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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1116 - Spirit Domain

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Chapter 1116: Spirit Domain

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‘There’s no need to be afraid of the trouble you’re in.’ Tang Wulin confided to himself.

He would be able to clarify the matter anyhow. He was no longer the same person now.

He clenched his fists subconsciously. He should be looking not only for Gu Yuena but his father and mother too. He remembered that his father left him a message. He was to look for his father after he had an adequate cultivation base.

He had not only achieved a prominent rank in the military but also acquired the ability to protect them at present.

He sat cross-legged in a meditative position as he focused his attention on his inner sight.

Tang Wulin entered into a meditative state soon enough. His entire aura had also calmed down by now.

Upon focusing his inner sight, he was astonished. His physical condition was much better than he had imagined!

He first saw his dragon core and soul core. These two great cores had obviously distended. It was apparent that their qualities were different. There was a layer of gold on the surface of the dragon core, making it solid-like. The soul core was crystal clear now. These two cores contracted alternately in sync with the alternating energy in his body.

He sensed the transformation in the two great cores. In the next instant, Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten as he suddenly remembered the incident. He had broken the Golden Dragon King’s eleventh layer seal during the final moments of fighting against the abyssal Sage King. He had attempted to elevate his attacking ability using the seal’s strength.

He did not feel any discomfort at the time. However, the influence on his strength was evidently strong. After all, his cultivation base was elevated by a large extent after each breakthrough of the Golden Dragon King Seal in the past. After the first nine seals, the danger brought by the latter seals would increase dramatically.

If he had not thought of sacrificing himself that day, he would certainly not have attempted to break the seal on his own initiative.

It seemed like the aftereffects were minimal, at least, to him. In reality, Tang Wulin was unaware of how he had endured at the time. There were possibly a few reasons. For one, the infusion of the massive life force into his body with the Life Seed’s protection. Another possible reason was his absorption of the energy from the abyssal plane’s powerhouses which strengthened his body. Yet another was the enhancement he received from the six great plant-type soul beasts.

On the other hand, it could be due to his body being stabilized as the result of his involvement with Gu Yuena in the Dragon God Transformation.

However, judging from the current situation, he could tell that his cultivation base was certainly elevated to a whole new level.

His consciousness sank into his soul core as he sensed the change in his dragon core. Tang Wulin soon discovered that the soul core had undergone some internal changes. In the depths of the soul core, there was an additional vortex which sped up the rate of origin energy absorbed from the external world.

The soul core’s absorption of the origin energy would undoubtedly enhance his senses and improve his cultivation base.

His consciousness stirred when a peculiar feeling arose in him. Tang Wulin discovered in astonishment that despite his closed eyes, everything in his surroundings became vividly clear as soon as his consciousness expanded.

His sensations expanded rapidly as he saw a nine-colored lustrous and dazzling world.

When he focused his spirit and calmed his energy, he could distinguish each and every fine elemental molecule and sense its every emotion. It was a whole new experience for him.

At the same time, he attempted to pass his emotions to these elemental molecules with caution. These elemental molecules immediately gathered toward him, controlled by his consciousness much to his surprise.

The nine-colored radiance in his surroundings grew denser abruptly. It was as if he had sunk into a joyous sea of elements.

It seemed as if all his sorrows were cleansed away by these elements. All at once, he felt cozy and warmth in his body. His mind was peaceful.

Simultaneously, his thoughts and senses pervaded an even larger region due to the influence of these elements. The mountain range in the distance was fully displayed before his eyes. His senses continued extending until the edge of the mountain range. Only then did he perceive some attenuation of the senses.

He retracted his consciousness to bring in more elemental molecules. The origin energy enriched with all sorts of attributes was attracted to his consciousness. It then fused into his body in sync with the rhythm of his breathing. His soul core shimmered with radiance as it filtered, absorbed, and turned the origin energy into a part of his soul power.

Tang Wulin retracted his spirit when he felt a sense of astonishment in his heart. He was aware of the significance of its occurrence. Actually, he had worked toward obtaining such a result during his earlier cultivation.

He had made a breakthrough in his spiritual power. After such a long time, he had finally made it to the Spirit Domain, the cherished goal of every soul master.

What was the significance of the Spirit Domain? It signified that a soul master had already reached the peak of this world in a spiritual sense. To be in the spiritual realm of the Spirit Domain was a significant achievement even for a Limit Douluo!

Tang Wulin had just broken through seven-ringed cultivation to become a Soul Sage, but his spiritual power had entered the Spirit Domain realm. Hence, his achievement could only be described as a miracle.

Tang Wulin was aware that this opportunity was bestowed upon him by the planar power in addition to the Life Seed. He was acting as the spokesperson of the Douluo Continent plane and the Life Seed during the fight against the abyss. It was his first encounter with the heaven and earth principles of the Douluo Continent. Despite his spiritual power which was difficult to elevate, he managed to break through the barrier to enter the Spirit Domain realm.

Although it was just a preliminary entry into the Spirit Domain, it felt completely different! The ability to enter this realm showed that he had truly joined the ranks of the higher order soul masters. He could certainly become a Hyper Douluo in the future if he continued his cultivation with the Spirit Domain spiritual power as his foundation.

Subsequently, the Spirit Domain spiritual power would certainly elevate his cultivation rate to the extent that his soul power would exceed the ordinary person by far.

The great battle with the abyssal plane was undoubtedly tough and painful for Tang Wulin. However, it had brought him immense benefits.

His soul power brazenly broke through to the Soul Sage rank as he stepped into the seven-ringed stage. A seven-ringed cultivation base was the criterion of a high ranking soul master. With the double elevation from his soul core and dragon core, his spiritual power advancement to the Spirit Domain, and the complete absorption of the eleventh layer Golden Dragon King Seal, his physical quality had been elevated to an entirely new level.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe Tang Wulin as ‘being reborn’. If the Federal Star Dou Network Challenge was held again, it would certainly be a breeze for Tang Wulin to defeat those opponents from before.

The soul power in his body circulated in tandem to the rhythm of his breathing. It did not seem fast since his efficiency was now much higher.

His meridians and bones had already turned golden. He did not appear human-like no matter how one viewed him. He had not noticed it but his strength had truly elevated. In any case, the sensation was peculiar. It was as if his body was larger than before. He could even hear the ferocious dragon’s roar accompanied by the indistinct sounds of his blood flow and the movements of his bones.

It must be the Dragon God Transformation! Gu Yuena had called out the Dragon God Transformation at the time. She could not be mistaken for sure.

Long ago, Gu Yue once told Tang Wulin about the story of the Dragon God. Could it be that his Golden Dragon King and her Silver Dragon King auras were inherited from the Dragon God’s lineage?

Tang Wulin finally came to an understanding from the sudden realization. If that were the case, then she was supposed to be with him!

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