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«Unrivaled Tang Sect (Web Novel) - Chapter 482.3: Eight Skills Fired Consecutively

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Chapter 482.3: Eight Skills Fired Consecutively

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“Eh, what’s this?” Long Xiaoyao was still standing there, motionless, and he grinned as he allowed those two beams of light to land on his body.

There weren’t any soul power undulations, nor were there spiritual undulations. The black and white beams didn’t seem to do anything at all. However, Long Xiaoyao’s expression changed a little when they actually landed on him, and an inexplicable sense of danger immediately appeared in his mind.

I can feel danger?

“Spiritual, Shock!” A voice with a strange tone rang out, and every syllable uttered made the enormous vertical eye a little brighter. One could see that all the rose-gold light that the vertical eye was radiating had turned blood-red in this moment.

A pillar of light that was the same size as the vertical eye blasted out in the next moment and went right for Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao snorted as his body, which was originally submerged within all the rose-gold colors, suddenly turned black as a dragon roar that seemed to come from ancient ages could be heard. An enormous black dragon head appeared in front of him as it howled deeply at all the rose-gold light around him.

Spiritual power against spiritual power - this was the arrogance that belonged to an Ultimate Douluo!

Even though Long Xiaoyao wasn’t a spiritual-type soul master, his mastery of spiritual power had already reached the limits of terrifying because he was an Ultimate Douluo.

However, something that astonished the Dragon Emperor Douluo once more happened.

The rose-gold pillar of light that seemed unstoppable as it zipped through the air suddenly paused - yes, it paused - and a shadow suddenly appeared in front of it. It was Huo Yuhao, who was back in human form.

A rose-gold wheel of light glowed behind his head. There were patterns of a Three-Eyed Golden Lion within this wheel.

Huo Yuhao’s body slammed almost directly into the giant black dragon head, and he was immediately consumed by the darkness.

Everything happened too suddenly, and Long Xiaoyao was momentarily stunned. Afterwards, he looked on in surprise as the black dragon head that he had conjured with his spiritual power dissipated just like that. The figure was still hovering in midair, and the rose-gold pillar that was reactivated enveloped that shadow before it wrapped around him and slammed brutally into Long Xiaoyao’s body.

The rose-gold pillar’s origin, the vertical eye, disappeared in that moment, and a large black door filled with eerie and sinister auras took its place.

Huo Yuhao’s face was very pale as he stood at the gate’s entrance. He was holding Tang Wutong with one of his hands, and her Radiant Dragon Butterfly’s wings were outstretched.

“Let’s go!” Huo Yuhao dashed into the door as he pulled Tang Wutong along.

There would only be one outcome battling an Ultimate Douluo, and that was death and defeat!

Therefore, Huo Yuhao had never considered fighting against the Dragon Emperor Douluo from the beginning. What he needed was an opportunity.

Destiny’s Judgment from the Eye of the Asura was the first step to creating this chance. Bad luck appearing on his opponent was equivalent to good luck standing on his side.

Black and white lights crossed. Those were the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s two powerful soul skills conferred by his sixth soul ring, Spiritual Dispossession and Destiny’s Demise. They instantly lowered his opponent’s defense against both material and spiritual attacks.

Even Huo Yuhao didn’t know what kind of effect these two powerful soul skills could achieve against an Ultimate Douluo.

What came next was his most powerful spiritual attack, the Eye of the Asura’s Spiritual Shock! The rose-gold colors almost became blood-red when he was using his full strength.

Huo Yuhao could only get closer to an Ultimate Douluo with spiritual attacks. He had actually paid an enormous price for that momentary pause in the middle, and cracks even appeared in his spiritual sea in that moment because of it.

But it was that momentary pause that allowed him to dispel the Eye of the Asura, and use Instant Teleportation to appear in front of his own Spiritual Shock. What he leveraged was the Dragon Emperor Douluo’s arrogance, and he was betting that the Dragon Emperor Douluo would use spiritual power to fight against his own Spiritual Shock.

He was successful in his wager. He used his body to take a hit from the Dragon Emperor Douluo’s attack, and he used his soul skill that came from the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s skull, Destiny’s Adjudication. That soul skill allowed him to become immune to spiritual attacks thrice a day.

Huo Yuhao managed to escape from the Evileye Tyrant King’s assault back then because of this soul skill.

His chances were boosted once more!

The black door appeared because Huo Yuhao was already making his incantations when he became the Eye of the Asura. He relied on his spiritual soul core to do two things at the same time, and his body sustained an enormous burden as he completed the summoning of his spectral demiplane.

What Huo Yuhao needed was the last step in creating this opportunity. He made another bet, that his strongest form of Spiritual Shock could cause the Dragon Emperor Douluo to be momentarily stunned after taking a hit from Spiritual Dispossession.

If every chance came through in the end, then he had a chance to take Tang Wutong into the spectral demiplane and escape from this place.

