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«My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2068 - Demonic Scorpion Bloodline

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Chapter 2068: Demonic Scorpion Bloodline

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Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Qingfeng Li summoned the Black-White Millstone from his mind right away. He then shot out two black and white rays, one representing yin and one representing yang.


The ground sank from where the black and white yin-yang rays passed by, chaotic energy spreading everywhere and devouring those sonic lotuses, peonies, and roses right away.


The Black-White Millstone then formed a vortex, attracting the red urn and devouring it. It then changed the red urn into its own spiritual energy.


Qingfeng Li and the Black-white Millstone were very good at cooperating with each other now, and they annihilated the spiritual urn in the Crimson Fire Monarch’s hands right away.


Upon seeing that his urn had been destroyed by Qingfeng Li, the Crimson Fire Monarch’s face changed, and a flash of shock appeared in his eyes.


The Crimson Fire Monarch stretched out his finger. He pointed at Qingfeng Li and said, “How could that happen? Your spiritual attack is even stronger than your physical strength! Are you a human being or a ghost? My urn is very strong, even middle-grade saints wouldn’t be able to defeat it!”


Qingfeng Li laughed and said scornfully, “You planned on using spiritual attacks in front of me? You are just making a fool of yourself, even if you had an urn of the immortal level instead of the middle-saint level, you would still be no match to me.”


Qingfeng Li was definitely a master at manipulating spiritual energy. Even if he did not have the help of the Black-White Millstone, he would have been able to fight the urn anyway.


It was just that, with the help of the Black-white Millstone, Qingfeng Li could really save some time and make the urn surrender in a short period of time. Not to mention that Qingfeng Li had both the Black-White Millstone and the Fire Dragon’s Soul with him, which were both precious treasures of chaos. Even if his opponent had spirit energy at the immortal level, Qingfeng Li would not be scared.


Qingfeng Li looked at the Crimson Fire Monarch and said, “Just use all of your trump cards at once, but I am telling you, I will do to you whatever you intend on doing to me - I will skin you today!”


The Crimson Fire Monarch’s face went green. He knew that Qingfeng Li was the strongest enemy that he had met in his whole life. The battle between the Sun Monarch and he from five thousand years ago was not even this difficult.

The Crimson Fire Monarch was suspicious about Qingfeng Li’s actual power, he seemed much stronger than the Sun Monarch. He must have practiced techniques of the immortal level; if not the immortal level, then it should be at least at the saint level, or else it would not make sense for him to be so strong.


The Crimson Fire Monarch knew that he must use all of his power now, or else it was likely that he would die here.


The Crimson Fire Monarch suddenly swung the long sword in his hand and struck toward Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng was not the least bit concerned about the sword, and it was not until the sword was right in front of him before suddenly stretched out his right hand’s index finger and middle finger, pinching the long sword in Crimson Fire Monarch’s hands with immovable force.


Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “I told you, your attacks are useless against me. Now I will show you what ‘invincible’ means.”


Qingfeng Li used his right index finger to manipulate the dragon bone power, which gave off an unbeatable vibe like dragon blood and dragon scales. With a snap, the Crimson Fire Monarch’s long sword was broken into half, and then fell to the ground and became pieces.


Qingfeng Li used his right index finger to point to the front with much force, which made a “boom” sound and created a huge hole on the Crimson Fire Monarch’s chest. A huge bloody hole appeared on his chest, blood shooting out from his chest, and one could see the white bones inside his chest; the scene was brutal.


The Crimson Fire Monarch’s body flew to the back and hit the stone wall hard, blowing a huge hole into the wall.


The other self-cultivators who saw this scene were all dumbfounded and fear filled their eyes.


From what they remembered, the Crimson Fire Monarch was the ruler of the planet, the strongest man on the Crimson Fire Continent, and the only person who was able to beat the Sun Monarch easily in ten thousand years.


But Qingfeng Li only used one finger to send him flying. Everyone felt this was absurd and they could not believe their eyes.


Some self-cultivators even used their fingers to rub their eyes, because they wanted to make sure that they were not dreaming.


But when they saw the Crimson Fire Monarch spit out mouthfuls of blood and appear with a pale face on top of the stone wall from far away, they realized that Qingfeng Li actually beat the Crimson Fire Monarch with great ease.


Those self-cultivators who supported the Crimson Fire Monarch all looked pale and they were trembling hard.


They knew that they had reached a dead end this time, since they had been stalking Qingfeng Li since a long time ago, and they reported Qingfeng Li’s activities to the Crimson Fire Monarch. Who would have thought that the final winner was going to be Qingfeng Li?


Since some self-cultivators were unhappy, there were certainly some self-cultivators that were happy. The happiest ones were those of the Crimson Fire Business Alliance and the Lingyun Emperor, because they were the earliest people who supported Qingfeng Li.


Other than the Lingyun Emperor, some people from the Planetary Pavilion were also excited. They knew that if Qingfeng Li won, then they could not only save their lives, but also gain many resources from the Continent.


In the Crimson Fire Business Alliance, Chairman Yun glanced at his daughter, and a flash of admiration appeared in his eyes. He then said, “My daughter, you have sharp eyes for people. I did not expect Qingfeng Li to defeat the ruler of this planet, the Crimson Fire Monarch, with one finger.”


Ya Yun smiled and said, “Father, I told you a long time ago. Qingfeng Li is invincible, so you have nothing to worry about.”


The officers and generals from the country of Lingyun all bowed and yelled, “It was right for us to follow the wise decision of your highness to support Qingfeng Li!”


The entire continent went crazy because of the Crimson Fire Monarch’s crushing defeat. Some went crazy because of fear, but some went crazy because of excitement.


Qingfeng Li did not care about anything, he only minded his enemy in front of him - the Crimson Fire Monarch.


Qingfeng Li knew that, even though he defeated the Crimson Fire Monarch, he was not dead. He wanted to completely slay the Crimson Fire Monarch.

In the next moment, the Crimson Fire Monarch’s body flew from the mountain, his hair in disarray and blood was constantly coming out from the hole in his body.


He looked at Qingfeng Li with a cyan face filled with anger. This was his first time getting such a serious injury, not to mention that it was in front of all the self-cultivators of the continent. He felt very ashamed.


Demonic Scorpion Bloodline!


The Crimson Fire Monarch shouted and activated the bloodline power stored in his body.


His bloodline power was a forbidden bloodline power and should not be used in normal conditions, but if he was to use it, then the world would be shaken by it.


An enormous red evil scorpion formed above the Crimson Fire Monarch’s head. That red evil scorpion appeared to be very good at consuming and destroying things, its evil vibe filling the world as soon as it appeared.


Was this the Devilish Bloodline? The faces of the self-cultivators who saw this scene all changed greatly.


They had never thought that, as the ruler of this planet, the Crimson Fire Monarch’s bloodline was a Devilish Bloodline. Nobody had noticed this before; if Qingfeng Li did not corner the Crimson Fire Monarch into a desperate situation, the Crimson Fire Monarch definitely would not have used his bloodline power.

The world was shaken by that Demonic Scorpion Bloodline, there was a huge satanic scorpion face inside, which gave off a bloody aura.


The evil scorpion opened its mouth, sucked out the blood of all disciples who were standing on the Fire Monarch Mountain with force, and absorbed all of the blood.




The disciples standing on top of the Fire Monarch Mountain all screamed in pain. They felt that their blood was being sucked away into the air and being devoured by their ruler, who was also their master that they admired every day.

Some self-cultivators even kneeled to the ground and begged, “Ruler, I am your disciple. You are the person we respect the most! Please do not suck my blood!”

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