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«My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2055: Battle of the Saints

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Chapter 2055: Battle of the Saints

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Boom Boom Boom…

Loud noises echoed as the dozens of Saint Thunder Tribulations were smashed into pieces by Qingfeng Li’s fist. They turned into tiny electric arcs and disappeared into the heavens.

The other self-cultivators stared in awe and shock with their mouths open, big enough to fit a duck’s egg into.

“Oh my god, what did I just witness? Did Qingfeng Li smash the Saint Thunder Tribulations?”

“He did, just now when the Crimson Fire Monarch was enduring the Saint Thunder Tribulation, he was injured. How did Qingfeng Li not even get a scratch on his body?”

“I think Qingfeng Li’s body is too powerful, is that what happens when one’s body becomes that of a saint? No one can defeat him.”

The other self-cultivators looked at Qingfeng Li with respect and fear, as if they were looking at a demon god.

Whether Qingfeng Li’s friends of enemies, at this point they all had to admit that Qingfeng Li’s powers were beyond their imagination.

Even the Crimson Fire Monarch disciples atop the Fire Monarch Mountain looked at Qingfeng Li with fear in their eyes. Some even began to shiver at Qingfeng Li’s actions.

They all understood that this young man in front of them was no less powerful than their leader, the Crimson Fire Monarch. One could even argue that there were aspects where Qingfeng Li outshined the Monarch.

For example, during lightening catastrophes, most people would try to avoid it. However, Qingfeng Li instead fought against it, and even whirled his own fists to smash the lightning. No one had ever done that before.

Atop the Fire Monarch Mountain, Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, Black Puppy, the Sky-Devouring Snake, and the others all sighed in relief as they saw how powerful Qingfeng Li was. Their faces, once pale with horror had now reddened again.

Xue Lin clenched her fists and thought, My husband is powerful, none of the others are a match for him, not even a lightning catastrophe.

Black Puppy shook its tail and asked the Sky-Devouring Snake beside it, “Do you think you’ll be able to survive the saint lightning tribulation?”

The Sky-Devouring Snake replied by rolling its eyes, “Of course I can’t, can you?”

Black Puppy shook its head as well, “No, I’d probably be able to handle it if it were one lightning bolt. But Qingfeng Li is probably the only one who is able to smash dozens of saint thunder lightning tribulations up into tiny pieces.”

Just now, even Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake realized how powerful Qingfeng Li was - he was a rare and unique genius of his time.

The young saint envoy’s expression changed when he saw what Qingfeng Li did from the air.

As a super-envoy representing the Fire Saint Sect and a saint himself, he had seen everything and had cultivated to the saint-level at a young age. He was already very powerful.

Yet, he had never met anyone like Qingfeng Li - it was outrageous, how dare he use his own fists to smash the saint thunder lightning tribulation.

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

This time, the skies began to rumble, and above the heavens, red streaks of lightning gathered and covered the entire Continent. Thousands of saint thunder lightning tribulations formed.

Qingfeng Li’s actions had angered the heavens, provoking it to send down even more thunder lightning tribulations.

The young saint envoy’s expression changed into shock as he said, “How is this possible? A thousand red saint thunder lightning tribulations? I thought only immortals are entitled to this many lightning catastrophes, he’s only a newly leveled-up saint!”

Qingfeng Li’s expression froze as he felt something different in the skies.

Although he smashed dozens of saint thunder lightning tribulations with one fist, it wasted a lot of his vital essence. Now a thousand streaks, were they trying to kill him?

Crimson Fire Monarch laughed on the side, “Qingfeng Li, the perfect reward of your arrogance and ego! I don’t have to lift a finger today because the heavens will kill you for me. One thousand streaks of lightning, enjoy! Even if you don’t die at the end, you’ll still be gravely injured. Then, I’ll tear you into pieces.”

Qingfeng Li glanced over at the Crimson Fire Monarch, “I know you really want the lightning to kill me, but I’m not going to give you the satisfaction. I’m interested to see just how powerful one thousand streaks of lightning are.”

Qingfeng Li decided to take initiative - he was not about to wait for his death. Plus, he noticed that these saint thunder lightning tribulations were all made of electric arcs, which meant that they could be smashed.

Qingfeng Li gathered himself and took out his Yin-Yang Sky Halberd. At the same time, he released his wind-style elemental wings and lifted himself up into the heavens. He waved the halberd in his hand and whipped it towards the saint thunder lightning tribulations.

The Yin-Yang Sky Halberd consisted of horrific powers - with two streaks of light, it began to shine and the saint’s law with talisman scripts appeared, smashing itself into the streaks of red lightning.

Qingfeng Li smashed the red lightning into pieces; the lightning turned into electric arcs and disappeared.

The others looked in shock as they saw Qingfeng Li attack the saint thunder lightning tribulation; they all thought that he was a lunatic waiting to die.

However, Qingfeng Li thought otherwise. He knew that even if he didn’t attack the lightning, it wouldn’t let him off the hook. Rather than sitting there waiting to die, he would rather take the offensive.

To Qingfeng Li, he had to kill all his enemies, so who cares if his enemy was the heavens? He wasn’t going to admit defeat to this saint thunder lightning tribulation.

Crack, crack, crack…

The saint thunder lightning tribulations in the heavens became angry as they saw their counterparts smashed into pieces. Hundreds of streaks of lightning shot out and surrounded Qingfeng Li, hitting him from different directions.

Qingfeng Li circulated his vital essence and waved the Yin-Yang Sky Halberd like crazy. Creating an arc in the air, two streaks of light blasted out and smashed into the hundreds of streaks of lightning, creating an earth-shattering noise.

They all had to admit that Qingfeng Li’s physical powers and capabilities were extremely powerful. Plus, with the saint-level treasures he possessed, nothing could stop him now.

However, there truly were too many streaks of lightning. Qingfeng Li may have smashed more than two hundred of it, but the others still shot themselves onto Qingfeng Li, catching him off guard.

Qingfeng Li’s clothes ripped as his body was injured by the streaks of lightning.

His body may be of the saint level, but it wasn’t strong enough to endure all the lightning strikes. Soon, his flesh was ripped, exposing bones, and he bled uncontrollably.

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