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«The Card Apprentice (Web Novel) - Chapter 514: Snow Thorn Bear

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Chapter 514: Snow Thorn Bear

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100 light rays came out together. The Youth Guard’s movements were uniform and these 100 light rays were like 100 suns!


100 suns converged within a range of five meters.

The red glow suddenly expanded, and everything in the field of vision was seriously distorted by the high temperature and distortion of the air. The heat from the high-temperature airflow raged like a torrent. Snow evaporated in the blink of an eye, the tall coniferous forest turned yellow, burned and rapidly carbonized. It was eventually reduced into ashes and blown away by the airflow.

All the card artisans stared blankly. They were stunned by the scene before them.

“Is this really a three star card?” Among the Grade 7 card artisans, a female card artisan muttered to herself. Of the 15 Grade 7 card artisans, seven were women, a ratio that was incredible for places elsewhere than the Federation. But this is the Heavenly Drum Village District, which has the tradition of Yin flourishing and Yang declining. Moon Frost Island’s long-standing fashion lead to the high status of women in the Heavenly Drum Village District. Heavenly Drum Village District is also the district with the largest number of female card artisans among the five major Chinese districts.

This female card artisan named Bei Ling, was a card artisan from a small academy. During her school days, she was the most outstanding student in that academy. After graduation, she still made rapid progress. She broke through the Grade 7 barrier in one fell swoop last year and formally entered the ranks of the Grade 7 elites.

It is extremely difficult for a small academy like theirs to produce a Grade 7 card artisan. The inheritance of her learning was very common, and the perception exercise method was also common, so the card was something that would naturally go without saying. Hence for her to be able to step into the ranks of a Grade 7 card artisan, it was undeniable that her natural talent was amazing. Her appearance could not be considered beautiful, but rather adorable, and won the hearts of everyone around.

“A very strong three star card! This power should be comparable to the War Card Appliance,” In a solemn tone, it was Fu Dong, the oldest of all card artisans, who spoke. He was 47 years old this year. Fu Dong was knowledgeable and had quite a prestige among his peers.

“War Card Appliance? What is the boss trying to do?”

This sentence was a doubt in the hearts of all people, but no one could say it out loud. Who among these people who had become Grade 7 card artisans, was not a person who had long been on the path of this life?

“The boss’s card making skill is really amazing. Even a small three star card can also burst out into such amazing power. This is enough to put the other card masters to shame,” Wen Renhong laughed and said. He was born with blue pupils, and was accompanied by quite an evil aura. Among the 15 people, it was difficult for everyone to see the depth of some people’s strength, and Wen Renhong was one of them.

However, his remarks inspired everyone. They all came for the boss’s card. The better the boss’s card making skills, the more benefits they will get.

“Not bad,” A soft and empty voice floated in the air as a woman who was as gentle as water spoke slowly, “The boss’s is not inferior to that of the card masters from the Great Six.”

The history of Kuangshi was also unknown. It was difficult to fathom the depth of her cultivation. However, she had great affinity and a soft and gentle voice. This caused others to unconsciously close the distance between them. All the female card artisans were very polite to this woman who was as gentle as water.

Fu Dong sighed and said, “I don’t know what kind of monster the boss is that he can even make cards as well. He is also so skilled that even the cards are unheard of. By contrast, we are really ashamed!”

“Hehe,” Bei Lin’s cute dimples appeared, “Big Brother Fu is really depressed. He’s the boss. How can he be anything less than amazing?”

At this time, the aftermath of the explosion finally dissipated, and people could finally see the scope of the explosion.

100 energy bombs exploded simultaneously within a range of five meters, covering an astonishing 1,200 meters in diameter!

Within this range, there were no trees nor snow, only scorched soil. Not an inch of this blackened land remained intact. At the very centre of the explosion, a pit of 15 metres deep made people such in a mouthful of air again.

Al this moment, all the youths from the Youth Guard paled. They did not think that the energy bombs that they had condensed during usual trainings would have such a terrifying power!

But soon, they got excited!

“Wow! What an amazing card! I think it’s more powerful than the Lord Hit Man’s energy bomb!”

“Forget it, by the time we shot one, Lord Hit Man would’ve killed us all. But this One Wave Bomb is still really amazing!”

“It’s spectacular! We shall see what beasts would still dare to provoke us!”

Chen Mu was quite satisfied with the effect of the One Wave Bomb.

“Let’s go,” Chen Mu ordered Sang Hanshui. In the jungle, it was not appropriate to stay too long in one place, and if the explosion had just happened, it would be troublesome if they had alerted any terrible beast.

Sang Hanshui quickly ordered, “All here, let’s go!”

Rafael followed hurriedly behind Sang Hanshui. This time, Chen Mu picked him as well. Among these card artisans, Rafael’s strength can only be ranked last, but his good obedience, as well as his fearlessness against hardship, were qualities that Chen Mu appreciated very much.

Chen Mu even worked out a training program for him, which made other card artisans jealous.

