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«Mystical Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 1138 - Variable 2

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Chapter 1138: Variable 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Garen seemed to have accustomed to this kind of life. After absorbing the dark energy, he once again converted it to pure Cold Energy and released it as plumes of substantial white airstream.

The little snake cheered and rushed over with hissing sounds. It absorbed in a trice all the white Cold Energy released.

After being refined by Garen, although the Cold Energy was not the most suitable type of energy for the little snake, but compared to the dark energy which contained many impurities, this high-condensation-purity energy suited its appetite more and was more suitable for its growth.

In its opinion, this big guy in the crystal who could not move was its own mother and friend. This kind of dependency started from a long time ago.

More than a hundred years’ time was just three months plus at Garen’s place. Both the human and the snake had gotten along this way for two months plus.

“You want more?” Garen was amused by the little snake’s discontented expression. “Then go and absorb more dark energy…more than seventy percent of the universe is dark energy. It’s infinite. Only you can absorb, collect and condense it into an actual substance.”

Although he knew that this fellow could not understand him, but Garen still transmitted his voice out of habit. When a person was bored, he or she would definitely find ways to kill time.

The Cold Energy he released was actually only ten percent of the total amount. But even with this, it was enough for the snake to gladly toil for it.

Watching the snake slowly disintegrated and disappeared into the crystal, Garen’s heart was calm.

“White King…perhaps you did not expect it too. In the Void dark golden crystal, there actually was the existence of a Void Creature’s egg. And it was not an ordinary egg, but the egg of Dark Shadow Dragon, a void giant beast that ranked even higher than Hellfrost Peacock Queen…”

Even the Dark Shadow Dragon in its infancy would reach the standard of hatching and hatch out after devouring a large amount of Garen’s body strength. It had the inherent ability to absorb dark energy.

As the third mighty existence in the ranking of Ancient Endor Void Creatures, the Dark Shadow Dragon was also known as the Dark Spirit Dragon, the Dark Night Dragon, the Lord of the Night and so on.

Although this Dark Shadow Dragon was still very small, if it was not for Garen’s power to incubate it, perhaps it would have died in the crystal and become a fossil after thousands of years. Even if it hatched now, this little dragon might also encounter many terrifying creatures’ attacks and dangers in the process of growing up.

The current little dragon had little ability, but it had been a very important help to Garen.

It could provide Garen with very little but extraordinarily precious energy from the outside.

Garen’s power was confined by the distortive power and could not be used. The crystal had also sealed the path for him to devour and absorb energy from the outside world. He could only rely on this young little Dark Shadow Dragon by continually encouraging it to go out and absorb dark energy in exchange for a strand of the extremely little Cold Energy in his body.

The Cold Energy released could quickly stimulate the growth of the Dark Shadow Dragon, allowing it to absorb more and darker energy.


Garen let out a breath slowly. That was the pure Cold Energy converting into a trace of white mist. It moved difficultly and slowly in the crystal.

By observing the way the Dark Shadow Dragon moved, Garen had already vaguely understood the basic principle of this crystal confinement. Letting go of the little snake’s help, he himself gave impetus to the Cold Energy to move inside the crystal. This was the little of what he had achieved thus far.

“What is the essence of confinement actually…” Garen was immersed in his thoughts. All this time, he was constantly reflecting and observing the movement of the Dark Shadow Dragon, in order to try to comprehend the most critical hurdle between Level Ten and Regent Level.

That is the concept of essence.

This could not be grasped easily grasped. But as time was distorted by the distortive power, Garen could also feel that his thinking speed had become abnormally rapid and horrific. This peculiar phenomenon seemed to be caused by the acceleration of time. Each of his ideas could almost get a rapid answer. After all, every second here was equivalent to a long time on the outside world. This kind of thinking speed was also normal.

The most crucial part was that the essence of the Void Crystal was actually the Void Creature’s Crystal Core. Moreover, the toughest dark golden crystal was, in fact, the most powerful Void Creature Crystal Core. And it just so happened that one of Garen’s own identities came in handy at this time.

— Void Pursuer.

He was the inheritor of the Ancient Endor civilization and was a powerful hunter who was responsible for hunting and killing Void Creatures. The biggest advantage of this identity was that he could use the Void Crystals, which could not be used by others, to turn it into a powerful driving force for the analysis and deduction of his mind.

Back then in the Blood Breed World, Garen used the Void Crystal Core to deduce the study of martial arts. Now that his whole body was encased in this dark golden Void Crystal Core, which was the Void Creatures’ strongest crystal core and the probably-ranked-third Dark Shadow Dragon’s crystal core, to Garen, this represented an almost endless resource for analysis.

At this moment, there was the best concept demonstrator - the young Dark Shadow Dragon. It inherently possessed the essence of the concept of confinement. This crystal was actually its best protective shell, which was equivalent to an eggshell. It was extremely rigid and capable of confining almost everything in the world.

There was also the best energy reserve for after exhaustion - Void Crystal.

In addition to the acceleration of time with the help of the distortive power, apart from Garen’s strength dropping at such a significant rate, he really had a unique and excellent secluded environment for cultivation.

