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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1447 - The most terrifying person in demon lands

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Chapter 1447: The most terrifying person in demon lands

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

West Extreme State sand river, ever since news of immortal ascension seal being removed, it seemed that the sand river was a lot less dangerous.

There were countless treasures in the sand river. Lucky cultivators could find a few ancient ruins of the storage ring of deceased cultivators.

Even if they didn’t find that, they would benefit immeasurably from one or two top grade material or spirit sand crystal. Spirit sand crystal was more valuable than extreme grade spirit stones. It was nurtured after tens of thousands of years in the sand river. It could be used to cultivate or trade.

So when news that sand river danger was lowered, countless cultivators and beast cultivator rushed into the sand river.

Teams were necessary and so was the clear benefit pill. it was just a level nine spirit pill and wasn’t too absurdly expensive. There were little pill kings in West Extreme State but some level nine spirit pill master.

Teams were necessary, the sand river was barren. If you didn’t have a team, no matter how many clear benefit pill you had you would go mad due to the anxiety and loneliness.

There were tens times more cultivators in the sand river than before.

From foundation establishment state to truth realisation state, none seemed to want to fall behind. The only reason was that there was a terrifying explosion near the demon lands.

According to one disaster transformation state eye witness, the explosion tore open the dimension, a raidus of a few thousand km was enveloped in this explosion. A huge ditched formed in the sand river but as wind blew, half of it was covered by sand again.

There was no strange thing that explosions happened in a place like sand river but the explosion brought out countless immortal crystals. Some were blasted to small pieces forming thumb sized pieces or even sesame sized.

But even one sesame sized immortal crystals shard was enough for a foundation establishment state to break through.

Because of this, the sand river was filled. All cultivators came here for the immortal crystals.

But after going inside, they realized that the sand river was still the sand river, one could still lose their mind. Immortal crystals and treasures were good but it’s only good if you had the life to enjoy it. thus, after the first rush, many cultivators calmed down and went back to cultivation.

But even so, there were still many cultivators in here.

No one knew why the explosion occurred but Cha Qizhao and Xie Zhengshi knew. They had seen immortal crystals explode out when Ye Mo removed a seal flag. They were certain that a seal flag self destructed.

Xie ZHengshi thought. The first time he saw Ye Mo, he definitely wasn’t truth realisation state. the reason he could reach truth realisation state was perhaps because he got some immortal crystals from the second seal flag. That’s why he was that fast.

But despite knowing this, there was nothing he could do. he was no match for Ye Mo. Luckily he was about to ascend into the immortal realm. if he didn’t forcefully hide his power, he would’ve caught the immortal ascension divine damnation already.

When the seal flag self destructed again, how could they miss this opportunity.

Two days flying in the Blue Moon, Ye Mo found that the black sand had disappeared and it was black rocks instead. There were a few spirit herb growing on them.

Half a month later, Ye Mo stopped, he saw two ways again.

One way was a place of sands and another was a river. It was a river with water.

The crossroads was the end of the river and this river extended into the distance.

“Abyssal river…” Ye Mo blurted out.

When Yan Yan told him about the Abyssal Passage river she said no one knew where it led to. Some say it was to the demon lands but now, he knew. It was indeed to the demon lands or perhaps demon prison forbidden grounds.

Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the other side of the cross road and found in shock that Abyssal River indeed stopped here but after this road, it appeared again on the other side. Ye Mo’ spirit sense could chase to where the river led to. It seemed this place wasn’t the final destination of the Abyssal River.

If he had no business, he would even head down here to see where it led but Ye Mo knew he dind’t have that much time.

Ye Mo put away the Blue Moon and wanted to go into the demon prison forbidden grounds through the cross road but as soon as he stepped foot, a few shadows charged at him.

They were evil spirits.

At the same time they came, Ye Mo released Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

The blue sun hung in the sky and those few hundred shadows were all instantly vaporized.

Seeing this, the rest of the evil spirits retreated in horror. Some charged into the demon prison forbidden grounds, some went into the abyssal river. In the blink of an eye, there was not a single evil spirit left around.

Ye Mo felt boring. These evil spirits seemed much smarter than the ones of the three birth bridge.

In such terrifying Abyssal river and the demon lands, Ye Mo found he was unmatched.

Ever since enter the demon lands domain, Ye Mo just released his red sun. as he went, those evil spirits swept in by the Heaven Flame Nine Suns were all disintegrated. Only some faint red or dark red ones could escape. For these ones, Ye Mo threw a ball of flame and they also perished.

Two hours later, Ye Mo saw a fist sized level nine material Huang Strand rock and realized there were actually good things inside here.

This was a top grade forgery material, it was worth more to demon cultivators. Some demon cultivators were even willing to go bankrupt for one.

How could Ye Mo pass on such good things. As he walked he collected more than a hundred Huang Strand rocks.

In the demon lands that struck fear amongst cultivators, Ye Mo walked around while picking up Huang Strand rocks. The evil spirits and demonic spirits saw Ye Mo come and hid away quickly.

Almost all evil spirits with self conscious hoped this terrifying cultivator would leave quickly.

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