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«The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1254: One Punch!

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Chapter 1254: One Punch!

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Sheyan burst into laughter.

“The reason you tried to use me as a pawn to deplete Bind’s strength is so that you can get your hands on the powerful Evil Sword Apophis. Am I right?”

“But you know what? This pawn actually killed the Divine Servant, took the weapon of your desire, devoured it, and gained its power.”

“You sure had a great time stabbing me repeatedly with Gungnir. It’d be rude of me if I don’t pay that back. Have a taste of the power of my legendary weapon… Have a taste of the power of ‘Extinction’!!!!!”

“YOU…MOTHERF*CKING BASTARD!” Rocky roared in fury. A few thoughts flashed past his mind, and all his doubts and suspicions could now be explained.

But Rocky had fought against Bind more than once before, so he had some experience in dealing with ‘Extinction’. A silver cross immediately flew out of Gungnir to protect him. The weapon soul of the Lance of Longinus was worthy of its name. The holy light enclosed his body without a single gap like a transparent shield. In fact, it had even greater protective power than a shield. It was the ‘Shield of Breaking Evil’, and it had additional protective effect against special attacks like ‘Extinction’.

Despite his fatigue, Rocky still managed to execute a whole series of defensive moves. Sheyan did not hesitate. Without another word, he took out ‘Verdict’ and pulled the trigger!

“You…you’re not using ‘Extinction’?

Rocky almost coughed up blood. To defend against a holy type attack with a holy light barrier was as good as using no barrier at all! The act Sheyan’s previously put up was simply too realistic, but that turned out to be a feint! Rocky did not expect Sheyan to pull out such a move!

Fortunately for Rocky, he was favoured by the weapon soul of the Lance of Longinus, which also had holy affinity like ‘Verdict’ and was even one grade higher. So, when ‘Verdict’ judged Rocky as a heretic, it was only half effective. The damage caused by the shot was astonishingly low compared to usual, but luckily, the five seconds of stun retained its effect in full.

Sheyan took a deep breath. Bones crackled all over his body, the noise sudden and continuous. The water around him splashed about violently. When the noise reached its climax, the blood vessels on his right arm protruded like raging green dragons, and his muscles visibly swelled.

“Extinction!” he shouted.

Then, he threw a punch!

A thundering rumble rose in the water as the punch flew forward, like the sound of a giant fighter jet flying close to the ground!

When Rocky heard Sheyan shout ‘Extinction’, his heart tightened once again, and he could not help but block his head with his hands instinctively. Under the perverse destructive power of ‘Extinction’, vital spots which were fatal without the protection of the Realm’s digitalisation, such as the head, must be closely guarded.

However, Sheyan’s punch this time turned out to be the domineering ‘Ultimate Impact’!

Sheyan’s fist hit Rocky in the chest, breaking it open and making a depression in it. The mouthful of blood Rocky spat out even contained fragments of his internal organs. The blood also had a bluish tint, showing that he was not only hurt from the outside, but also carried internal injuries. While enduring Sheyan’s furious attack, he was also in a fight against the remnant of Bind’s power inside his body!

A person’s blood was produced by their bone marrow. If even his blood had turned blue, it showed that Bind’s remnant power had already infiltrated deep into Rocky’s bone marrow.

But Rocky was not finished yet. After all, he was a monster with the ‘Hundred-Man Kill’ title. Though his vision had turned dark after taking Sheyan’s punch, he still react quickly. He clenched his teeth and swung Gungnir horizontally.

The horizontal sweep of the glorious legendary spear could be considered to be both an offensive and defensive move. If Sheyan continued to attack, he would have to eat this blow.

And even if the horizontal swing missed, it would force Sheyan back, thus winning Rocky a short yet precious moment to catch his breath.

The reason this short moment to catch his breath was so precious was because they could both clearly hear the sound of the water rushing out in the distance. Obviously, the underground tunnel had come to an end ahead, so there was an outlet for the water.

For Sheyan, it meant that the terrain advantage he had so painstakingly created would disappear. As for Rocky, once he stepped onto solid ground, he would no longer have anything to fear of Sheyan. After all, Sheyan was also exhausted. Rocky’s companions that had been washed outside by the water would certainly come to his aid quickly. He would surely escape then!

But a cold sensation suddenly washed over Rocky. The water was melted from the snow on the snowy mountains around, so its temperature was around zero. However, contestants had different physique from normal people, and he was in a fierce fight, so the blood in his body was flowing intensely. Why would he suddenly feel so cold?

