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«Strongest Abandoned Son (Web Novel) - Chapter 1388 - When I was born you weren’t yet

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Chapter 1388: When I was born you weren’t yet

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo said to Chu Dan “go wait for me at the school gates, I’m busy I’ll go find you later.”

Chu Dan showed her wits now and let immediately. She knew that if Ye Mo was really going to leave, there was no point of her staying here.

Then, Ning Xuyan asked in confusion “what, what is this?”

“how is your company?” Ye Mo asked casually.

Ning Xuyan nodded “I’m planning to give the Ning family corporation to Ning Yang for management, I’m going to move to Luo Yue.”

Ye Mo said casually “Sishuang has gone back to Luo Yue, if you want to go to Luo Yue then go to Luo Yue lake to find Sishuang. If you want to cultivate, then cultivate with Sishuang. If you don’t want to cultivate, settling in Luo Yue is a good choice too.”

Ning Xuyan shook her head clearly not interested in cultivation.

Ye Mo saw this and didn’t say much “I’m going.”

“what, already?” Ning Xuyan subconsciously asked.

“yes, if you have anything you can ask Sishuang’s father for help. Good bye.” Ye Mo disappeared in front of her.

Ning Xuyan stared dazily at this scene and after a long while, she sighed and walked towards the uni gates.

Chu Dan stood in the middle of the school gates, even though the security guards reminded her a few times she didn’t want to move to the side fearing that Ye Mo wouldn’t see her.

But she knew that it was impossible. She was more scared that Ye Mo didn’t take her seriously and forgot about it.

Just when she was still nervous, she suddenly felt she was grabbed into the air. She was shook, but then she immediately rejoiced. She guessed that only that brother in law would have such heavenly means.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to give up on her, he could easily take the dragon door disk but he couldn’t do that. Even stealing from an ordinary family was lowering his identity. Plus Chu Dan was Lin YIban’s wan bei.

Chu Dan was standing on Ye Mo’s flying ship spirit artefact and although in a better state than Ning Sishuang, she was still shaking. Little did she know that Ye Mo was also excited. He didn’t think the dragon door disk was so easily obtained. He can easily leave earth and head to Luo Yue continent now.

When Chu Dan calmed down, he asked plainly “I do need that dragon door disk but I won’t take you in as a disciple. you can either choose to have eternal youth or I can give you the cultivation resource and cultivation method and you cultivate yourself.”

“huh…” Chu Dan’s joy cooled down by half. She already said she could do everything Ning Sishuang was doing, why didn’t he want to take her in.

“I can do everything Sishuang can do, I can do it better than her…” Chu Dan wanted to fight for it regardless.

Ye Mo’s tone went cold “I’ll say it one more last time, which one do you want?”

Ye Mo had decided that if Chu Dan was still going to pester him he would just take the dragon door disk and take away both options. He approved of her attitude to cultivate at all costs but he really dind’t like her as a person.

Her emotional quotient was much higher than Ning Sishuang and the second time Ye Mo asked this she knew there it was non negotiable. She said without hesitation “I want cultivation method and resource.”

She wans’t dumb, one clearly would preserve her youth if she achieved something in cultivation.

Ye Mo nodded “then go get your dragon door disk.”

“we’re already here?” Chu Dan looked at the mansion in shock. This was clearly her house, how long has it been and they were here?

Chu Hang came home with fatigue but before he sat down, the maid said “Dan Dan is back.”

“what?” Chu Hang asked in shock. He just came back from Ning Hai and when he left his daughter was still at uni. How could she bet at home so quickly? How can things be this eerie?

Maid asked in shock “CEO, didn’t you go to Ning Hai? I thought you came back with Dan Dan. Dan Dan brought back a friend and they’ve been upstairs for three hours.”

“what friend?” Chu Hang asked nervously.

“a very handsome young boy…” Before she finished, Chu Hang already dashed upstairs.

He knew his daughter was in a relationship and he didn’t disapprove but she was not allowed to bring him home.

When he forced open his duaghter’s room, he remembered that the answer to how she was even here wasn’t even solved. Thinking about this, he was cold.

“dad, I gave the dragon door disk to someone else.” Chu Dan said.

Chu Hang was furious. He roared “are you crazy, that’s passed down by our ancestor. Who took it? tell me, I’m going to ask for it back again.”

Chu Dan put down a few jade bottles and said calmly “it’s that immortal I told you about. I met him again and he flew me back. He took the dragon door disk and gave me a bunch of cultivation resource. Dad did I do things wrong? At least I can cultivate now.”

Chu Hang’s fury dissipated and he calmed down. He already believed his daughter already. If she wasn’t flown back how could she come back so quickly?

“are you for real? Where is the cultivation method?” Chu Hang asked.

Chu Dan pointed her at head “that person is too powerful, he says I can’t read jade slips so he just inserted the cultivation method in my brain. It’s as clear as if I’m reading a book. I was just looking at the chi increasing pill.”

Chu Hang took a cold breath in “for real?”

He suddenly thought of something and asked nervously “did he do anything to you such as…”

Chu Dan sneered “if that happened it would be great. Dad I thought you said he would take me as his disciple if I was willing to do anything for him but he dind’t even want to look at me. I really don’t get why that Ning Sishuang is better than me. even though she’s his disciple, I will surpass her with my own effort.”

Chu hang took a cold breath in, he felt he was far from understanding his daughter.

Ye Mo came to Yun Bing’s place after taking the dragon door disk.

There was a layer of dust on everything and Ye Mo casually swiped them away.

That time, he disabled Zheng Wenqiao and another man and soon, so many years had passed.

Ye Mo came into her room. the colors was still so simple and a picture of her and Ting Ting hung on the wall.

Ye Mo took the picture, he would keep it for memory.

Suddenly, he saw a faint blue letter stuck behind the photo.

Ye Mo opened it and saw “if you came and still remember us, you can see the letter, Yun Bing.”

There was another line of small worlds “when I was born, you weren’t, when you were born, I’m already old. I regret not being born the same time as you, and spend everyday with you…”

Ye Mo looked at this and sighed. He couldn’t repay her feelings, he couldn’t even find her.

Ye Mo put the picture and storage ring in his storage ring.

When Ye Mo left Ning Hai again, he knew that everything here would not be related to him anymore. He was leaving here, there was a lot of people waiting for him at Mo Yue City.

Momnets later, Ye Mo came to the depth of the desert Taklamakan desert to activate the formation disk.

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