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«Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 898 - All The Troubles Come From The Tongue

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Chapter 898: All The Troubles Come From The Tongue

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Translator: Exodus Tales

Editor: Exodus Tales

The words of this cab driver made Li Qiang vexed and grieve inwardly; he even nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was no longer able to suppress his anger and furiously yelled, “Shut the hell up, will you? Are you gonna die if you don’t shut up? Fuck! You know nothing that happened and yet spit out such bullsh*t!”

The cab driver, however, wasn’t angry. He shook his head instead and looked more sympathizing at the guy and sighed, “Alright, alright. I won’t talk again. It’s just human nature to be angry at such things. You’re the one who earns the money, so you gotta vent what you can’t vent out. No, I won’t talk again.”

Myriads of curses rushed wildly in Li Qiang’s head and he angrily glared at the cab driver before his furious face shifted to the Mercedes-Benz in front. He was truly itching and wished he could drag that punk out and rip him to pieces.

Bowen Restaurant.

The venue looked very ordinary from the outside. It was a three-story building with a classical style, containing a lot of red lanterns hanging around. Under the dazzling golden signboard, four welcoming ladies in red cheongsam stood on both sides, whereas several security guards were walking in the surroundings.

“Welcome, Miss, Sir.”

Tang Xiu held Xue Yue’s hand as they got off the Mercedez-Benz and the welcoming ladies greeted them respectfully. However, a woman in her 40s still retaining her graceful charms hurriedly ran out from the inside. She looked hesitant upon seeing Tang Xiu and Xue Yu before her eyes fell on the latter and asked, “Are you, Miss Xue?”

“I am.” Xue Yu nodded.

The graceful woman hurriedly took two placards and gave them to the duo. She greeted them, “Welcome. I’m the manager of this restaurant; you can call me Manager Hu. Elderly Chang and Elderly Bao have arrived and they have been waiting in the VIP lounge.”

“You know Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle?” asked Xue Yue, surprised.

“They are always honored patrons of our restaurant,” said Manager Hu. “They always come to Chang City every two years to have a meal and deal with some issues here. Besides, my husband is also the disciple of Elderly Chang.”

“Your husband is also an herbalist?” Xue Yu was astonished.

Manager Hu’s expression slightly changed before her face turned more respectful. She nodded and said, “That’s right. My husband is indeed an herbalist.”

“Alright. Please lead the way then.” Xue Yu nodded.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu and Xue Yu followed Manager Hu up to the VIP lounge on the third floor. What surprised them was that there were also several other people there besides the two elderly people, one of whom was a thin middle-aged man who stood respectfully behind them, whereas the other two were a white-haired old lady accompanied by a handsome young man.


Right as the young man saw Tang Xiu with Xue Yue who came inside, a startled voice came out from him. His expression, however, turned a bit ugly. He strode toward the duo and arrogantly asked Xue Yue, “Who is he, Xue Yu?”

Tang Xiu looked at Xue Yu with a strange expression and smilingly asked, “You know him?”

Xue Yu just merely shot a glance at the handsome young man and lightly said, “I know him, but I’m not familiar with him.”

The said person’s face turned black and he angrily said, “Xue Yu, you know I’ve been pursuing you for quite a while. How can you say that you’re not familiar with me? And you, brat, who the hell are you? Keep your hand off Xue Yue’s, otherwise, don’t blame me for acting impolite.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Now I get it. You should be one of Xue Yu’s pursuers then? No wonder, though. This woman of mine is indeed a stunning beauty like a celestial maiden, so it’s only natural that men who pursue her are as many as the carps crossing the river. Alright, stop acting like a kid and threatening, got it? You can never change the fact that she’s my woman by breaking your throat either.”

Xue Yu looked as though she was very happy upon hearing Tang Xiu acknowledge her as his woman in front of others. A smile appeared on her stunning face and she said softly, “He’s right. He’s the only man in my life. So, Mr. Liu, please have some dignity and stop pestering me.”

The handsome young man looked at the couple with incredulity. Just as he was about to yell, the white-haired old lady shouted in a deep voice, “Little Meng, come back here.”


The handsome young man opened his mouth, but he seemed to be afraid of the old lady. He shot a furious glare at Tang Xiu before he turned around to come to the old lady and sat by her side.

Xue Yu and Tang Xiu came to the front of these people. The former then looked at the two old men who got up from the sofa and lightly smiled, “You two are the herbalist, Elderly Chang Pinggui, and the Dragon Vein specialist, Elderly Bao Anle, right? I’m Xue Yu, and this is my man, Tang Xiu.”

Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle exchanged glances. They nodded a pleasantry to Xue Yue before their eyes stayed on Tang Xiu.

“This… Young Brother Tang, why do I feel that you look so familiar? Have we met before?” asked Chang Pinggui curiously.

“It’s fortunate that Elderly Chang is not a woman, otherwise, I’d have thought that I was too handsome, while you are just seeking a pretext to talk to me,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “I’m sure this is the first time we’ve met, so let me introduce myself. I’m Tang Xiu from the Magnificent Tang Corporation.”

The Magnificent Tang Corporation?

Chang Pinggui zoned out before his eyes suddenly turned wide with a gleam of disbelief in them. His body even shook a few times and he tremblingly said, “You… are the Young Divine Doctor whose great reputation has shaken the Chinese medicine field, Tang Xiu? The Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation?”