But when they saw the training plan, they were all shocked. They thought they were wrong. The boss didn’t appreciate the kid at all, but instead disliked this kid.

In their eyes, this plan is simply impossible to accomplish!

However, to their surprise, Rafael completed the training plan step by step! Rafael spent his time in training every day during his break. Every day he gets so tired that he would faint! Medical card artisans persuaded him more than once not to continue training like this. But the next day, after the march, he began training again.

Gradually, the other card artisans began to sincerely admire this young card artisan who was not outstanding, but possessed an extremely patient temperament. As for Bei Ling, she would go to his place often, and this made everyone especially jealous.

Over these few days, Rafael had lost a lot of weight. He was tanned and thin, but his eyes were still full of energy.

Now he has already become a team leader.

The encouraged Youth Guards were somewhat frustrated to find that, except for this attack, they actually never attacked again!

While they were at their station, Chen Mu sat by the fire, thinking. Only now did he realize that it was so difficult to build a team and that there were so many things to be involved in. There used to be Bogner and Jiang Liang to help him look at all these things, but now, these things required his own thinking to deal with them.

The sound of footsteps interrupted his thinking. He looked up and found that Wei-ah and Little Bu Mo had returned.

He could not help smiling, but the mask was covering it so no one could see. When his eyes fell on the beast that Wei-ah dragged behind him, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Oh, a Snow Thorn Bear?”

Chen Mu’s surprise attracted the attention of the card artisans who were scattered around him. In their impression, the boss was always calm, so this was the first they had ever noticed his surprise. Their eyes could not help but to follow Chen Mu’s, falling on the beast dragged by Wei-ah.

Everyone’s pupils contracted at the same time in a flash!

Snow Thorn Bear!

They were not familiar with Wei-ah, but they knew that every day the man wearing a wooden mask will leave the team with the child and will often only come back at night. They were always curious about how they found them in this vast jungle.

But this time they were frightened by the Snow Thorn Bear! The Snow Thorn Bear is a powerful beast that grows only in the Heavenly Drum Village District. It is three times larger than the average bear. An adult Snow Thorn Bear is like a small hill. But the size of the body does not make its movements slow, on the contrary, their movements are as fast as the wind, and they had ferocious temperament! They can also emit needle-shaped snow-white energy spines, allowing easy penetration into a four star shield.

Card artisans were as weak as paper dolls in front of it.

“Oh, I met it on the way. I knocked it out before eating dinner,” Wei-ah described it lightly. His right hand shook slightly, and the Snow Thorn Bear which was like a small hill, immediately fell like a sandbag and dropped itself in front of Chen Mu.

Boom. when the Snow Thorn Bear hit the ground, it caused a tremor on the earth. At this time, it also seemed to hit the hearts of the people, for everyone’s hearts had shook together!

Before eating dinner… Just knocked it out…

These Grade 7 card artisans whose eyes are were always placed higher than the top, looked at Wei-ah in horror, as if they were looking at a huge primitive creature.

Chen Mu went up to the Snow Thorn Bear, examined it, and said in satisfaction, “Good stuff! The blood of the Snow Thorn Bear is a rare card-making material, and has a much higher blood grade than that of the twin hook beast. However, if the live blood is coagulate into blood glue, it would be less effective. I looked at it in Dongrui City, but it was too expensive so I didn’t buy it. Its teeth and claws are also good things, but the best thing is that it has a cold bag in its body, which is a good thing for making cards which are ice cold in nature.”

Suddenly he turned his head and asked Kuangshi, “What Guard Kuang wants is a card which is ice cold in nature, right?”

Joy was expressed on Kuangshi’s face, and her gentle voice was somewhat out of tune, “Precisely. I will have to trouble the boss for this.” All the other card artisans showed admiration on their faces. They were all old and experienced card artisans, so they knew that things like a Snow Thorn Bear’s cold sac is an excellent material that can only be seen but not sought.

But aside from envy, their gazes all fell on Wei-ah! Snow Thorn Bear hunting was very difficult, and it often requires four or five Grade 7 card artisans to work together. Furthermore, if one wants to capture a live one, it is far more difficult, and would also require some cards with special properties in order for there to be a possibility to succeed.

Wei-ah suddenly became extremely unpredictable in their eyes!

Chen Mu took a specialized sampling box from the Jungle Shuttle. This sort of sampling box contained heat preservation and empty cards, specially prepared for the use of materials that needed to be preserved.

“Wei-ah, I’m going to bleed it. It may struggle, so you come and control it.” Chen Mu pulled out a suction pipe from the sampling box, which had a front end and was attached to a suction cup.

“Okay.” Wei-ah walked up to the side of the Snow Thorn Bear.

The crowd immediately became nervous, and just like how Fu Dong was already ready for battle, they knew very well the strength of the Snow Thorn Bear! Once the Snow Thorn Bear gets mad, the whole camp will suffer. The Snow Thorn Bear’s ice-like hard fur had a great protective power, and ordinary energy forms cannot do any effective damage to it at all.

Collection has always been associated with risk.

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