The seven-colored dragon roared furiously at Long Xiaoyao, and Tang Wutong’s fifth soul ring shone brightly. It was her fifth soul skill, Dragon God’s Roar.

A huge seven-colored dragon head appeared behind Tang Wutong. Following this roar, an intense seven-colored glow, which was around as large as Tang Wutong, was released in Long Xiaoyao’s direction.

The black current around Long Xiaoyao’s body was greatly dissipated by this seven-colored glow.

Tang Wutong unleashed her full strength, but why would Long Xiaoyao let her achieve what she wanted? He snorted coldly before the viscous black moved up to the seven-colored dragon wings. The incredible difference in their cultivations couldn’t be made up for just from the strength of Tang Wutong’s lineage. Tang Wutong only felt a wave of invisible, dark aura suppressing her spiritual power. This lept her Dragon God’s aura from spreading any further.

At this moment, the surrounding temperature suddenly fell significantly. A snow-white figure appeared beside Tang Wutong and pressed her palm towards Long Xiaoyao’s head.

The temperature didn’t actually fall. The chill came from within. Yes, it came from within Long Xiaoyao’s body.

“What?” Long Xiaoyao was stunned. He immediately flipped his left palm to receive the incoming palm.

Empress’ Sword, Empress’ Palm, Empress’ Chill! It was the Snow Empress and the Snowless Glacier.

“Grr——” The Snow Empress snorted gently, and her snowy-white figure became illusory. A jade-green figure replaced her, and a sinister white light swept past.

Long Xiaoyao pointed with his finger, and a ring rang out. The jade-green figure instantly turned illusory before it backed off.

Long Xiaoyao’s left arm was quickly frozen from the consecutive strikes. A layer of frost engulfed his entire arm. His arm turned completely numb. Even with his cultivation, he couldn’t instantly neutralize it.

Destiny’s Demise had taken effect, and his material defense had been lowered. Otherwise, how could Long Xiaoyao be frozen, given that the Snow Empress and Ice Empress weren’t in their original form?

It was at this moment that a figure that exuded strong rose-gold light appeared. A palm also appeared with this figure.

Weird emotional undulations spread in the air. Sorrow, yearning, love, pain and all kinds of other emotions gathered in this palm.

It was the Haodong Palm, a palm which lasted eternally.

Long Xiaoyao’s right palm was controlling Tang Wutong, and his left palm was frozen. However, at this moment, he seemed very calm. He wasn’t as stunned as before.

He retracted his right palm and blocked Huo Yuhao’s palm.

When their palms collided, Huo Yuhao was flung back. Long Xiaoyao’s body also jerked slightly, and he revealed a confused look in his eyes. At this instant, he seemed to have returned to two hundred years ago, when he was first making a name with Mu En and met Ye Xishui.

White and jade-green combined. Two hands were holding onto each other. The light projection re-formed.

It was as if they had instantly arrived in another world. Everything around them instantly turned into a land of ice and snow.

The Ice Empress and Snow Empress disappeared. A rebuke that seemed to come from the ice plains of the Extreme North descended from the sky.

Two giant beams of white and jade-green light instantly descended. The boundless darkness was crushed by that miraculous white and green, turning into powder.

Long Xiaoyao’s body shook. In the next moment, he had already turned into an ice statue.

Tang Wutong struggled and managed to break free from her restraints. She flew back into the air.

“Bang——” The ice statue exploded, scattering ice everywhere.

It was the Ice Explosion Technique. The ice formed from Ultimate Ice was immediately blown apart as the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses was unleashed.

Huo Yuhao crashed to the ground and grabbed his left hand.

Is it over?

It wasn’t just his Spirit Eyes that could unleash the strength of a Titled Douluo. When he used his full strength, he could do it with his Ultimate Ice martial soul too.

After the Snow Empress recovered, the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses had already regained its full strength. The fusion of the Ice and Snow Empresses caused the temperature of Ultimate Ice to fall below negative two hundred and forty degrees Celsius. This terrifyingly low temperature instantly drained Huo Yuhao’s soul power. However, he still managed to complete this strike because both the Ice and Snow Empresses had absorbed the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence, giving him a stable foundation.

This could already compare to the all-out attack of a Titled Douluo. The Dragon Emperor Douluo was complacent. Along with Destiny’s Demise and Spiritual Dispossession, as well as the judgment of destiny, he was struck with the greatest misfortune.

The Dragon Emperor Douluo disappeared. It was as if he had died from the Ice Explosion Technique.

Tang Wutong had already retreated to Huo Yuhao’s side, and pulled him up. The two of them looked at each other, revealing puzzled looks in their eyes. Win? Did we win?

The answer was…


Darkness, boundless, irresistible and terrifying darkness descended once again.

Everything seemed to have stopped. Time, movement and Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s blood and soul power slowed. At this moment, the two of them became statues. They stood there quietly, and only saw the dejected look in each other’s eyes.

Long Xiaoyao slowly walked out from the darkness just like he did when he first walked out from the Heavenly Soul Empire’s Imperial Palace.

His white hair looked a little messy now. His clothes were also a little messy. However, this was the worst it got for him.

How could an Ultimate Douluo be killed so easily?

“The two of you have indeed given me a lot of surprises. I didn’t expect young people to be so good nowadays. The new generation of youngsters has surpassed the older generations!”

Long Xiaoyao didn’t feel down just because he was in a slightly pathetic state right now. On the contrary, he seemed to be very happy.

He gestured towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Huo Yuhao didn’t move, but Tang Wutong directly flew towards and landed in front of him.

From the start until the end, Tang Wutong wasn’t able to move no matter how much she tried to circulate her soul power. She could only watch as she was sucked over by Long Xiaoyao.

“What a beautiful young lady! If I were two hundred years younger, I might even chase you.” Long Xiaoyao’s expression turned cold.

“The game is over.”

The darkness was removed, and Long Xiaoyao’s hand was on Tang Wutong’s shoulder. It was just a frail and elderly hand, but Tang Wutong felt as if everything in her body had been sealed. She couldn’t even muster her strength, and only stood there just like that.

Huo Yuhao fell to the ground. All the fighting earlier had completely drained him.

Long Xiaoyao said, “Huo Yuhao, do you know why I haven’t killed you yet? Given my abilities, I just need one strike to kill you.”

Huo Yuhao laughed coldly. “I don’t think it’ll be so easy. You’re afraid that the Beast God will descend, aren’t you?”

Long Xiaoyao laughed, “I said that I have many methods of making you unable to use Di Tian’s strength. Since you don’t really believe me, we can give it a go right now.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand at Huo Yuhao.

A streak of black light flashed and landed in front of Huo Yuhao. When Huo Yuhao lowered his head to look at it, he found out that it was a pitch-black dagger that had landed by the side of his foot.

Long Xiaoyao pressed his hand on Tang Wutong’s shoulder, while his other hand held a dagger that was identical to the one beside Huo Yuhao.

“You can choose between stabbing yourself or letting me stab her. You have nine tries, and each stab has to be on your backbone. You can choose the exact position. You’ll stab once for every number I count. If you hesitate, she’ll take the stabs for you. After nine stabs, both of you can leave.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned. He didn’t expect Long Xiaoyao to use such a method to threaten him.

An Ultimate Douluo actually used a young lady to threaten him.

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