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«My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2118 - Treasure Hunt

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Chapter 2118: Treasure Hunt

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After the Black-and-White Millstone ate the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s soul, its body trembled as the black and white on top of its body grew clearer and clearer. At the same time, hints of blurred chaotic energy rolled around above it.

The chaotic energy wrapped around all of its body and was changing nonstop, as it grew deeper than before, and the others found it extremely hard to understand.

Even if Qingfeng activated his Clairvoyance and shot out golden light, he still might not be able to see through the Black-and-White Millstone’s changes.

Chaotic talisman scripts appeared on the Black-and-White Millstone, and it was writings of the chaotic era of the universe. It was the ancient words of the beginning of heaven and earth and had the ability to provide all with rebirth.

Qingfeng could only understand the ancient universe words from a hundred thousand years ago, and he had no clue about words of chaos from a hundred million years ago. However, Qingfeng clearly knew that the Black-and-White Millstone was transforming and was headed towards a mysterious direction.

Hints of joy appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes, because the Black-and-White Millstone was his helper, and only once it increased its powers would Qingfeng’s powers increase. Even if they encountered stronger opponents later on, then they could easily kill their opponents.

The Black-and-White Millstone stopped after it had transformed for a while, and even though the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s soul was incredibly powerful, it was only a delicious meal for a rare Chaotic treasure like the Black-and-White Millstone.

Shortly afterwards, the Black-and-White Millstone absorbed all of the Ghost Saint’s spirit energy and turned it into its own Power of Chaos

The Black-and-White Millstone turned into a ray of black light that entered into the deepest end of Qingfeng’s mind and settled down in preparation for slumber.

Qingfeng’s eyes looked around and noticed that there were still numerous black fogs and phantoms in the entire Abyssal World, who were the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s servants.

“Everyone run! Our master Three-eyed Ghost Saint has died, let’s hurry up and get out of here.”

“Hurry up and run, if you run slow then you’ll be killed by that horrific human. He’s totally the Devil.”

“I’ve never seen such a powerful human, he is truly too powerful.”

All the ghost creatures around discussed, as their eyes filled with terror. They turned around to form clouds of black fog and wanted to escape the Abyss.

Qingfeng smiled and said coldly, “You evil, wrongdoing ghost creatures, you can all stay here.”

Qingfeng unleashed his infernal realm, and within a hundred thousand feet of him, a massive sea of flames burned up in roaring fire.

The flame contained extremely high temperatures as it immediately engulfed all of the black fog phantoms around, and then it burned up their bodies with loud ‘snap’ sounds.

Shortly afterwards, their bodies were completely burned into nothingness.

Even though there were plenty of phantoms in the Abyssal World, the flames were in abundance as well. After a few moments, the entire Abyssal World grew bright, as even the sunlight outside managed to shine in because Qingfeng had killed all the ghost creatures inside.

Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Hunting Mouse all ran back from afar. They looked at Qingfeng with shock and hints of surprise in their eyes.

They just personally felt the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s powers, as he was definitely an invincible middle-tier ghost saint. If they were to fight him, then they would definitely lose.

Even though Sky-Devouring Snake was also a middle-tier demonic immortal, its spirit energy wasn’t as powerful as the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s.

However, even the all-powerful Three-eyed Ghost Saint blew up in smokes in front of Qingfeng, as he became a dead soul under Qingfeng’s wrath.

Qingfeng called the Treasure-Hunting Mouse over, and said, “Go look around, and see if there are any treasures in the Three-eyed Ghost Saint’s Abyss.”

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse followed Qingfeng’s orders, as it released rainbow-coloured light all over its body. It lit up the entire Abyss underground, as it began to walk around.

The Abyssal World was very big, but the Treasure-Hunting Mouse was very powerful, as it could even fly in the sky and dig deep underneath the ground. Shortly afterwards, it searched through the entire Abyssal World but still couldn’t find anything.

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse frowned, as oddness appeared in its eyes, and it said, “How is this possible? The Three-eyed Ghost Saint is the master of one of the top three forbidden grounds and was a middle-tier ghost saint, how could he not have any treasures?”

Black Puppy said on the side, “What’s strange with that? The Three-eyed Ghost Saint is only formed by phantoms and has trained in hundred thousand years. Normal elixirs and physical dharma treasures won’t have an effect on him, and he also wouldn’t go out to search for those treasures. Only the souls of the dead have some effect on him.”

Treasure-Hunting Mouse shook its head, as it looked at the Black Puppy with disdain and said loudly, “Big black dog, you might not know that no matter whether if he is formed with souls or other things, he would go and gather treasures no matter what. It’s in the nature of any creature.”

Black Puppy frowned as it raised its paw, and it said, “Treasure-Hunting Mouse, how dare you undermine my words? Do you want me to beat you up? If the Three-eyed Ghost Saint truly does collect treasures, then you go and find it for me. Only then will I think that you’re right.”

Treasure-Hunting Mouse said, “Wait for a moment, even though there aren’t any treasures in the Abyssal World, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any in other places.”

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse continued to glow with colours of the rainbow, and this time, the Altar beneath Qingfeng’s feet lit up.

This was an Altar of several hundred feet tall. It looked pitch black all over like a massive jar. It was wide on the bottom, and narrow on the top like a pyramid, but the pyramid top was pointy, while a flat surface of over ten feet wide was on top of this Altar.

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse’s eyes grew bright, as its body turned into a sharp arrow, and with a ‘swoosh’ sound, it appeared right beside Qingfeng.

Its rat claws bounced nonstop on the top of the Altar, while its rainbow coloured lights glowed all around the Altar as if it was looking for something.

Qingfeng asked, “Treasure-Hunting Mouse, did you find anything?”

The Treasure-Hunting Mouse nodded with joy on its face, and it said, “Master, if I’m guessing right, then this sacrificial altar beneath your feet is a rare treasure.”

“Sacrificial Altar?” Hints of confusion appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes.

He used his clairvoyance to release golden light to closely inspect the sacrificial Altar, but it could find that it was formed with normal rocks, and there was nothing else special about it.

It there was anything special, then this Altar was formed with saint grade rocks, but this wasn’t enough to attract Qingfeng’s interest, because both Qingfeng’s Yin-yang Saint Sword and Yin-yang Sky Halberd were saint grade dharma treasures, so he didn’t care for one more dharma treasure.

Qingfeng kneeled down and frowned. He used his finger to closely feel the sacrificial Altar, as his fingers hopped around nonstop. He wanted to find something special about this Altar, but he failed to find anything after a few moments.

Qingfeng shook his head and said, “Treasure-Hunting Mouse, this sacrificial Altar is only a low-grade treasure at best. It’s merely constructed with meteorite stones, but it can’t be considered a rare treasure.”

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