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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1068 - Angel Douluo Yue Zhengen

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Chapter 1068: Angel Douluo Yue Zhengen

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The inner secrets were certainly not something that could be formed within a day. They were the fruits from the accumulation of countless generations of seniors. That was how the inner secrets came to be.

Behind the huge office desk sat an old man. Although his hair and mustache appeared white, his back was still as straight as a rod. On his shoulders shone three dazzling stars of a general, a federal general!

On the wall behind him hung a large painting. The painting depicted a man covered in golden armor from head to toe. The man wielded a huge sword, and three pairs of clean, white wings extended behind him. Every feather was drawn with absolute attention to detail, and they appeared real.

The man who sat behind the desk engaged in his tasks was the Southern Army Corps’ army commander, the Holy Angel Clan’s current clan elder. He held a high position and great powers in the entire Federation. He was the Holy Angel Douluo Yue Zhengen.

Yue Zhengen had controlled the Southern Army Corps for more than forty years. The Southern Army Corps was like a piece of iron. In a certain sense, it could be regarded as a special force among the federal armies.

The Southern Army Corps itself had the support of many great clans, be it in terms of manpower or financial resources. That was the reason the Southern Army Corps depended the least on the army among all the army corps. It was also difficult for the army to assign any personnel to the Southern Army Corps because they would face retaliation from the great southern clans.

In the whole of the Douluo Federation, the southern region adhered to tradition the most. In terms of technological advancement, they were not as advanced as the central region nor the western region. However, they were the strongest in financial power. In the federal parliament, the great southern clans and various political aristocratic families had more than one-fifth of the seats.

On the Federation’s side, they had attempted to wrest control of the Southern Army Corps’ more than once. However, they did not succeed because nobody dared to go against the southern conservative wing. They were a force to be reckoned with in the parliament. In other words, these great clans also needed the support of an army behind them.

That was the reason behind the Southern Army Corps’ rich inner secrets. Even the army could not do anything about them.

The leader of the Southern Army Corps had always been someone from the Holy Angel Clan. The primary reason was because the Holy Angel Clan was the strongest among all the traditional clans. Almost every generation of the Holy Angel Clan produced a Hyper Douluo or even a higher-rank Douluo. A Hyper Douluo with the Holy Angel martial soul was more powerful than the ordinary Holy Angel Douluo. Furthermore, the Holy Angel Clan had produced a Limit Douluo before.

The other reason being the Holy Angel Clan’s impartiality. They had always been fair and just to everyone. It was dictated by their martial soul. If they did not measure up, they would not be able to cultivate the Holy Angel martial soul to a higher level.

Over the four decades since Yue Zhengen gained control of the Southern Army Corps, he strived to build a strong army. He reduced the number of soldiers but greatly improved their individual strengths. The combat strength of the Southern Army Corps was formidable. They were well-equipped and were not inferior to the Central Army Corps which was under the Battle God Hall’s jurisdiction.

However, these great southern clans were not an unruly bunch. With the existence of the Southern Army Corps, the disciples of these great clans would only enlist in the Southern Army Corps. They did not spread their influence to other places. It was how the balance was maintained between them and the parliament.

“Reporting!” came a loud voice from outside the door.

The edge of Yue Zhengen’s lips twitched. He did not have to ask to know who it was. There was only one person who dared shout “reporting” with such a loud voice at his door.

“Come in.”

The door opened, and a majestic figure appeared in his office. This person walked with a majestic gait and reached Yue Zhengyu’s desk in a few steps. He stood still and did a military salute.


Yue Zhengen lifted his head and looked at the person before him. He could not help but flashed a helpless expression. The person was a senior colonel with two bars and four stars on his shoulders. He was more than two hundred and ten centimeters in height. His shoulders were extremely broad, and he resembled a mountain as he stood there.

His facial features were rough and wild but were resolute at the same time. There seemed to be flames dancing in his eyes. If ever there was an apt description, he would be considered savage.

At least, it was the case in the Southern Army Corps.

“Jinchi, has the competition ended? Are you in the finals?” asked Yue Zhengen. Regarding Sima Jinchi, Yue Zhengen was also at a loss. With Sima Jinchi’s abilities, he was supposed to be a general long ago. However, this person was not made out to be an officer. He had undergone the most transfers in the Southern Army Corps. From his initial post as the commander of the Imperial Guard to the posts of instructing officer, division commander, and others, he seemed to shirk every given responsibility.

The reasons were simple. This person was a martial fanatic who knew not how to restrain himself. It was common for him to injure someone. As was the case, the high-ranking officials in the Southern Army Corps were mostly from the great southern clans. Hence, the reports against him were relentless.

Yue Zhengen admired his valor. No one knew the blame he had to shoulder for his sake.

After the Star Dou Battle Network simulation system was established, the ones who were most excited about it were none other than the warriors from the Southern Army Corps. Finally, there was a venue for the Gale Saber Demon to indulge his passion for battle. They could finally be free from his harassment.

As expected, Sima Jinchi had made his way to the semifinals in the competition. For a time, the Southern Army Corps cheered for him.

In truth, Sima Jinchi had contributed many merits to the army corps. However, his faults were more than his contributions. Under heavy opposition, he did not become a general. He ended up being a senior colonel, but he did not wield any influence at all.

“No, I lost,” said Sima Jinchi.

Yue Zhengen’s brows were raised. He could not help but show shock on his face, “You lost? Who beat you?”

Sima Jinchi found it difficult to hide his excitement. “It’s Zhengyu’s captain. General, I want to go look for him. I’ve finally found the person that I’ve been looking for all this time. The purpose of my visit today is to bid you farewell.”

“The person that you’ve been looking for? You’re saying?” Yue Zhengen’s eyes beamed, but he could barely hide the shock he felt inwardly.

Nobody knew Sima Jinchi as well as he did.

Sima Jinchi was already a rank-89 Soul Douluo. Besides, he had been at rank-89 for almost ten years now. He was thirty-nine years old today, but he already possessed the strength to become a Title Douluo when he was twenty-nine. With his natural talents, there was no reason why he was not already a Title Douluo.

Anyway, after his soul power was raised to rank-89, he made no further improvements. It was the reason Sima Jinchi cultivated and fought with a frenzy. He had hoped to find an opportunity to achieve a breakthrough in battle!

Unfortunately, things did not proceed as he had wished. Throughout the past decade, he was unable to find a breakthrough no matter how hard he worked. It was only after his Sabersoul was awakened that he experienced intriguing events in his spiritual world. These events seemed to be guiding him onward.

Yue Zhengen knew very well that Sima Jinchi’s Dragon Slaying Saber martial soul was definitely not inferior to the Holy Angel martial soul in terms of its quality. Moreover, under the diligent cultivation of this martial fanatic, he even awakened his Sabersoul. Once he attained the rank of a Title Douluo, his strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds. The possibilities for his future would be endless.

Currently, when Sima Jinchi said that he had found the person whom he had been looking for, it undoubtedly meant that he had discovered the way to achieve a breakthrough. How could this not make Yue Zhengen happy? Once he achieved a breakthrough, Sima Jinchi would most definitely be a peerless expert in the future!

“When are you leaving?” asked Yue Zhengen. He did not attempt to make Sima Jinchi stay. For one, he did not have such intentions in the first place. On the other hand, if this person had made up his mind, nobody could deter him from doing what he wanted to do.

“I’m leaving immediately. So, I’ve come to ask you. Where’s he at? I’m sure you know, sir.” Sima Jinchi asked anxiously.

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