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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1115 - Advance To Soul Sage!

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Chapter 1115: Advance To Soul Sage!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Previously, he had been under the impression that she was threatened when she refused to stay with him. Yet, it was she who had saved the critical situation during the battle with the abyssal plane! She was even capable of moving the energy of an entire plane by herself. What else could threaten her with her present cultivation base and potential?

Although it had only been a short while since he regained consciousness, Tang Wulin realized that the circumstances with Gu Yuena were much more complicated than he had imagined. He could not refrain himself anymore, so he wished to investigate and clarify the situation.

Thus, he decided to look for her. He could only settle down after inquiring from her in person.

Zhang Huanyun spoke in rage, “Tang Wulin, do you know what you’re talking about here? You ought to know that when you were bestowed the title of Blood Dragon in addition to your position as the deputy regimental commander. You’re almost on equal terms with us. The army will be yours in the future. All the soldiers are your admirers. The seal of the abyssal plane has been strengthened significantly, so there’s no threat at the moment. It’s the best time for you to cultivate and develop yourself. But, you’re telling me now that you wish to be discharged from the army?”

Tang Wulin did not utter a word as he lowered his head.

Zhang Huanyun became more agitated as he spoke. He pointed at Cao Dezhi and said, “Do you know, for your sake, Blood One requested that I allow the Blood God Army to help you revive Shrek Academy once we foster a good relationship with the abyss so they’ll no longer invade us? What are you going to do when you are discharged from the army? Are you going to revive the academy? Are you going to do it alone?”

“Don’t think that your capability to withstand the abyssal king during the great battle with the abyssal plane is enough. That’s done by relying on the Blood Gods Great Array’s planar power. You’re nothing but a Soul Emperor without the Blood Gods Great Array.”

“Soul Sage,” said Cao Dezhi dully from the side.

Soul Sage? Zhang Huanyun was stunned for a moment while the words made Tang Wulin raise his head.

‘Me? I’m already a Soul Sage now?’

Without waiting for his reply, Zhang Huanyun spoke angrily, “So what if you’re a Soul Sage? Can a Soul Sage fight against those people who destroyed Shrek Academy back in the beginning? Just by your sole effort? Can you do that?”

“Tell me, what do you want to do after being discharged from the army?” Zhang Huanyun had an exasperated look on his face as if Tang Wulin had not lived up to his expectations.

Tang Wulin’s expression turned peculiar. He could not tell them that he was going to look for his girlfriend.

“Is it related to that female?” Cao Dezhi asked the million dollar question.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment but he nodded anyway.

Cao Dezhi frowned deeply. “Who’s she?”

Tang Wulin said with a bitter smile, “My lover. I didn’t realize that she has such abilities. She is a disciple of the Spirit Pagoda. I wish to look for her to find out what it was all about.”

“The Spirit Pagoda’s disciple?” Zhang Huanyun and Cao Dezhi’s expression turned apprehensive upon listening to Tang Wulin.

At the time, it was apparent that Tang Wulin could not hold back anymore. It was her appearance that saved the grave situation. She was even capable of taking over control of the Blood Gods Great Array from Blood One. It was definitely not a run-of-the-mill ability. They did an analysis regarding her ability to invoke heaven and earth spirits after the event. They realized it was not something a human could do! Unless, she was a Godhood. Nevertheless, how could a Godhood still exist on the Douluo Continent?

Zhang Huanyun frowned deeply. “What are you going to do when you’ve found her? Do you know that the Spirit Pagoda…” At this point, he paused for a moment too.

Tang Wulin nodded. “I’m aware of that. The academy’s destruction is quite possibly related to the Spirit Pagoda.”

“And you still wish to go?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’ll never be at peace if I don’t clarify this matter. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. I won’t unwittingly expose my identity.”

“I’ll be damned if I can stop worrying. You’re the only person capable of weakening the abyssal plane. You didn’t die in the hands of that creature from the abyssal plane. So, don’t you die in the hands of your own people at the end. How can I stop worrying about you? I won’t allow you to leave, let alone permit your discharge from the army. It’s an order!”

Zhang Huanyun spoke adamantly.

Tang Wulin had a bitter smile on his face. Would it be the only chance of leaving the place was he had to sneak out? He would end up being a deserter then.

“Let him go.” Out of the blue, Cao Dezhi opined.

Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed. He raised his head and looked toward Cao Dezhi.

Zhang Huanyun’s gaze at Cao Dezhi was antagonistic now.