“To get out of the confinement, I must first understand the essence of it.” Garen’s mind was spinning slowly. The three Soul Seeds were constantly rotating and releasing traces of the Soul’s Strength. Although the maximum effect could not be achieved due to the distortive power, he was no longer completely immobile as before.

Closing his eyes slowly, Garen immersed in his thoughts gradually. Every possible analysis was gradually screened out; every terrifically complex computation and inferences were negated one by one; various new possibilities were established repeatedly. New models would continue to be produced and collapsed.

At this moment, Garen’s computing power had reached an extremely horrific level.

Suddenly, a thought rolled out in his mind.

“My Cold Energy has the Hellfrost Peacock’s most terrifying and pure chill, but the Dark Shadow Dragon was not afraid of it at all, and even toiled for it gladly…is it just because the Dark Shadow Dragon is ranked above the Hellfrost Peacock Queen?”

Various new possibilities once again came into his mind.

“If, say, a huge distortion or the most extreme distortion fluctuation could speed up the flow of time, then can complete quiescence, which is making all forces completely quiescent, produce absolute confinement?”

“And in reverse, can absolute confinement produce absolute quiescence? Including the quiescence of time and space?” Garen’s heart skipped a beat.

After deducing for so long and attempting to grasp all this while, the result was very minimal. But at this moment, the reversed idea which suddenly popped up caused him to faintly have an idea.

“My Cold Energy can reduce the movement of matter, and it is infinitely close to quiescence, but it cannot really freeze the energy field. All matters are brought together and condensed due to the energy field. It is the balance between the forces of atoms which forms the structure of matter. If I can freeze the energy field, then the matter will cease to exist because of the energy field, but that it will exist due to my freezing. This…is no longer the scope which could be affected by temperature…”

Garen continued to generate new thoughts and ideas.

Looking at the sturdy dark crystal around him, he suddenly had an extremely crazy and bold idea.

“For me, this crystal plays two roles at the same time. First, the essence of the Void Crystal Core is accelerating my thinking speed. Second, its conceptual essence is confining all my activities. However, this confinement did not reach the point where it affects my soul’s thinking. From this point of view, his concept of confinement is weaker than the concept of accelerated analysis. Perhaps it can be understood that his confinement cannot restrict the accelerating ability granted to me by Mother Stream due to my identity as a Void Pursuer. If all goes well, this should be the distinguishing of the level between the essences of concepts.”

“Void Pursuers use crystal cores to accelerate their thinking, which is a higher level than the Dark Shadow Dragon’s Confinement Power. Interesting…it is a little like the differentiating of the power levels in the myths.”

“If…I crazily strengthen this Confining Crystal and even cause it to reach the highest degree of confinement, will it really confine my consciousness?” A whirl of crazy thoughts sparked up in Garen’s mind.

“Will it naturally evolve into a balance due to the different concept levels, or will it completely raise the lower-level concept to a higher level?” A brand new model emerged faintly in Garen’s mind.

The possibility of this model was based on the speculation under his unique conditions.

If the model was unsuccessful, he might die thoroughly, not even leaving a Soul Seed behind. He would completely perish and be no more. But, if it was successful…

“So, how can we bring the crystal to the height of confining everything?” Garen turned to this question.

There was only one answer.

Dark Shadow Dragon…

Even though the Dark Shadow Dragon was a young dragon, it also had the special ability to shuttle between the Shadow World and the normal world. The shadow energy was actually the so-called dark energy. This was the most extensive force in the universe. And so, compared with the normal world, the Dark World was a more enormous and extensive place.

What maintained this shuttling capability was derived from a connecting core in the Dark Shadow Dragon itself. This core connected the Dark World and the normal Physical World both sides. As the Dark Shadow Dragon, its most fearful ability came from this core. Regardless of the infant body or mature body, they all have this ability.

That was self-detonation.

This was not a simple self-detonation, but it was to completely blast open the fragile balance in the connection core and to completely open the door of the Dark World to the Physical World.

Garen had read from the inherited knowledge memory of the Ancient Endor civilization that the innumerable Dark World terrifying creatures flocking into the Physical World, and the massive horrific dark energy rushing into the entire Physical Universe was the brief connection of the areas of two different worlds. The Dark World was much bigger than the Physical World. The creatures in it do not need light as they themselves were made up of dark matter. Seeing light was like water encountering fire and a cat spotting a rat. It was even more like humans seeing something which made them fearful; that kind of fearful thing which could destroy them all including life.

Under such fear and realizing the other party was much weaker than themselves, the end result was that they hysterically want to eliminate light forever.

“The Dark Shadow Dragon’s self-detonation should temporarily open the door of the Dark World, allowing the entire Dark World’s energy to strengthen this crystal core at the highest speed, completely pushing it to the apex. This crystal core was originally left behind by the Dark Shadow Dragon’s mature body. There should be no problem to return to its peak.”

After finalizing his plan, the only thing left was implementation…

There was a subtle, killing intention in Garen’s eyes.

“Snake, come out.”

He transmitted his voice gently.

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