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«The Legend of the Dragon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1070 - Bubble King VS Spear King

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Chapter 1070: Bubble King VS Spear King

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Someone had said before that with his peculiar martial soul, even if he were to fight in the soul masters’ battles, it was expected that he would be able to enter the top sixteen. However, this contestant did not sign up for the soul masters’ battle. If he had, his peculiar martial soul would definitely be recognized at first glance.

The Bubble King against the Spear King. The semifinals!

Tang Wulin raised the spear in his hand slowly. He dared not let his guard down while facing such a peculiar opponent. Since his opponent was able to make it into the semifinals, his combat strength should not be underestimated. There was no room for him to rely on luck. The opportunity to face an unusual opponent was also a form of training for him.

“Five, four, three, two, one. The match starts!”

With the electronic voice’s announcement, the semifinals of the mecha battled finally began!

Tang Wulin operated his mecha and engaged his thrusters right away. He charged toward his opponent at lightning speed. The spear in his hands was directed forward, and his momentum was majestic.

Standing on the other side, the Bubble King’s mecha paused for a moment in its place. Nobody knew what it was doing. The distance between the two mechas was swiftly closing. Tang Wulin’s mecha, brimming with a brilliant aura, formed a stark contrast with the Bubble King’s mecha which had absolutely no energy fluctuation and resembled a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Tang Wulin coordinated his soul power fluctuation and his own bloodline aura. He was prepared to deal with any sudden changes. Naturally, his opponent would not have come unprepared. The only thing was that he was not yet familiar with his opponent’s combat style. This Bubble King could be regarded as the individual with the largest variety of combat methods of all the contestants in the mecha battles.

Ling Wuyue had lost to him. Tang Wulin clearly remembered that when Ling Wuyue was describing the Bubble King to him, her tone was filled with disgust. This man had attached a few large bubbles directly onto her boomerang. This had rendered her arsenal of skills useless and eventually led to her losing the match.

The two contestants continued to get closer to each other. For mechas, the distance of a few hundred meters would only take three breaths to traverse even from a stationary position.

At that point, Bubble King’s mecha finally moved. It straightened its torso and a pink hue suddenly appeared on the surface of his mecha. Then, the pink layer swiftly expanded until it formed a giant bubble with a diameter of more than fifteen meters. The bubble enveloped Bubble King’s mecha within it.

If Tang Wulin continued to move forward, he would have crashed straight into that bubble.

It was during moments like this that a mecha master could display his operating skills. Tang Wulin instantly extinguished the thrusters on the back of his mecha. Not only that, through his soul power infusion and control over his bloodline power, he forcibly skewed the angle of his mecha’s body slightly. Although the change was minute, it made his mecha slide over the side of the big bubble released by Bubble King’s mecha instead of colliding into it head-on.

Tang Wulin’s mecha swung the spear in its hands and stabbed at the large bubble which covered Bubble King’s mecha.

He intended to attack his opponent’s weak point. The best way for him to deal with this opponent by first familiarizing himself with his abilities. As he faced a fighter who was said to have a large variety of combat techniques, he dared not be careless nor would he be rash.

The spear’s tip struck the bubble. It sunk into it, but the bubble’s surface did not break. Instead, it was supple and elastic. Tang Wulin’s strike had the force of his mecha’s momentum behind it. Although there were no enhancements from his soul skills, the force with which it was stabbed into the bubble was not something that ordinary standard mechas could hope to compare with. However, the power of that mecha’s defensive strength had taken him aback.

Not only that, another more peculiar scene appeared. After being stabbed by the spear, the giant bubble stuck to it. Tang Wulin made his mecha slide to the side, stretching the bubble now attached to the spear.

Bubble King’s mecha seemed to flicker with light and the huge bubble broke free from the Bubble King’s body. It then made its way toward Tang Wulin, quickly trying to cover his mecha along with his spear.

Anyone could have guessed that it was definitely not something good if he was completely enveloped by this huge bubble. In the Bubble King’s previous battles, all his opponents that faced the same situation were swiftly defeated.

A chill gripped Tang Wulin’s heart. The best course of action at this moment was to give up on his spear to sever his connection with that bubble.

However, he did not do that immediately. The spear in his hands shook, and Bluesilver Emperor vines swarmed out of the gaps in his mecha. They formed brand-new spears which struck against the bubble that was coming at him. They forcibly kept it at a distance and did not allow it to get close to his mecha.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines quickly enlarged. Although the bubble was huge, its diameter was not as long as the vines! Under the Bluesilver Emperor vines’ blockade, it was forcibly kept at bay on one side of Tang Wulin’s mecha.

However, it was at this very moment when the bubble suddenly reddened.

This process lasted only for a short while, perhaps only a second or even instantly. In the next moment, with a loud boom, the bubble exploded. The intense sound of the blast brought with it a powerful shockwave and blew away Tang Wulin’s mecha. The impact was so strong that his mecha flew off to one side. The protective barrier on his mecha shone brightly in response.

Applause and cheers were finally heard on the competition stage. It was unclear whether they were the result of Tang Wulin’s reaction or the peculiarity of the Bubble King’s battle style.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines were blasted into bits which scattered everywhere. Even so, the Bluesilver Emperor was on par with any powerful martial soul. It was not even scratched after going through such an explosion.

Everything happened in the span of a few moments. What the spectators saw was two mechas barely missing each other. The Bubble King released a large bubble which was pulled to the side by Tang Wulin, then it exploded and sent Tang Wulin’s mecha flying.

The Bubble King’s mecha had already shifted its position toward Tang Wulin. Another bubble which was the complete replica of the previous one appeared on its body again. At the same time, he engaged his soul thrusters and charged after Tang Wulin’s mecha. It seemed like he wanted to ram him.

After the previous collision, Tang Wulin could not help but feel curious. As expected, this Bubble King was different. This unknown great bubble of his had combined offense and defense into one. It even had a certain degree of controlling power.

If he had been enveloped by this large bubble before the explosion happened, it would not have been easy for him to defend himself against the brunt of the explosion. He was also very curious about such a peculiar martial soul, unusual for someone who was able to proceed to the semifinals of the mecha battles. Also, from the soul power shockwave sent out by his opponent during the battle, he could feel that this Bubble King’s soul power cultivation base must have been at least eight rings. In other words, this must have been a Soul Douluo-ranked expert.

‘As expected, he’s a powerful mecha master. No wonder Ling Wuyue lost to him.’

When he saw his opponent charging toward him, Tang Wulin did not dodge. He felt it was impolite not to reciprocate. ‘If you’re coming for me, I’ll give you a taste of my martial soul as well.’

The scattered Bluesilver Emperor vibes gathered once more. When he saw that his opponent was almost upon him, he activated his Bluesilver Impaling Array. A huge swathe of Bluesilver Emperor vines suddenly burst forth, not only from the ground but also from Tang Wulin’s mecha. These Bluesilver Emperor vines turned into spear-like objects and shot straight at the Bubble King’s mecha.

The Bubble King had lightning reflexes. The instant the Bluesilver Emperor vines appeared, his forward-charging mecha suddenly changed direction. It made a ninety-degree turn, from charging forth to rising upward.

This maneuver had completely defied the laws of physics. Besides, with the standard mecha’s bearing capacity, if this was done under any normal circumstances, the mecha’s joints would have surely been damaged.

However, the Bubble King did it, and he made it seem effortless.

‘Was that a bubble’s buoyancy?’ A thought struck Tang Wulin. He had suddenly grasped the secret behind it.

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