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«Painting of the Nine Immortals (Web Novel) - Chapter 742: Acceptance

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Chapter 742: Acceptance

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Ling Xian was fully aware of the fact that with his capabilities today, he was no opponent of Wang Wan Yue, but he could at the very least, protect himself.

Plus, he had already calculated that Wang Wan Yue would not flip everything onto him since he was the God of Flowers. Therefore, he was completely calm and his attitude was determined.

“So you must have that…” Wang Wan Yue sighed a long sigh. Because of Ling Xian’s capabilities, she didn’t dare to use force to threaten him.

Plus, he was the God of Flowers and was the only person who could save the Holy Spirit Water. If she sours their relationship, then the Holy Spirit Water would completely disappear and the City of Flowers would be no more.

Therefore, she didn’t dare to challenge Ling Xian and could only try to talk him down.

“It’s not that I am stingy, it’s just that the Holy Spirit Water only produces one drop once every century. If I give you two drops, then much of the flowers for the next 200 years will wither.”

“That’s not related to me.”

Ling Xian softly grinned and asked, “If I give up 50 years of my life span, how many years can I promise the stream to continue to produce water?”


Wang Wan Yue hesitated. However, under Ling Xian’s observant eyes, she bitterly laughed and honestly answered, “five centuries.”

“Very well. So I exchange 50 years for 500 years. It’s a good deal for you.”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up, “Now let me ask you. If I don’t help you, then how long will the Holy Spirit Water sustain itself?”

“At the very most, 20 years.” Hua Wan Yue sighed.

“One final question.”

The smile continued to play on Ling Xian’s lips - it was a smile of victory. “I wonder if you can choose another God of Flowers in the next 20 years?”

“No, we cannot.”

Hua Wan Yue shook her head and understood what Ling Xian was trying to express. She couldn’t help but to bitterly laugh.

Since she cannot choose another God of Flowers in the next 20 years, it meant that if Ling Xian doesn’t lend her a helping hand, the Holy Spirit Water will completely run dry and no God can save them. If he does help, however, then the Holy Spirit Water will continue to nourish the city for 500 years.

In other words, even if she does give him 2 drops of the water, the water can still serve the city for 300 years. This was a good deal for her.

“You already knew that I would have to agree to your request.”

Hua Wan Yue looked at Ling Xian meaningfully. “If you were anyone else, I would’ve slapped you in the face. Not only did you bargain with me, you even threatened me. You sure are gutsy.”

“I have enough confidence. Thus I have enough guts.”

Ling Xian smiled. “There is no need for you to be mad. I have my reasons for why I must acquire the Holy Spirit Water. Plus, I believe the City of Flowers was planning on storing the water anyways. Am I right?”

“You have guessed correctly yet again.”

Hua Wan Yue glanced at Ling Xian. She suddenly felt like talking business with someone so intelligent, so confident, and so capable, that it was very headache inducing.

“Let’s not waste any more words. Just give me the word. If you don’t agree, then I will leave right away without hesitation.”

Ling Xian had the same smile on his lips and he was certain he would win.

He believed that there was no way Hua Wan Yue would watch the Holy Spirit Water run dry just because she was angry.

“You win.”

Sighing, Hua Wan Yue’s face flashed with helplessness. She had accepted Ling Xian’s request.

She had no other choice. Ling Xian had the advantage here and the situation was 100% in his favor. Unless she wanted to watch the Holy Spirit Water run dry, she had to accept it.

“A smart decision.” Ling Xian raised the corner of his lips, very overjoyed at this.

Not only will the Holy Spirit Water help restore Ling Tian Xiang’s consciousness, but it can also awaken that monstrous sword of his. These were the reasons why he requested 2 drops of the water.

Now that Hua Wan Yue had agreed, naturally he was overjoyed.

“It’s not a smart decision. It’s that I am forced to comply.”

Hua Wan Yue stared down at Ling Xian and said, “If I was smart, I wouldn’t have chosen you as the God of Flowers. Look at me now, having to give up two drops of the Holy Spirit Water.”

“Haha, are you regretful now?” Ling Xian erupted in laughter, feeling very excited.

“Of course I regret it. If I chose someone else to be the God of Flowers, they would be so honored that they would do whatever I say.”

Hua Wan Yue continued to glare at Ling Xian. “Who would react as you did? Not only are you not satisfied with the position of the God of Flowers, but you are also asking me for the Holy Spirit Water. Two whole drops of it.”

“Sadly, the God of Flowers position isn’t chosen by you, it’s chosen by the godly flower.”

Ling Xian grinned. “Plus, I have no interest in the God of Flowers position. After this whole thing resolves, I will leave.”

“You don’t want to be the God of Flowers?” Hua Wan Yue raised an eyebrow, feeling surprised.

Remember that the God of Flowers position is just one level lower than her own position. That person could order around the Elders and was also highly respected by everyone in the city.

Yet Ling Xian was saying that he didn’t want it. Why wouldn’t she feel surprised?

“I don’t have much interest in it.”

Ling Xian grinned again. The reason why he chose to be the God of Flowers was that he wanted to find out about the secret of the City of Flowers. Now that he had learned the secret and gained an unexpected surprise, he had no interest in staying.

“You sure are interesting.”

Hua Wan Yue’s eyes shone with curiosity. “Oh well, if you want to leave, I won’t force you to stay. After all, I don’t trust leaving someone greedy like you in charge.”


Ling Xian shook his head, feeling too lazy to fight against Hua Wan Yue, “Whatever you say… hand over the Holy Spirit Water. My time is precious.”

Hua Wang Yue glared at Ling Xian and unwillingly took out two jade bottles from her storage pouch. The moment they appeared, an unbelievable amount of energy seeped out of them, making them feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

No doubt about it, the jade bottles contained the Holy Spirit Water. Or else there was no way the item in the bottle could have such effects.

After Hua Wan Yue opened the bottles, the energy in the room intensified even further. It was as if the smell of it alone could prolong someone’s life.

“Holy Spirit Water!”

Ling Xian’s bright eyes turned heated as he stared at the items he had been dreaming for, for so long. He couldn’t help but to reveal his happiness.

More than 10 years ago, he had hoped that he could acquire this item one day. Now that he finally has gotten it, why wouldn’t he be ecstatic?

“Two drops… two centuries had to pass to produce such heavenly objects.” Hua Wan Yue’s heart was bleeding. She felt pained even with her sturdy mentality.

Two drops of the Holy Spirit Water was invaluable. Anyone would feel heartache over giving it up!

“Leader, you should be thinking of it this way. You traded two drops for five. It is a very good deal.” Ling Xian beamed.

Hua Wan Yue gawked at him and exhaled deeply. “Oh well, hurry up and inject your lifespan into the godly flower. Then, take your Holy Spirit Water and get the hell out of here.”

“How exactly do I do that?” Ling Xian asked with a smile.

Hua Wan Yue answered, “You just need to put down your defense and let the flower absorb your energy. When it’s done sucking out 50 years of your life, it will leave automatically.”

Then, she flapped around her sleeve and the nine-colored flower emerged. Then, this flower dashed across the room towards Ling Xian as if it had just seen a large prey.

“What an interesting and strange flower.”

Ling Xian’s eyes flickered. Then, he let down his defense and allowed the flower to land on his shoulder.

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