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«The World Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 1295 - Accepting Egypt dynasty

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Chapter 1295 - Accepting Egypt Dynasty

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“Brother, this is from the Traffic Department.”

After entering the Secret Document Pavilion, Bing’er had stopped wearing those beautiful attires and princess dresses and wore traditional Chinese dresses instead, making her seem really energized.

Ouyang Shuo took the memorial. After reading it, he asked, “Have you read it?”


“What are your thoughts?”

Bing’er hesitated before saying in embarrassment, “I do not really understand.”

The report from the Traffic Department was about the railroad and official pathway plans for the next three years.

The Empire’s roads were split in detail into national roads, provincial roads, and county roads.

These plans were mainly to upgrade the provincial roads connected north and south and east and west into national roads. They wanted to improve and modify them and build concrete roads.

Along with the second industrial revolution technology tree being unlocked, cars would slowly take center stage. Hence, completing the modification and changes to the roads was much needed.

The railroad plan could be split into two horizontal and two vertical plans.

For the two horizontal ones, one was starting west from Chengdu and going through Chang An, Xiangyang, Anqing, and Jianye and ending east at Shen City - this would be the Chuanshen line. Meanwhile, the other one started west at Dali, heading past Tongren, Caiyun City, Black Lion City, and ending east in Quanzhou - this would be the Yunquan Line.

For the two vertical lines, one was the original Fengshan Railroad, starting north in Fallen Phoenix City and going past Luoyang, Xiangyang, Caiyun City, Tianjing, and ending south at the imperial capital - this was the Jingfeng Line. The other vertical line started north at the imperial capital before going past Peng City, Anqing, Black Lion City, and ending south at Zhenhai City - this was the Haijing Line.

These two lines would connect north to south, east to west, and connect the inland products and exports to the ocean cities.

Hearing how genuine she was, Ouyang Shuo smiled and said, “It is okay if you do not understand now. Learn more and read more.” If the current Bing’er truly spoke with confidence about such matters, Ouyang Shuo would feel disappointed instead.

“Okay.” Bing’er nodded.

Ouyang Shuo asked with concern, “The Secret Document Pavilion is really dry and is not as interesting as Qiongzhou. Can you take it?”

“It is a little dry.”

In front of her brother, Bing’er was really honest and told him, “But tutor said that to find something interesting out of all this, I have to look deeper into the problems, and that will make all dry things more interesting.”

The tutor Bing’er mentioned was Zhang Tingyu.

The smile on Ouyang Shuo’s face grew wider. Every time Bing’er grew, even if it was just a little, Ouyang Shuo would feel satisfied. Zhang Tingyu’s education was coming into effect.

“When you face problems, ask them for advice. Each advisor of the Secret Document Pavilion and even the assistants can be seen as your teachers.” Ouyang Shuo did not forget to give her advice.

“I understand!”

Although Ouyang Shuo had brought her up, the part that made him happy was that Bing’er was not arrogant or proud despite being in the game world where she was loved by all.

This was also one of the reasons why he decided to develop her into his successor.

Arrogance would make one lose their sense of mind; pride would blind one.

Both of those were huge no nos.

While they were speaking, Ouyang Shuo had already finished reading the memorial. He raised his brush and wrote a sentence at the bottom, “Proceed as planned. However, the Jingfeng Line can continue to the north to Handan City, Jingdu City, and Huining House.”

Bing’er stood at the side. She looked on with eyes filled with thought.

“Send it!” Ouyang Shuo passed the memorial to Bing’er.

Bing’er took it before bowing and taking her leave.

Similar scenes had been happening since she entered the Secret Document Pavilion. In fact, it happened pretty much every day. Ouyang Shuo used the time where he read memorials to personally teach Bing’er.

Ouyang Shuo always felt that influencing secretly was the best education.

Gaia 8th year, 4th month, 10th day, a certain piece of news shocked the world.