Rocky immediately sensed that something was amiss. Only when he shifted his attention to his surroundings did he realise that the water around him had turned dark black in colour, and it was so cold that the chill seemed to creep into his bones. The water current had become a thick tentacles that wrapped around his body!

And the source of the dark black tentacle formed by water current was Sheyan!

Sheyan’s face had become unusually pale. His eyes were deeply sunken due to excessive blood loss, but they were still burning bright with determination. As he roared, the powerful ‘Beast of Corrosion’ entangled more tightly around Rocky’s body.

The ‘Beast of Corrosion’ bound Rocky’s body so tightly that it produced noises. Blood sprayed out of Rocky’s mouth, a mixture of black and blue in colour, and spread over the water five or six meters in front of him in a fan shape.

Despite that, Rocky laughed hysterically. “You can’t kill me, Seaman! I have the soul of the Lance of Longinus to protect me, and it comes with the passive healing ability ‘Inner Vitality’! The lower my HP, the faster the healing effect! Your diseases won’t kill me, and this kind of damage won’t kill me either! You won’t be able to kill me unless you can really use the power of ‘Extinction’ on the Evil Sword Apophis! But how’s that possible for a trash like you? As if a trash like you can erase the soul imprint on Apophis!”

While Rocky was laughing out loud, the water flow carried him to the exit of the underground tunnel. He was instantly greeted by the blue sky, white clouds and dazzling sunshine outside. Underneath the entrance was a small yellowish pond which had just been formed. The drop to the pond was only about 5 meters in distance. The fall was no big deal even for an ordinary person.

The sunlight that carried intense ultraviolet rays felt extraordinarily warm to Rocky. A fire rose in his heart — from the hatred, from the pain, and from the humiliation!!

‘You’re dead, Seaman!’

But after the thought flashed past Rocky’s mind, he suddenly shivered. The bright sunlight shining onto his body was suddenly blocked by something.

It was a shadow.

The shadow of Death itself.

Sheyan, who had also arrived carried by the water flow, had raised his fist high. For some reason, the dark green glove on the fist was covered in cracks!

He sent an ordinary punch towards Rocky.

Rocky’s lips curled into a contemptuous sneer. The punch had neither momentum nor strength behind it. It looked to him like a final, futile struggle, born out of Sheyan’s unwillingness to give up. He simply let the fist land on his chest.

But right after the fist made contact, Rocky immediately turned stiff. A terrifying crimson glow had suddenly erupted from the fist. Time seemed to have stopped at that moment, as if they were both in a pitch black alternate dimension. With the struck spot as the core, the crimson light split into countless lines which weaved and intersected around Rocky’s body, making countless crimson boxes!

The illusion disappeared soon after. Rocky’s face was full of shock and disbelief. His mouth was wide agape, but no sound came from it!

It took a long time before he could squeeze out a few words from the depth of his throat. “You…c-can really use ‘Extermination’?”

Sheyan smiled. “You’re seeing things. This is just an ability I created myself.”

Rocky screamed. His body could no longer support him and completely blew apart! Under the dazzling sunlight, with the blue sky and white clouds as backdrops, the mass of blood-curdling crimson mist appeared particularly tragic! In the end, the red mist formed a cross. For some reason, it gave Sheyan a very uncomfortable feeling.

Sheyan jumped into the pond below in a hurry. He could not even keep his balance when he jumped, so his belly caught water first. A large amount of muddy water splattered about. He climbed to the shore gasping for air. Every inch of his body hurt.

Rocky’s difficulty to deal with was beyond Sheyan’s expectation. He had become unspeakably monstrous after he acquired the ‘Inner Vitality’ passive ability through the Lance of Longinus’ soul. The lower his HP, the faster the speed of his recovery.

If even that ‘Extinction’ strike could not kill him, Sheyan would probably…not be dead either. After all, ‘Death’s Lament’ was perversely strong too. However, he would probably have to run away with his tail between his legs.

A series of notifications arrived.

[ You have killed a Temperer (number unknown). You have been rewarded 10 achievement points and 15 free attribute points. ]

[ You have participated in the fight in a party. Please assign the achievement points among yourselves. ]

[ The Temperer you killed was a Major General! ]

[ Data checking in progress… Data checking in progress… ]

[ No errors found in the data! ]

[ You and your party will receive additional war rewards! However, you will also attract the attention of the Realm which the victim belonged to, and may be subjected to further assaults! ]

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