“Ah, I didn’t expect that Elderly Chang would have actually heard things about me,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “This junior is truly honored.”

“No, it’s me who should feel honored to have met you, Divine Doctor Tang! The renowned young miracle-working doctor Tang Xiu; who in China doesn’t know you nowadays? Besides, you’re the very person most herbalists like me look forward to meeting. We have the hope that the precious herbs we collect would be able to treat patients through you, Divine Doctor Tang.”

Bao Anle was likewise looking surprised. He scrutinized Tang Xiu before he said, “I’ve also heard the renowned name of Divine Doctor Tang. But meeting in person is much better than just hearing rumors. You’re indeed a talented young man! No wonder the successor of the Elder Ancestress is actually you.”

“Is this Elderly Ancestress you mentioned to me the Old Blind?” asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

Bao Anle stared in a daze for a moment before a surprised look on his face disappeared instantly and was replaced by a bit of indignant look. He creased his brows and said, “Please show some respect to the Elderly, Tang Xiu. Besides, your woman is her granddaughter, so you should call her Old Ancestress.”

“Please don’t mention it, Elderly Bao,” interjected Xue Yu hastily. “Even the Ancestress herself came personally in front of Tang Xiu, so she doesn’t want Tang Xiu to address her as such. As a matter of fact, it was her request that Tang Xiu should address her as Old Blind, to begin with.”

Tang Xiu patted her shoulder and smilingly said, “It’s alright. Elderly Bao is correct, though. I should’ve addressed her as Ancestress given the relationship between us. Please forgive me, Elderly Bao. I was just used to call her Old Blind, so I forgot to change address when I spoke about her.”

“The Old Ancestress requested it herself?” muttered Bao Anle with a dumbfounded expression. “How is that possible?”

Tang Xiu smiled and didn’t explain more. Instead, he looked at the white-haired old lady sitting on the sofa instead. He then smiled and asked her, “Greetings, Senior. How should this junior address you?”

The white-haired old day looked at him and smilingly said, “You can call me Old Cripple.”

Old Cripple?

Tang Xiu was startled as he suddenly felt a cool breeze-like aura sneak into his mind. In nearly a flash, he abruptly unleashed his spiritual sense to annihilate the invading wisp of spiritual sense and pursue it after driving it out of his mind.

“Please stop, Divine Doctor Tang!” hastily cried out the white-haired old lady. Her body violently trembled and she coughed up several mouthfuls of blood.

Tang Xiu took back his spiritual sense and frowned as he spoke with a chilling tone, “We should have been on good terms with no enmities, right, Old Cripple? Yet you dare to invade my mind with your spiritual sense? It’s a capital offense that deserves death!”

“What fucking death, bastard…”

The handsome young man suddenly jumped forward, but a shadow instantly flashed in front of him and a loud slap followed, sending him flying upside down to slam into the wall in the corner seven-plus meters away.

Tang Xiu returned to his previous spot and coldly said, “Be careful with what you say, for troubles always come from the careless talk from your mouth.”

The white-haired old lady looked at Tang Xiu in disbelief. She stood up in shivers and paced a few steps forward to the front of Tang Xiu and respectfully said, “This Old Cripple didn’t mean to offend you. I felt that someone Old Blind recognizes and values so highly must have something special. That’s why I was tempted and rashly probed you. Please don’t take it as offending you, Divine Doctor Tang.”

“Had it not been because I also noticed that you had no malice, you’d have probably ended up with your soul exterminated already,” replied Tang Xiu coldly. “Do keep in mind to never try to probe others on a whim like that. Otherwise, you can’t guarantee that the person is as kind and soft as I am.”

“Yes, this Old Cripple will keep it in mind.” Old Cripple looked panicked and horrified and hurriedly nodded.

The events that just unfolded made Chang Pinggui and Bao Anle nearby dumbfounded, shock fully covering their faces. Even the middle-aged man behind them was thoroughly stunned and paralyzed.

Is he… a cultivator?

Chang Pinggui and Bo Anle exchanged glances, yet their hearts were struck with tumultuous waves.

Tang Xiu didn’t want to get entangled more with the white-haired old lady, so he nonchalantly said, “Also, take good care of your junior. If he dares to run his mouth carelessly again, don’t blame me for breaking all courtesy between us.”

The white-haired old lady hurriedly replied, “You can rest assured! I’ll guarantee that he’ll never say a word anymore.”

“Grandma…” the handsome young man struggled to get up from the corner and called out with a grim face.

The old lady, however, yelled at him, “Shut up! Else I’ll discard your limbs and expel you from the family!”

The handsome young man’s breath came to a halt and he instantly looked terrified. His eyes when he looked at Tang Xiu, however, were somewhat filled with hatred.


The VIP lounge’s door was knocked open, and Li Qiang, whose face looked enraged, rushed in from the outside. He angrily glared at Tang Xiu and called out, “You damn bastard. You were intentionally toying with me!”

When Tang Xiu saw him, his face looked amused. He came to sit on the couch, crossed his legs, and then smilingly replied, “Alright, take a seat first, will you?”

After saying that, he observed Li Qiang while maintaining his smile and asked, “So, tell me about it. How did I play you, eh? Lemme make it clear to you. If you can’t spit out anything, don’t blame me for packing you up.”

“You intentionally made the car…”

Right as these words came out, Li Qiang’s whole being turned stiff and dull as though he just transformed into a fossil that stood still on the spot.

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