The Eye of the Asura, Destiny’s Judgment, Spiritual Dispossession, Destiny’s Demise, Spiritual Shock, Instant Teleportation, Destiny’s Adjudication, and the opening of his spectral demiplane.

Huo Yuhao used eight soul skills one after another within such a short period of time, and he did all that so he could create a chance for him and Tang Wutong to run away.

Did he succeed?

Darkness was starting to descend upon them as Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s bodies were about to disappear into that large door which connected them to the spectral demiplane.

Everything in this world seemed to freeze amid the darkness.

An elderly voice suddenly resonated through the air, which was already frozen and swallowed by darkness.

“Almost. You really almost succeeded.”

A gigantic black dragon claw flickered with dark purple light as it slashed out across this dark space, right at the black door that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had just escaped into.

The large black door immediately broke apart as two bodies that were about to disappear suddenly became clear once more. They were forcibly pulled from the darkness surrounding them.

The silent darkness vanished as Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong collapsed onto the ground almost at the same time.

Tang Wutong’s eyes were full of fear as she helped Huo Yuhao back on his feet, who was faltering and about to fall back to the ground. Her expression became increasingly solemn.

The Darkness Holy Dragon, the Dragon Emperor Douluo reappeared within their vision amid the darkness, but he was no longer smiling.

His eyes were concentrated on Huo Yuhao’s body, and there were unexplainable emotions rippling through his eyes.

“Now, I must admit that you are much more talented and accomplished than I was when I was younger,” Long Xiaoyao spoke sincerely, “With your current spiritual power, and the fact that you already possess a soul core for your spiritual-type martial soul before your eighth soul ring, you will have a chance to challenge me when you become a Transcendent Douluo in the future. If, one day, you can become an Ultimate Douluo, then you will be on the same level as the Beast God and the Evil Emperor. If not for my Silent Darkness Domain, you would have successfully escaped, and this episode would have probably become the greatest joke of my later days.”

Huo Yuhao struggled from Tang Wutong’s support. He wiped away the blood that was coming from his nose as he said coldly, “We weren’t able to escape in the end, were we?” His nose was bleeding not because the Darkness Holy Dragon had hurt him. Instead, that was because he had paid a huge price to unleash eight powerful soul skills with his full strength one after another. Every single soul skill was unleashed at its greatest possible level, and even his spiritual sea began to crack. His head was exploding with pain, and it was impossible for him to use spiritual attacks like he did before.

“But we haven’t lost. We will never lose in any moment before we die.” Tang Wutong took a step forward from behind Huo Yuhao and stood in front of him.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. Tang Wutong snapped her head around and glanced at him. “Why aren’t you willing to trust me? If we had combined our abilities back then, we might have succeeded. You have too much machismo.”

Huo Yuhao felt a little dazed in that instant as he saw her displeased expression. A thought suddenly surfaced in his mind. If only she had been Dong’er. If I had teamed up with Dong’er, our plan would have succeeded!

“Now, it’s my turn!” Tang Wutong grunted coldly as she raced forward like a gust of wind. She was pretty, and she was aloof, and she seemed like the Goddess of Light that lit up the darkness around them in this moment. She had the determination of a moth pouncing towards fire, and an unwavering resolution.

Her pinkish-blue hair swayed in the air like waves as she continued charging forward. Crisp dragon roars could be heard as brilliant golden flames blazed behind her.

A smile appeared on Long Xiaoyao’s face once more as he stared at the determination and arrogance on Tang Wutong’s face. He gradually raised his right hand.

Right in this moment, Tang Wutong’s body suddenly paused in midair as all seven of her soul rings shone.

Her soul rings were also different from normal soul masters. Black, black, black, black, black, black, red! She had six black rings and one red ring, six ten thousand year soul rings and a single hundred thousand year soul ring. This meant she had potential and talent that wasn’t inferior to Huo Yuhao at all.

One reason why Bei Bei went to look for Tang Wutong and asked her to ask Huo Yuhao to return, besides the fact that she looked just like Dong’er, was because Bei Bei hoped that she could let Huo Yuhao slowly walk out from his thoughts and memories of Dong’er. But there was yet another more important reason, and that was because she was sufficiently powerful. She had seven powerful soul rings that made her much more powerful than a typical Soul Sage.

Her seven soul rings flickered as the radiance from her body flourished. The light pattern of a trident appeared on her forehead, and a tinge of blue immediately covered her otherwise golden frame.

Tang Wutong raised her head a little amid the bluish-gold colors. She allowed her flowing long hair to drift and sway in the wind, and a bright dragon roar rang out from her mouth. This dragon roar was crisp and bright, and along with the intense bluish-golden light, an enormous dragon-shaped shadow gradually appeared with her body in the middle.

That was a colossal dragon which was flickering with the colors of the rainbow. The dragon seemed very illusory, but there was a dignity and majesty within the illusion that seemed like it could dominate the ages.

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