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«Stealing The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 819: The Transformation of Catfish

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Chapter 819: The Transformation of Catfish

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When Lei Meng was sneaked attack by the two Supreme Oracles with evil magic, the battle between Wu Qi and Gui You had also come to a head. The fiend god was in a moment of desperation.

In the world conjured by the Natural Phenomena Medallion, Wu Qi sat down cross-legged, his huge palms locked into a lotus seal with Gui You trapped within, who struggled violently but could not get out. The Great Light Indestructible Amitabha Treasure Scripture cultivated by Lord Buddha, Amitabha, was a mighty technique. Wu Qi had only exercised the technique of transmigration he learned from it, and a small but complete Six Paths of Reincarnation was formed in the lotus seal. Ever time the six streams of black-and-white light rotated, the fiend god was stripped of a layer of Pure Yang Ghost Energy, which was then swallowed directly by Wu Qi into his body using Myriad Harmonization Grand Magic.

Gui You’s cultivation base was at least a hundred times stronger than Wu Qi’s, but the divine ability of the Buddhism League had perfectly restrained him and weakened him at least a hundred times. Besides, Wu Qi was assisted by his clones, the eighteen Blood-draining Celestial Fiends, who had attached the Dark Nether Blood Sea on Gui You. It was the filthiest thing in the world that even the mighty Gui You could not defend against. As his body was stained by it, he could use only a small portion of his cultivation base.

To Gui You’s further despair, Wu Qi’s eighteen clones had all stepped into the realm of Primordial, and all they lacked was a little bit of energy. But now he had presented himself to them on a silver platter. His cultivation base was being constantly sucked away by them, while their cultivation bases were soaring, and soon they had reached a level that was not far away from Wu Qi.

It was like nineteen Primordial experts from both the Buddhism League and the Fiend League beating him up together! He was so greatly suppressed that he felt he wanted to cry, and he even had the thought of killing himself by slamming his head into Wu Qi’s palm.

Wu Qi sat in the void, with plenty of golden lotus flowers spitting out of his mouth from time to time. All the scriptures he recited were swirling in the air in huge, glittering golden characters, radiating brilliant rays of light that flowed back and forth in golden torrents. Every time the six streams of black-and-white light rotated, Gui You would go through another transmigration in the mini Six Paths of Reincarnation. Joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, wealth, poverty, all sorts of worldly emotions and affairs were constantly being sent into his divine soul, taking away his mental sharpness and dimming his wits.

Princess Zhang Le stood on one of Wu Qi’s fingers watching Gui You. Several times the fiend god roared and swung his scythe to split Wu Qi’s palm, but the God of Scourge hovering over the princess immediately sent out a beam of hazy gray light to envelope him. Whenever that happened, Gui You would be in trouble. On several occasions he almost cut off his own head.

Gradually, Wu Qi’s hand incantation gesture changed from lotus seal to transmigration seal. Once the transformation was completed, the Six Paths of Reincarnation in his palm would truly take shape. At that moment, even with his supreme magic power, Gui You would be forcibly sent into transmigration, losing all his wits and his resistance against Wu Qi.

The fiend god threw his head back and uttered a cry of despair. A monstrous burst of ghost energy erupted from within his body, and he began to attack Wu Qi with all sorts of evil magic of the Ghost Fiend. However, as soon as his magic appeared, they vanished into wisps of black smoke, shone by the golden light that lit up the sky and the bright white light emanated from Wu Qi’s eighteen white natal relics that hovered over him. The divine power of the Buddhism League was the natural enemy of all the cultivation techniques practiced by fiends, ghosts, and demons. This was an innate restraint that Gui You could not overcome.

Just as his last glimmer of wits was about to be wiped out, Gui You let out a terrible hiss of grief. Then, the top of his skull cracked open, from inside a black ghost core, wrapped in green slime, shot up to the sky. It was his natal Dark Core. At last, he was going all out. An ugly, ferocious-looking ghost face flashed in the core, and it immediately swelled to about a miles in diameter. The natal ghost energy Gui You had gathered over uncounted eons was about to explode.

At this critical juncture, a vast stream of flames and numerous golden lotus flowers came pouring out from Wu Qi’s eyes, merged with one another into dozens of golden chains and firmly locked onto the Dark Core, stopping the explosion. After that, Wu Qi brought his palms together and slapped Gui You. Eighteen blood-colored shadows dashed into the fiend god’s body, and began to devour the most important thing to him—his ghost energy essence.

Meanwhile, Princess Zhang Le smiled and flew gracefully up into the air. The three avatars of the Ancient Gods behind her swelled to a height of a hundred thousand feet, then each sprinkled a dazzling rain of light that was their divine power. Even then, the princess’s hands began to flash in incantation gestures; divine runes with the meaning of ‘restraint’, ‘suppress’, ‘purify’, and ‘redeem’ fell like raindrops, branding on the surface of the pitch-black core. The ghost face in it struggled violently, but as more and more divine runes were branded on the core’s surface, its expression gradually soften, and its ferocious features slowly turned into a rather handsome-looking man.

Casually, Wu Qi pointed a finger on the ghost core and cried out in a low voice, “The suffering of your current life is over. I’ll now send you into transmigration, so that you can be reincarnated as a man in your next life!”

