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«Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 1475 - Strong Super Pet Armor

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Chapter 1475: Strong Super Pet Armor

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Through the hole that had been seared through the door, you could see a beautiful blue flame butterfly that was a Firetail Geno Battle Soul.

But this blue flame butterfly was different from the ones Han Sen had dealt with previously. The ones Han Sen had seen the day before were just a little bigger than the average human hand. This one, with wings spread, was an entire meter across. The blue fire that it carried danced into strange symbols, unlike the ordinary Firetail Geno Battle Souls.

“Crap! This Geno Battle Soul is a little strange. It melted the door to my Gemstone Purple Manor. Watch out, I’m going to put it away.” Zhuo Donglai was afraid if the creature continued to burn the Manor, it would all melt. So, he returned it for now.

The Purple Manor was gone, and when it was, they could now see the Firetail Butterfly assembly that was outside. It was impossible to tell how many were there, but the horde of butterflies fluttered around the big one.

Geno Battle Souls weren’t proper living creatures, and because of this, Han Sen could not gauge their actual strength through his Dongxuan Aura. But the giant butterfly was obviously a fair deal stronger than an average one, and if he had to guess, Han Sen would put its strength at no weaker than a gemstone-type.

The Firetail Butterflies were headed towards Han Sen next, and the three of them knew they had to fight. To face their flaming wrath, the first thing Han Sen did was open his Bulwark Umbrella.

The Firetail Butterflies were struck by the umbrella, and they exploded in a bright haze of gold Core Lights. Of course, Han Sen did not have the time to collect them all right now. More and more butterflies were headed right for him.

And that was especially true with the Firetail Butterfly King. It was like a living blue flame, and it had picked Han Sen as its target.

The butterfly king was too fast, though. Han Sen hadn’t recovered his strength after striking the three butterflies. He was unable to pull away and dodge, so he brought the Bulwark Umbrella up to defend against the butterfly king’s hit.


There was a big explosion, and Han Sen felt impressive power impact his umbrella. He and the umbrella were sent arcing through the air, and atop the umbrella was a nasty scorch mark. It was already breaking.

“Oh, no! I’m not sure this guy is a gemstone Battle Soul… it might actually be a super Battle Soul.” Han Sen was shocked. To make matters worse, the butterfly king was fixated on him.

Zhuo Donglai and Elysian Moon were fighting in the midst of the butterfly storm. But they were dealing with gold Battle Souls, the sort that couldn’t even deal damage to them. After they struck down a bastion of the fluttering foes, gold Core Lights were dropping everywhere.

Han Sen dodged the butterfly king’s second attack, but he wouldn’t be able to dodge the next. When the butterfly king flapped its wings again, it was instantly back at him, ready to attack.


Han Sen used his Bulwark Umbrella to block the hit again. He was sent flying through the forest once more, as the hand that clutched the bumbershoot started to bleed.

The surface of the umbrella was blackened with scorch marks.

“This guy is most definitely a super class creature.” Han Sen could tell the speed and power of the butterfly exceeded that of a gemstone class.

If it had been a gemstone class beast, his own body would definitely have been able to withstand the fire. And the umbrella would not have suffered so greatly.

Seeing the butterfly king approach, Han Sen knew he wouldn’t be able to dodge this attack, either. Zhuo Donglai shouted and summoned the stone palace out of the nether, and it fell on top of the butterfly king and trapped him.

“Run!” Zhuo Donglai shouted after trapping the butterfly king. His face looked terrible.

Han Sen turned around to take flight. But after gaining a distance of one hundred meters, a fresh blue light was already shining from behind. He turned around and saw a blue phantom shoot through the roof of the manor, which had been burned through. The butterfly was flying out, ready to resume its pursuit of Han Sen.

He gritted his teeth and continued his sprint through the bamboo forest, but his speed was not good enough. The butterfly king’s blue body was already flashing directly behind Han Sen, having caught up with ease.

“Meowth! Get him!” Han Sen wouldn’t be able to dodge, so he chomped down on his teeth, summoned Meowth, and had the pet deal with the butterfly’s wrath instead.

Meowth had absorbed many waterdrops from the black crystal, and having eaten so much high-class meat, it was definitely worthy of residing in the Fourth God’s Sanctuary. It had been growing quite well. Still, it was rather weak, and it had no notable powers. Its strength was comparable to that of an ordinary demi-god with no geno core.

Han Sen had kept and treated Meowth as a pet, and even though he summoned it, he didn’t want it to die.

Han Sen didn’t have any other pet beast souls, though, and the super pet armor he had could only be used by a pet beast soul. For this reason, he had to call on Meowth for aid.

When Meowth activated battle mode, it took on the shape of a black tiger. Even though it’d appear much bigger than the butterfly, its power would be considerably worse.

When Meowth was summoned, Han Sen summoned the Red Crystal Cricket’s beast soul for it. When equipped, it clad Meowth in ruby armor and made the pet look like a red tiger.


Firetail Butterfly King struck Meowth, which blasted it away.

But the airborne Meowth was able to descend with a firm landing, and once it was down, it leaped towards the butterfly king swiftly.

Han Sen was happy. Even with Meowth’s meager strength, he had been able to withstand a direct blow from the butterfly king and emerge totally fine. It was all thanks to that pet beast soul.

Han Sen was worried Meowth’s body would be too weak to withstand a blow from the butterfly king, even with the super pet armor. Seeing its success, Han Sen was greatly relieved.

Meowth hopped over to the butterfly king, which seemed to enrage the creature. The butterfly flapped over to meet with Meowth, its blue flames burning like a sun.


The blue flame exploded like a volcano, blasting Meowth further into the sky. And again, upon its descent, the pet looked absolutely perfect. With speed and haste, it was able to leap right back to the butterfly king.

The butterfly king kept focusing on Meowth, but Meowth had super pet armor. The ruby armor seemed to be fine, too, with no scorch marks or signs of wear.

“That’s strong. Too strong!” Han Sen was very excited.

Zhuo Donglai and Elysian Moon were shocked seeing this, too. Even Zhuo Donglai’s Purple Manor had been burned through. And they knew the butterfly king had to be super class.

For Han Sen’s pet beast soul to be able to withstand Firetail Butterfly King’s attacks, they couldn’t help but wonder what level Meowth might have been.

It didn’t look like a super class creature, as its speed and strength were very low. Its defense, on the other hand, was shockingly high.

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