Cao Dezhi smiled calmly. “He’s not an eyas anymore for his wings had already hardened. If you don’t allow him to wander, how will he ever know about the world outside? Moreover, he should be able to look after himself with his ability now. Wulin, although you’re allowed to leave, you must promise me a few things.”

“Please speak your mind,” said Tang Wulin hastily.

Cao Dezhi spoke with a deep voice, “Firstly, your emotion is unstable now. You should not be in this condition. Remember, don’t ever be afraid, no matter what. I sense fear in your heart. You can only resolve a problem by remaining calm. Why do you fear? Thus, my first request is for you to stay calm no matter what you encounter, so you can maximize your true ability. I, too, believe you have the capability to overcome any problem you may face.”

“Yes, sir.” Tang Wulin was feeling inspired now as he took a deep breath. He went from being overwhelmed when he first awakened to being collected at present.

Cao Dezhi continued to speak, “Secondly, there’s no need for you to be discharged from the army. I shall regard your departure as a covert operation. The army will reserve the post for you. You’ll always remain a part of the Blood God Army.”

“It’s my honor.” Tang Wulin nodded strenuously.

Zhang Huanyun’s expression showed that he had calmed down considerably after listening to Cao Dezhi’s justification.

Cao Dezhi continued to speak, “Thirdly, due to the sensitivity of your identity in addition to your limited cultivation base at present, I’ll be sending a few people to accompany and assist you. You can begin some preparatory tasks before reviving Shrek Academy, so it won’t purely be looking for someone.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed. This was good news! The Blood God Army’s soldiers were all elites such that even the ordinary soldiers had powerful cultivation bases.

“Understood. How many people will I be taking along?”

Cao Dezhi glanced at Zhang Huanyun and spoke, “Twenty. I’ll be selecting them. They’ll all have six-ringed cultivation bases or above.”

“Thank you, sir.” Tang Wulin was overjoyed. His strength alone was still weak after all. He would truly be able to yield twice the result with half the effort if he had the assistance of twenty six-ringed powerhouses. Undoubtedly, the six-ringed soul masters selected by Cao Dezhi would certainly be two-word battle armor masters as well!

Cao Dezhi paused for a moment. Then, he said, “Finally, your cultivation base is considered a breakthrough to the Soul Sage rank, but it has yet to stabilize. Thus, you can’t leave at once. You need to stabilize your cultivation base in the Blood God Battalion first. You can only leave when you’ve fused your learning and experience from this great battle. I’ll personally examine you then.”

“Yes, sir.” Tang Wulin agreed once again. Cao Dezhi’s requests were not overboard, and it was for his benefit.

“Hmm. Then you shall return and attend to your cultivation in earnest. You’ve quite some gains this time, so it’ll be best for you to enter a deep meditative state,” said Cao Dezhi.

Zhang Huanyun had an outburst of emotions as he gazed after Tang Wulin’s departure. “Old Cao, how could you agree to let him go? It’s obvious that the boy’s mental state is not stable. He’s our army’s most precious gem right now. What are you going to do in case something happens to him?”

Cao Dezhi spoke, “It’s better to guide than deny him. Do you think he won’t leave just because you don’t permit him? Can you keep an eye on him at all times or hook him around your belt? Would it be difficult for him to sneak away with his cultivation base? If that were to happen, it’s going to be even more troublesome. Don’t worry. Our Tang Sect still exists and has not been destroyed. Although Tang Wulin hasn’t been here for long, he has already grown much. I’ll send someone to watch over him. Also, are you not curious about that female who showed up at the end?”

Zhang Huanyun spoke with a deep voice, “It’s highly possible that he’s going to face the Holy Spirit Cult, in addition to the Spirit Pagoda, and also…” At this point, he frowned and his expression turned gloomy soon after.

Cao Dezhi chuckled calmly. “It’s okay. How can one see the rainbow without going through a storm? Even though it’s still a little early, it’s advantageous for him to experience the world outside anyhow. Furthermore, do you think that Shrek Academy has been totally annihilated? Although he may have many enemies, there’s no lack of supporters either. Just wait and see. The boy transformed into a dragon during the battle with the abyssal plane. He will not die so easily.”

Zhang Huanyun nodded with great effort. “So, who are those you’re sending along with him?”

Cao Dezhi smiled. “That’s simple.”

Tang Wulin felt that he was much calmer when he returned to his room. After all, his willpower was stronger than most of his peers. He was overwhelmed by the unexpected for a short while, but he had calmed himself at present.

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