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«Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1109 - The True Body of the Sacred Master

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Chapter 1109: The True Body of the Sacred Master

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A massive piece of space disappeared. It wasn’t merely concealment. At the same time, when it disappeared, the area in its vicinity folded up as if this space had never existed. Clearly, that space had been isolated from the typical spatial dimension.

The treasure cove of Monarch Nine Cloud was as such.

Once it was hidden…

Nobody could find it any longer!

“It’s Xue Ying. It must be Xue Ying.” Void Primogenitor excitedly shouted, “Previously when he disappeared, he could infiltrate the Inferno Prison deeply without alerting the Sacred Master with his many arrays! It is most likely the pinnacle of void-ification! The palm technique which he exhibited previously and spatial isolation… shows that his attainments in the Dao of Void are beyond mine! He is likely comparable with Monarch Nine Cloud. Furthermore, he specialized in executing the illusory realm too. Celestial Water Hall Master had easily fallen into it without any capabilities of retaliating.”

“He specializes in the Void and Mirage and Illusory Realm. Furthermore, he has reached such high attainments… such an expert must have experienced many difficulties and tribulations. How can he appear from nothingness! He must be Xue Ying. Xue Ying specializes precisely in the illusory realm and the void. Furthermore, he has once gotten the inheritance of Monarch Nine Cloud!”

“Also, there is the Realm Heart Order!”

“And he risked his life to charge into the Ancient Sacred World just to save Yu Jing Qiu. Other than him, I can’t possibly think of any other person who would do it! As for this being a scheme? I do not believe that the Sacred Master could find such an expert.” Void Primogenitor was so excited that his body started trembling.

He was heartbroken when his disciple Gu Qi died.

Gu Qi’s only disciple, and also the most outstanding ‘Xue Ying’ had died too. This brought guilt to Void Primogenitor. Currently, this silver-masked expert appeared, and Void Primogenitor believed that he should be his grand-disciple Xue Ying!

“Mn, there is more than 90% chance of him being Xue Ying.” Forefather Tian Yu revealed a joyous look too. He added, “No matter what, we have to help him. We can always inspect and verify it after that.”

“How long has he disappeared for? Yet he has reached the level-two Cosmos God Realm already?” Ancestor Sorcerer sighed, “Is the Realm Heart Order so mysterious?”

“Let’s have a look first.”

World Ancestor chuckled, “He is relatively powerful. It isn’t easy for Sacred Master to kill him. We still have the time to rush over and save him when the situation becomes urgent. Furthermore, he has disappeared too, and it is practically impossible for us to find him.”


“Let us wait.”

They were not in a rush.

In their opinion, a level-two Cosmos God who had attained the ‘pinnacle of void-ification’ should be heaven-defying in survival. That time, Monarch Nine Cloud only fell from substantial injuries during the final battle that shattered the Primitive Ancient Sacred World.

‘Could it be Xue Ying?’ Even though Void Primogenitor was confident in his heart, he did not feel assured until he sees Xue Ying personally.


Within the sealed space.

About 1,900 levels of the Inferno Prison was situated inside. Large amounts of protectors in the Inferno Prison were currently panicking and lost. The prisoners were puzzled too, though they were filled with slight hope! In their endless days of darkness within the Inferno Prison, meeting a ‘variant’ delighted them. It might even be possible for them to escape.

Xue Ying stood in midair.

‘I don’t think I can escape with just the Five Phases Sealing Technique. Otherwise, Monarch Nine Cloud would not have died in the past.’ Xue Ying understood this point.


With a thought.

Controlling the void, he teleported these 1,900 levels of Inferno Prison entirely into his Eden Treasure. As for the protectors, they had been teleported to a particular location and would be handled once this whole saga ended! The prisoners were temporarily released from torture.


The entire sealed space suddenly trembled.

Xue Ying looked up abruptly. Seeing the shaking space: “Not good. I can’t utilize the Destructive Realm Teleportation to escape from this isolated space too.”

This space was completely isolated from the external world.

One had to use the ‘Great Destructive Realm Teleportation Technique’ before he could escape from it. Otherwise, the only other way would be to destroy this space.

If it were from within the sealed space, then things would be simple. One could simply use force to destroy the technique. Once the attacking power exceeded the limit of what this sealed space could withstand, it would naturally break the seal.

And from the outer world?

This sealed space had been completely isolated and shrunk to a limit where the naked eyes could not see. Most could not find it at all.

“Hong hong hong~” The sealed space suddenly broke and shattered.

“I would not have thought that you could execute spatial isolation. Who are you? When did such an expert like you appear in the Primal Chaos Void?” Sacred Master’s voice was filled with joy as he killed his way over. When this technique was exhibited within his domain, he could easily discover that ‘point’ which space disappeared from. Given his experience of fighting with Monarch Nine Cloud, he was clear that once the area was isolated, this space could not be moved.

He just had to focus on bombarding that ‘single point’!

And executing spatial isolation in the domain of the Sacred Master or within the Ancient Sacred World would be a joke! Because the entire Ancient Sacred World was controlled by Sacred Master.

But if it were outside?

Sacred Master would have a hard time finding it!

For instance, the place where Monarch Nine Cloud escaped to had been isolated from the outer world. It was shrunk to a single point of limit, with the treasure cove cavern-dwelling hidden inside.

How could the Sacred Master seek this single point amidst the boundless Nine Cloud Great Land? It was harder than finding the needle in the haystack!


At the point when the sealed space was destroyed, Xue Ying immediately shot up into the sky. His flying speed was extremely fast. But still, his figure was forced to make an appearance under cover of Sacred Master’s horrific domain.

“Thinking of escaping?” The black-robed Sacred Master held onto a simple and ancient pike.

