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«My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2120 - Worship of the Continent

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Chapter 2120: Worship of the Continent

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“Let’s go, the Three-eyed Ghost Saint has already died, we should leave now,” said Qingfeng as he waved.

Just as Qingfeng spoke, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Hunting Mouse all followed behind him, and then all of them headed out together.

Of course, before they left, Qingfeng lit up a torch of fire and burned up the entire Abyssal World.

Once Qingfeng and the others left, the entire Abyssal World turned into an area of fiery sea. The burning flame lit up the entire sky, and many self-cultivators in the other areas of the Crimson Fire Continent saw it clearly.

“You guys look, that’s the forbidden area of the Three-eyed Ghost Saint. It’s one of the three great forbidden areas, why is it burning now?”

“Why else do you think? The Ruler, Qingfeng must have burned it. Didn’t he eradicate the Nine-head Demonic forbidden area and the Headless Devilish forbidden area before? He must have eradicated the Three-eyed Ghost forbidden area just now.”

“All hail the Ruler, thanks for getting rid of the three major threats to our Continent, and uniting the Continent.”

“The Ruler is far too powerful, he has accomplished the things that even the Crimson Fire Monarch and Sun Monarch has failed to do.”

“I dare say, the Ruler is definitely the most powerful Planet Ruler in the last hundred thousand years.”

All the self-cultivators’ faces lit up with smiles in the entire Continent, as their eyes filled with excitement.

Some sect and tribal masters and leaders also kneeled on the ground and bowed their heads towards the direction where Qingfeng was.

Their disciples, friends, and families were once killed by the three forbidden area forces, and now that Qingfeng has eradicated the three major forbidden areas. It was like taking revenge for them.

In addition, all that Qingfeng has done could be seen as a blessing for all the self-cultivators of the Crimson Fire Continent, as they no longer had to worry about being captured or killed by the forces of the three major forbidden areas for no reason.

Qingfeng and others moved at incredible speed, as they directly shattered the void and passed through.

Now that Qingfeng had become the Planet Ruler, he was able to control the heaven and earth, and was very familiar with the tracks and locations of the entire planet.

Plus, he also knew of spatial knowledge, as he was able to directly use spatial location to activate transport spatial formations. With hardly any time, he arrived at the Lingyun Imperial Palace.

Just as Qingfeng returned to the Lingyun Imperial Palace, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and Mengyao Xu all ran out, with their eyes filled with joy.

Xue Lin was the first to walk to Qingfeng’s side, and she poured into his arms, and said, “Honey, you’ve finally returned.”

Qingfeng reached out his hand to touch Xue Lin’s rosy cheeks, and he said, “Don’t worry. Nothing could happen to your husband. I’ve already killed the Three-eyed Ghost Saint, and the Forbidden Ground of the Three-eyed Ghost has been eradicated as well.”

“Daddy, you’re so powerful,” said Little Apple beside him with her face full of excitement, as raised her pink little hands to clap,

“Come, let Daddy hug you.” Qingfeng reached out with his two hands, and held Little Apple up, full of joy in his eyes.

The Little Apple was very cute with a clean white face, crystal-like lips, and big eyes like the stars, as she smiled like a little fairy.

Little Apple had gotten rid of all the toxins in her body after the detoxification she recently went through and had now acquired an immortal body.

Her body could now automatically absorb all the vital essence in the air, and it was able to increase her powers immensely. Her skin would grow clearer, and her facial features would grow prettier.

Xue Lin’s eyes filled with admiration when she saw how intimate Qingfeng was with Little Apple.

Xue Lin secretly swore that she must sleep with Qingfeng later and give birth to several children, it would be best if it was a boy, so she could defeat Ruyan Liu.

After Qingfeng teased with Little Apple for a bit, he said, “I’m going to rest for a bit. I’ve lost tons of energy eradicating the three major forbidden areas recently, you guys should rest as well. I’ll lead you guys out of the Crimson Fire Continent after a bit.”

Everyone nodded as they turned to leave.

Inside the Lingyun Imperial Palace, the Lingyun Emperor gave the best room to Qingfeng, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and the others, while he lived in the furthest corner of the Imperial Palace.

Now that Qingfeng became the Planet Ruler, he could become even the Emperor of Lingyun without any protest, so living in the Imperial Palace meant nothing.

Qingfeng lived in the room where the Lingyun Emperor lived. This room was very luxurious, and its walls were covered with gold wallpaper, and there were numerous golden pillars all around the walls. There were golden talisman scripts sculpted on those golden pillars, and each golden talisman script glowed with golden light.

Qingfeng lied on the bed, and just as he prepared to close his eyes to rest, he heard slight footsteps outside.

The footsteps were very weak, but Qingfeng heard clearly and knew that it was Xue Lin.

Qingfeng frowned, as hints of surprise appeared in his eyes, as he secretly thought, it’s already very late, why is Xue Lin coming over here?


In the next moment, Xue Lin pushed open the door and walked inside.

Xue Lin wore a white mesh dress tonight, and the see-through dress clearly showed her curved figure and rosy skin.

Qingfeng’s eyes filled with green light when he saw this, as if he was dumbfounded.

“Honey, why are you wearing such a sexy dress… and coming to my room this late? Why aren’t you resting?” Qingfeng asked.

Qingfeng spoke sincerely, but his expressions have already betrayed him.

Hints of embarrassment appeared on Xue Lin’s attractive face, as she said, “What am I doing? I’m your wife, of course, I want to sleep with you in the same room.”

Qingfeng giggled as joy appeared in his eyes. He was either busy with training or killing his enemies recently and had nearly forgotten about all the beautiful women around him.

Especially Xue Lin. Ever since Qingfeng met Xue Lin, they only held each other’s hands at most, and have done nothing else. Now that Xue Lin has entered his room in such attire, no one would misunderstand her intention unless they were a dummy.

Qingfeng raised his finger to point at the room beside him, and said, “Wife, Ruyan Liu, and Mengyao Xu are in the next room. Aren’t you afraid that they saw you?”

Xue Lin shook her head and said, “What if they hear us or see us? I must conquer you today. I want to have several babies.”

Xue Lin poured all over him before Qingfeng had a chance to respond and forced herself on him.

Qingfeng’s room was very rowdy in the entire night, as Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu were unable to sleep in the next two rooms.

They felt extremely uncomfortable, but also felt hints of envy. Of course, they knew what Qingfeng and Xue Lin were doing.

These two are so bad and they’re not shy at all,

thought Ruyan Liu deep down.

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