After a week of preparation and coordination, Azure Badge had finally completed all the arrangements. That morning, the Egypt Dynasty announced to the world that it was officially submitting to Great Xia.

Another dynasty became a part of history.

This news was massive due to the fact that the Egypt Dynasty belonged to Azure Badge.

There were many dynasties that had submitted to Great Xia prior to this. However, apart from Great Zhou, the Egypt Dynasty was the only one from the two organizations; as such, the meaning was naturally different.

The one with the biggest reaction was on the Europe battlefield.

The current European continent was wrapped up in flames of war. The three fronts of Silver Hand troops were at the Ottoman Dynasty border, engaging in slaughter.

Facing the Alliance Army, the Ottoman Dynasty was in a terrible spot.

Under such circumstances, the main force that was supposed to help reduce the pressure on the Ottoman Dynasty actually submitted to Great Xia. How would people not feel surprised?

Many rumors and schemes spread about.

Some said that the Egypt Dynasty saw the Azure Badge as weak and wanted another stronger backer. All of a sudden, many people sent their condolences to Azure Badge and even insulted them.

The Alliance Army naturally would not give up on this chance, and they used their spies to spread rumors to lower the fighting spirit of the Ottoman Dynasty.

There were even people shouting for the Ottoman Dynasty to join Silver Hand.

“It seems like Europe’s unification cannot be stopped!” the people said.

There were actually Ottoman Dynasty people who believed that. Because of such rumors, chaos even started, but it was quickly suppressed.

For one person to unify Europe was the dream of many.

Of course, there were some who said that Egypt Dynasty submitting to Great Xia was the Azure Badge’s trading chip. Not long later, Great Xia would also officially interfere in the European battlefield.

No matter what, this piece of news had a huge impact on the European battlefield.

Apart from that, some people linked this matter to the fact that Great Xia had control of the Suez Canal and had one foot in the Mediterranean.

After thinking back to the 6th year when Great Xia was chased out of the Mediterranean by the Mediterranean Lords, the current situation was enough to make some people sleepless.

News had it that on the day the Egypt Dynasty announced their submission, the five European dynasties had gather together for a meeting.

This was the power of Great Xia.

Although only a short two years had passed, Great Xia that held the entire East Africa was not a presence that other people could control and step on. The current Great Xia had a firm grip on North Africa.

Not to mention that just the number of troops they had there was close to a million.

They feared Great Xia controlling the Mediterranean once more, so how could they be at ease?

In the next period of time, Great Xia Army troop moved into the Egypt Dynasty.

On the 11th day of the month, which was the day the Egypt Dynasty announced their submission, the 5th legion of the West Africa legion corps crossed the Sudan border and entered Sudan.

Based on Great Xia’s plan, South Sudan and Sudan would be combined to form the Sudan Province.

The original Sudan Provincial Governor Pei Yun would remain at the role.

The West Africa legion corps jurisdiction zone included the combined Sudan Province - South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea; each would have a legion.

On the 12th day, the Wolf legion corps entered Cairo though the ocean route.

Cairo would be new ruling city of the Africa Governor-General House.

Hence, Baiqi arranged the entire Wolf legion corps-the strongest legion corps in Africa-to move into Egypt Province to act as the stabilizing pillar of the entire region.

On the 16th day, the North Africa legion corps entered Libya and Tunisia. Great Xia was prepared to merged these two to form the Libya Province.

Apart from Libya, Algeria and Morocco, which were Great Xia’s targets, were also placed under the North Africa legion corps.

The remaining Mozambique Province and Tanzania Province were placed under the East Africa legion corps.

With the number of troops that they had in the Africa warzone, this was the most that they could do. If they were to expand, they would have to expand their military; otherwise, they be risking a rise of rebels from within.

No matter what, the Africa Governor-General House had a huge number of natives.

Along with the Great Xia Army moving in, the submission of the Egypt Dynasty became a fact that no one could change.

There would definitely be changes to the European battlefield.

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