At this moment, the Ancient Sacred Pagoda which had always been engulfing the entire Ancient Sacred World in black light, started to converge on the pike, greatly infusing and increasing its power. It made Xue Ying’s expression shift: “Not good.” There was a reason why various experts dared not kill their way into the Ancient Sacred World.

Because they knew that it was pointless.

Sacred Master’s ‘Ancient Sacred Incarnation’ was practically one entity with the Ancient Sacred World. In the Ancient Sacred World, the Sacred Master could fortify his strength using energy from the Ancient Sacred World, significantly boosting his personal power! In the external world, the Sacred Master was already unparalleled. In the Ancient Sacred World, only when Blade Emperor and the others teamed up together could they even escape. Only Old Monster Stone dared to barge in blindly, yet in the end, both of them were injured, and Old Monster Stone went back to sleep after that.

“Xiu.” Sacred Master suddenly hurled out the simple pike in his hand. It disappeared immediately, traveling at an extremely fast speed.

“This is—”

Even though Xue Ying was prepared, it came too quickly.

The pike directly pierced at his chest. The head of the pike was so sharp that it formed black cracks in space—those were cracks formed when the cage of the Origin World was broken! Even if Xue Ying had attained the pinnacle of void-ification, he still felt intense pain.

“Si la~” The pike pierced on his chest, forcing Xue Ying to fly backward along with the pike. He immediately appeared several hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

“What!” After flying out of the surface, Sacred Master who had been confident and nonchalant suddenly changed in his expression.

He could clearly see it.

That pike pierced on the chest of that silver-masked white-robed young man. It merely pierced through thinly and barely broke apart his fleshy body! There wasn’t even a single drop of blood—under Xue Ying’s control, no blood would naturally flow.

“I was actually injured by him.” Xue Ying looked down at his chest. The skin on his chest had been scarred by the simple pike, yet it could no longer enter deeper. It had been forcibly blocked by his muscles!

‘My Chaotic Origin Refinement Body is the strongest body cultivation technique at the same level in the Realm Heart Great Land. Furthermore, I’ve absorbed the Chaotic Origin Energy, allowing my body to be comparable to level-two Cosmos God! Besides, I have the pinnacle of void-ification to protect myself. I originally thought I would have reached comparable standards to World Ancestor in terms of survivability, but it seems I am still slightly weaker?’ Xue Ying thought.

Previously, he once spectated the battle before.

Sacred Master fought with World Ancestor, yet he could not harm World Ancestor at all!

But Xue Ying overestimated World Ancestor since Sacred Master would usually not exert strength that could break apart the Origin World. In the Ancient Sacred World, with the Ancient Sacred World boosting his power, that was why he was so powerful. That pike could break apart the Origin World… and Xue Ying had to rely on the profound mysteries of the Dao of Void before he could do so. Sacred Master seemed to break apart the cage purely by relying on his terrifying strength.

Even World Ancestor would suffer from light injuries when facing this move. It was quite frightening that Xue Ying could achieve the same result.

“What a frightening fleshy body.”

“This fleshy body?”

“It seems only World Ancestor and Devil Mountain Primogenitor are slightly more formidable than he is.” Watching the battle from afar, Ancestor Sorcerer, World Ancestor, Blade Emperor, Swordmaster, Forefather Tian Yu, and Void Primogenitor were shocked to a daze.

This fleshy body was too perverted.

Devil Mountain Primogenitor and World Ancestor were both body cultivators. Naturally, World Ancestor had higher attainments. He was taught by Old Monster Stone and had amazing cultivation techniques too. World Ancestor had reached the pinnacle of level-two Cosmos God.

World Ancestor could not help but say: “His fleshy body isn’t that strong. It should be similar to that of Devil Mountain. However, he has the pinnacle of void-ification protecting himself. Hence, that is how he is comparable to me in survivability. Experts of the ‘Dao of Void’ are all spectacular at surviving, but how did his fleshy body become so abnormally strong too? Unless Dong Bo Xue Ying has comprehended on body cultivation?”

His teacher Old Monster Stone favored Xue Ying a lot precisely because Xue Ying was formidable in his cultivation of the ‘Vermillion Nightmare inheritance’. But that was on the soul aspect and not the fleshy body aspect.

How would World Ancestor know…

That this was a frightening body cultivation technique created for the Dao of Void by the seeming number one expert from the Realm Heart Great Land, ‘Emperor Summer’ by relying on the Chaotic Origin Energy. Xue Ying consumed 100,000 contribution points just to exchange for it.


“Tell me who you are!” With a wave of his hand, the distant pike disappeared and appeared in the hands of Sacred Master. He rapidly chased after Xue Ying.

Both of them could not teleport. They could only fly. Within the region of the Ancient Sacred World, Xue Ying could not execute the Destructive Realm Teleportation Technique as a strand of lightning could quickly destroy his Destructive Realm Teleportation passage.

And despite being an expert in the Dao of Void, his flying speed was still slower by an entire level as compared to Sacred Master.

Both parties were getting closer.

“With such formidable Dao of Void techniques and such strong fleshy body, I can still sense the energy coming from a higher dimension. It is impossible for you to escape from me.” The eyes of Sacred Master were blazing hot. The aura from his body started transforming. He who initially had a warm aura that would make others subservient to him became vile and evil. This savage aura made Xue Ying feel apprehensive.


A blazing black wave started rolling out from the surface of Sacred Master. Scales began appearing on the skin of Sacred Master. Even his face was covered in them.

Not too far away, Xue Ying, who was being pursued, revealed a look of startle: “Destruction Devil!”

Having walked the Lost World Corridor for a trillion years, he was able to perceive with a glance that the number one expert in the Primal Chaos Void… was actually a Destruction Devil!

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