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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1451 - Blue Like Morning Sky

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Chapter 1451: Blue Like Morning Sky

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The all herb mountain ranges had the terrifying explosion again but there were less cultivators than last time.

Long grave hill.

The first place Hong Yixing came to after breaking free was here. He hid something here, the mist lotus heart fire. The main reason was there was a place below here that was suitable for heaven flame growth.

If it wasn’t that Chu Xiaoyi hunted him too much, he would’ve long taken this heaven flame already. However, when Chu Xiaoyi sealed him, he didn’t get the chance to take the mist lotus heart fire.

There was no one here on a few hundred km radius. This place was very bleak and seemed very cold even during the day.

At this moment, there was a sharp howl “who, who dares to take my mist lotus heart fire, I’m going to eat you alive…”

Hong Yixing was a rather handsome man but with this scream, his handsome features became distorted and turned very gruesome. Even the veins were popping out of his head.

Of course Ye Mo didn’t know his mist lotus heart fire belonged to Hong Yixing but even if he did, he wasn’t going to give it back.

Ye Mo was still very far from the blue sand ditch, but he already felt the intense searing heat.

What appeared before him was blue sand for tens of miles. There was a huge ditch in the centre of these blue sands. He couldn’t scan his spirit sense in at all.

The sand around the ditch had been baked to blue ores. These ores seemed very tough. They would be very good forgery materials for high level forgery masters.

The closer he got to the ditch, the higher the temperature but Ye Mo wouldn’t care about that cultivator. He knew that with this temperature, an ordinary cultivator probably wouldn’t turned to gas already.

Coming here, he realized why the Blue Like Morning Sky was still here despite so many cultivators guessing it was here. If one didn’t reach the master state of body refinement, he would never be able to come here. This was only the outskirts of the blue sand ditch too.

One could imagine the temperature would go up exponentially as one went in. maybe one needed three king states to go in.

Ye Mo sighed, he knew he was lucky to have come now. if it was last time, he would never be able to come in even with the help of the golden page world.

The temperature wasn’t on par with the void flame break through it was enough to stop any truth realisation state from coming over.

The blue sand ditch was bluish gray. One couldn’t scan spirit sense in at all. Even if one didn’t use eyes, it was very eye piercing. If Ye Mo was still three king state body refinement, he really wouldn’t dare to jump down. But now that he was god state body refinement, he believed that even if it was Blue Like Morning Sky down, it wouldn’t be enough to hurt him without human interference.

Ye Mo jumped in without hesitation.

Ye Mo didn’t even reach the bottom and that terrifying heat swept over. Ye Mo used his cultivation essence and god state body refinement. A barrier formed around his body. With such terrifying temperature, he could only feel some temperature.

Even so, Ye Mo was shook at the temperature down ehre. It was only about ten meters deep and Ye Mo reached the bottom already.

At the bottom, there was a huge blue boulder that was 50 meters in size. A flame like a lotus petal was jumping around in the center. It was blue on the four sides but pale yellow in the center. It was extremely beautiful.

“it really is Blue Like Morning Sky…” Ye Mo called out in shock. He was still extremely shook seeing the Blue Like Morning Sky here despite guessing it might be it.

The value of Blue Like Morning Sky wasn’t something ordinary cultivation realm flames could compare, not even mist lotus heart fire nor one purple flame.

One purple flame was ranked second in the entire cultivation realm but only ranked 11thin the entire 108 types of flames. Mist lotus heart fire was even lower, ranked 17th.

But Blue Like Morning Sky was different, it was first in the cultivation realm and third in all 108 types of flames. It was undoubtedly the king of flames.

Plus, it was ranked third not because it’s weaker than the first and second but there was no number one. The number one flame was evolved the 2ndto 10thflames devouring things.

So, even if your heaven flame reached purple, it was only just the beginning in the battle of flames. Once a flame reached purple, it had to keep devouring materials or evolve through other means. Otherwise, it would only be able to dominate the cultivation realm but not higher realms.

This Blue Like Morning Sky in front of him was still faint yellow. Clearly, it didn’t appear for long.

The reason there was a layer of blue on the outside was because it hadn’t been spirit controlled yet. Once it was spirit control, it would return to being pale yellow and evolve based on the change in color.

Ye Mo also knew that if the Blue Like Morning Sky completely blossomed from the blue stone, it would leave and disappear into the void. He came just at the right time, in another few decades, it might’ve hid itself. As for the blue rock, it was clearly material for breeding for Blue Like Morning Sky. There was a huge ditch here so it was probably an asteroid.

A flame that was newly born had such terrifying temperature, one could see how terrifying the Blue Like Morning Sky.

Ye Mo had great experience in spirit controlling flames and he was god state body refinement. Blue Like Morning Sky was very terrifying for ordinary cultivators but not enough for Ye Mo. Perhaps once it was green or aqua color would it pose a threat to him.

If he wasn’t god state body refinement, he would set up formations around it and use a slow method to spirit control it. but now, Ye Mo just grabbed the flame with his hand and enclosed it in his hand.

Blue Like Morning Sky seemed to know it was grabbed and released more terrifying heat but it faced Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo just spat a mouth of essence blood on the Blue Like Morning Sky and tried to spirit control it. Ye Mo truly liked this newly born flame. He spirit controlled it with essence blood so it would be easier to communicate with it in the future.

The only two 8 star sects of North Far State was Jade Woman sect and Wang Yue sect.

But now, both sects had truth realisation state masters. Tang Mengrao and Shan Di both reached truth realisation state.

Tang Mengrao was in solitary cultivation. She got a lot of pills from Ye Mo and her disciple earned a fortune through the gamble at West Extreme State. she was about to break through to truth realisation state level two but this strnage annoyance made her stop solitary cultivation.

Before she came out, her disciple Yue CHan rushed in.

Tang Mengrao had a bad feeling and asked desperately “did something happen?”

Yue CHan nodded nervously “yes, master, the all herb mountain ranges exploded again. Then, a few sects in the North Far State were annihilated. Some ordinary cultivation cities don’t have a single survivor.”

Tang Mengrao’s head buzzed. She immediately thought of the seal Ye Mo enforced in there. Was the thing let out? Didn’t Ye Mo say the seal could last another century?

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