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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1450 - Seal break

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Chapter 1450: Seal break

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo glanced at her and didn’t talk. There was no way he was going to give the sword back for no reason. He didn’t care about this sword but this was his battle loot.

Seeing this, Mu Feihuan immediately realized what was going on “this is a little gift from us.”

Ye Mo took it and saw it was filled with piles of level eight and level nine spirit herbs. These were things he needed desperately. He immediately took the storage ring and gave the sword back to her “since this is an important thing to you then take it, I won’t be unreasonable.”

Mu Feihuan took the sword and breathed easy. She was scared Ye Mo wasn’t willing to give it back.

Ye Mo suddenly felt he did something wrong, he didn’t even ask Li CHangtian for some spirit herb. they must have countless.

North Far State All herb mountain ranges.

After the terrifying explosion many years ago, there were less and less cultivators coming here to search for spirit herbs. Those few who came here only sstayed at the outskirts.

At this moment, an extremely beautiful woman went into the depth of the mountain ranges alone. If Ye Mo was here, he would see that the place she was trying to open was the seal that was covered by the explosion. He could also recognized that this female cultivator was the female cultivator was Ao Qiandie.

She completely dug open the blue stairway and reappeared in the hexagonal hall.

There were piles of bones underneath her foot.

There were some ants crawling around on them making this underground hall seem even more eerie.

“Chu XIaoyi, the thing you want to do, I’m not going to let you succeed…” Ao Qiandie said to herself coldly as her voice echoed in the hall.

Then, Ao Qiandie charged back into the tunnel filled with space wind blades. She even released defense magic artefact to block it. however, for some reason, she wasn’t attacked once by the time she walked to the end of the tunnel.

Moments later, she came into entrance to the hall that was filled with fake light balls. However, the hall had collapsed so she couldn’t go in.

She took out tens of runes and put them at the entrance before going back the way she came in.

With her countless years of age, how could she not tell it was a seal here. She was certain it was sealed by Chu Xiaoyi. If this seal wasn’t damaged she wouldn’t be able to do anything but it had been damaged countless times. She was certain she could break it completely with one move.

Ao QIandie stood at the hall and sneered “Chu XIaoyi, I’m going to break your seal, i want to see how long you can hide for.”

Then, she released a huge round magic artefact and used tens of hand sings.

As she used the hand signs, the space around her began to explode. Suddenly, there was a terrifying explosion at where she placed the runes.

She immediately hid under her magic artefact.

The explosion sounded wave by wave without stop. Eventually, even she spat a few mouthfuls of blood under her magic artefact due to the shock. She was also wondering how her runes could cause this non stop explosion? It only broke open that hall.

The explosions sounded for 7 minutes before calming down. The entrance she could go in before was completely collapsed.

She put away her defense magic artefact and stood in the middle of this hall. He found that one face of the hexagonal hall was blown away.

“the seal shouldn’t be this easily broken…” Ao Qiandie murmured to herself. She thought that the break to the seal should be in that hall not this tunnel.

She wouldn’t care what the consequence of breaking the seal was. Even if all of the people in North Far State died, she wouldn’t care.

Ao Qiandie frowned. It seemed she failed. Just when she didn’t want to keep looking and was about to leave, there was an ear piercing laughter.

Ao Qiandie thought, was this the person who was sealed? Perhaps she could work with him to kill that Ye bastard, that guy forced her to have nowhere to hide…

Suddenly, the space before her was devoured.

“space devour…” Ao Qiandie’s face changed and she immediately ran. She finally knew what was sealed here by Chu Xiaoyi. It was nine headed void devouring bug. If she knew this place sealed the nine headed void devouring bug, she would never do this.

She believed with her capabilities and persuasion she could persuade any sealed old monster to work with her, but there was nothing she could do about a nine headed void devouring bug at all.

But when she looked back, she couldn’t find the way she came in from. before she could leave from the fallen wall, she felt space around her collapse again.

There was despair in her eyes, a bone devouring pain. Ao Qiandie pulled the clothes on her body but even so, the terrifying pain was still there. The next moment, she disappeared with her surroundings.

At the same time, a greyish yellow bug covered in a sticky liquid appeared in the hall. There was still saliva drooling out of its mouth but it didn’t fall on the ground. The bug was 3 meters long and it had nine necks. Three of the necks had heads but the rest seemed to have been cut off and there was just a layer of red.

More disgustingly, there were countless red tentacles under its face.

The three headed bug didn’t leave. Moments later a grey shadow landed next to the bug. The grey shadow looked around and laughed “Chu Xiaoyi, Chu Xiaoyi, so what if you sealed me Hong Yixing for ten thousand years. I still came out. When I find my things, it will be the moment you lose your head. I hope you’re still alive…”

Suddenly, he frowned and said again “how can I feel the call of immortal ascension? No I need to quickly find the few other heads… Hmm, you’ve eaten one already?”

Then, he sat on the disgusting bug and patted its head “go out.”

The nine headed void devouring bug suddenly flew up towards the broken wall and after another rumble, the nine headed void devouring bug flew out with the grey robed cultivator.

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