A stream of Zen power of the Buddhism League was sent into the ghost core, and the face suddenly burst into a flash of dazzling golden light and vanished without a trace. Wu Qi laughed and swallowed the core, which contained ninety percent of Gui You’s cultivation base, engulfed it with chaotic energy and began to digest it as the Myriad Harmonization Grand Magic rotated at full speed.

Gui You, trapped between Wu Qi’s palms, cried out in despair and shock, “How is it possible that you, as a human warrior, can cultivate the techniques of the Buddhism League, and that you can devour my energy essence? What kind of monster are you? You… you…”

Wu Qi snorted coldly and waved his hands. Six blood-colored sword beams shot whistling out, hacking and cutting over and over again on Gui You’s neck. In the blink of an eye, his huge head with three sharp horns was hacked off. Without hesitation, Wu Qi grabbed the fiend god’s body and swallowed it, while eighteen blood-red fiends rushed into the head, laughing, and devoured Gui You’s soul.

While stroking his stomach, Wu Qi belched and said with a wry smile, “I’ve eaten too much… so full! This fella is a peak-level eighth-tier Primordial expert, but unfortunately, he is a ghost and he had run into us!”

Smiling happily, Princess Zhang Le leaned over to Wu Qi’s huge face and kissed him gently Wu Qi had the supreme divine ability of the Buddhism League, and Princess Zhang Le was proficient in all the ancient methods of controlling ghosts. When such a couple joined hands, what awaited Gui You, who was a ghost in essence, was a tragic end. If it were Lei Meng, the outcome would be reversed, for Wu Qi’s divine abilities were useless against him.

After only a few seconds, Gui You’s head was sucked clean, leaving only his natal soul seal floating feebly in the empty skull. Wu Qi grabbed the soul seal out, transformed himself back into the original look and size, and strode out of this world with his arm around the princess’s waist. Two of his Blood-draining Celestial Fiends, carrying Gui You’s huge head that measured over a thousand feet in diameter, followed him out.

Ao Buzun and others were still waiting on the roof of the palace. Wu Qi found that eight days had passed in the outside world. In other words, Lei Meng would be banished from this world by Heavenly Dao in two days. In order to refine Gui You, he had spent 16,000 days in that small world, or over forty years. But in his and Princess Zhang Le’s perception, it was only a few moments!

When they saw the couple walked out of the void, Ao Buzun and others all hurried up to meet them. Looking up at the thundercloud hovered over them, which measured about a few thousand feet in circumference, Wu Qi nodded and said with a smile, “Lei Meng sure is working hard. Aye, it looks like all those benefits I’ve given and promised him are not wasted. Catfish! Catfish!”

“What?” Catfish walked up, cocked her big fish head and asked foolishly.

Wu Qi threw Gui You’s soul seal to her and said, “Eat him or do anything to him. In short, kill him!”

Gui You shrieked, and then growled at the top of his lungs, “If you kill me, all the Ghost Fiends will…”

Before the fiend god had finished his threat, Catfish grabbed the soul seal up and threw it into her mouth, chewed it twice and swallowed. Suddenly, a thick, ink-black flame burst out from all over her body, while floodwater poured out from under her feet, spreading quickly around. Seeing that she was about to cause a great flood, Lord Xiansheng hurriedly reached out a hand and performed a grabbing gesture, trapping the floodwater within an area of about a hundred miles around.

As the fiend god who invaded this world from an alien realm, Gui You was already the focus of the Heavenly Dao’s attention. On top of that, the evil karma that entangled him was at least a million times heavier than Catfish, because he had devoured the flesh and souls of uncounted mortals offered by King Bai Shan’s clan, who had worshiped him for generations, through heaven know how many blood sacrifice ceremonies each year. Although Wu Qi would be rewarded virtues for his credit of taking away all Gui You’s cultivation base, it was nowhere near as enormous as the virtues Catfish would receive, who had wiped out the fiend god by devouring his soul seal.

By contrast, the virtues for killing ten Sovereign was not as much as the amount Catfish would receive today.

One after another, purple clouds rolled over from all directions, while golden energy fell in a heavy downpour. The virtues had transformed into raindrops that were visible to the naked eyes. Twenty percent of them went fusing with Wu Qi and his eighteen Blood-draining Celestial Fiends, ten percent went to Princess Zhang Le, and the rest all went into Catfish’s body.

All of a sudden, Catfish’s fat body swelled to a thousand feet high, with the pitch-black, sticky, and stinking fire of retribution bursting from all over her. But as the virtues continued to fuse into her body, the flames grew dimmer and weaker. Finally, after about a quarter of an hour, all the flames had disappeared, and a golden halo of virtues slowly emerged from behind her head.

A refreshing scent filled the air as countless large gashes split open across her stout body. Blood as black as ink sprayed out from them like fountains, and chunks of flesh fell off of her, all turning into a pool of stinking and filthy fluid as soon as they touched the ground. At length, a hint of ambergris began to emanate from the depths of her body.

The virtues kept falling, and soon Catfish was completely blanketed with a thick golden light, in which a small figure could be seen slowly taking shape.

Even then, a tremendous pressure gushed out of the golden light. With the help of the virtues, Catfish had crossed the threshold smoothly.

High up in the sky, a thundercloud was forming. Catfish was about to face her thunder tribulation!

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